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Google: Smarter Than You Think

Posted September 25, 2009 - By Moye Ishimoto

Google: Smarter Than You Think

Oh, Google AdSense. How can you be so smart and know exactly what people are looking for?

Check out the ad that popped up when you searched for World of Warcraft, as caught by the Probably Bad News blog. Touché, Google. You've got a twisted sense of humor.

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Cyberpower Unleashes Gamer Xtreme PC

You know it's really EXTREEEME if the title says it all. Tomorrow, Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn play with the Cyberpower Gamer Xtreme PC featuring the latest Intel Core i7 processor, dual NVidia GTX 295 video cards, a 300 gb Raptor hard drive, a Blu-ray DVD writer and a whole lotta nerd testosterone. This desktop PC does more than just fulfill all your gaming needs; it could also be the fastest PC we've ever reviewed on Gadget Pr0n! ZOMG.

We all feel the need for speed, but find out if this Xtreme PC keeps its promise tomorrow, September 22nd starting at 7:00pm EST.

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Breckin Meyer, Ryan Phillippe On Robot Chicken Spore At E3 »

Actors Breckin Meyer (Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Road Trip, Garfield) and Ryan Phillippe (Stop-Loss, Crash, Flags of Our Fathers) stop by EA’s booth at E3 ’09 to chat about Meyer’s involvement in the upcoming Robot Chicken missions on Spore Galactic Adventures,  the new Madden NFL 10, Milo, and other delights at the ginormous videogame conference. 

Intern's Corner

This is the first in a series of observations from our interns here at G4tv.com, Rob, Meg, and Brian, who will be with us until the end of the summer. We wanted you to see what life was like at G4 through the eyes of an intern.

The gods here at G4TV have deemed it fit to give us insignificant portions of their daily life a voice. My name is Rob, and between endless hours of video game sessions and sleep, I come into work here in my little cubicle. I wake up every morning on the floor of my friend's studio apartment. After entering into my beaten up maroon 1995 Buick LeSabre to sit in traffic for an hour, I finally reach the studio, a drone-like march to the assigned cubicle commences. Wholly unnoticed by the important people running around me, I sit down and enjoy every single second of the day. That is until I am forced to return home by building security.    

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E3 '09 "The Big Reveal" Promo »

Have you heard? The E3 video game convention kicks off in Los Angeles on Monday. G4 is here to break down our on-air schedule for the week of E3.


  • 1:00 PM ET - E3 Spotlight: Microsoft Press Conference
  • 4:30 PM ET - E3 Spotlights: EA & Ubisoft Press Conferences


  • 11:00 AM ET - E3 Spotlights: Nintendo & Sony Press Conferences
  • 6:00 PM ET - E3 Live Coverage
  • All Day - Steve Wiebe Donkey Kong World Record Event


  • 6:00 PM ET - E3 Live Coverage


  • 7:00 PM ET - E3 Live Coverage

All of that amounts to 22 hours of live coverage on G4 and we've got even more coverage here on the web. Keep your TV tuned to G4 all week and your browser locked to G4tv.com to be sure you don't miss a single thing.

If you haven't downloaded the beta for Windows 7 yet, you're getting a small extension to the window of availability. Microsoft will be closing the beta program for new users on February 10th with a few exceptions.

If you start the download before the 10th you'll get until the 12th to finish the transfer. The same goes for those who have already downloaded the trial, but haven't yet received product keys. Those users are good until the 12th.

"We are at a point where we have more than enough beta testers and feedback coming in to meet our engineering needs, so we are beginning to plan the end of general availability for Windows 7 Beta," said Brandon LeBlanc, an official Microsoft blogger.

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This one pains me to type, but it looks like the first casualty of the Microsoft layoffs may be Microsoft Flight Simulator. According to Gamasutra, ACES Studio, the Microsoft-owned internal group behind the sim, has been seriously gutted. Ouch.

The last full version of Flight Simulator,  Flight Simulator X, was released in 2006, and the first version was released in 1982. That's over 25 years of some of the best flight simulations ever made. Sadly, it looks like the series is crashing, perhaps permanently relegated to the nostalgia bin.

But have a sliver of hope, Flight Sim fans. That light at the end of the tunnel might not be a train. According to gamasutra:

"Former ACES developer Phil Taylor claims in a blog post that six employees were retained to fulfill contractual duties, and Flight Simulator may continue to exist as a franchise in some other form."


Staring at a computer monitor all day is tough on your eyes. If you're a heavy gamer or iPhone addict, that's even more strain on your ocular instruments. Since none of us are about to give up our eye-frying jobs, gaming systems, or BlackBerries, what do you do? Gunnar Optiks offers a solution with its line of eyeglasses and lenses designed to relieve eyestrain due to heavy computer use, gaming, and PDA use. The company claims that its goods help prevent digital eye fatigue (DEF) and computer vision syndrome (CVS). I haven't heard of either of those, but I know my eyes get tired after a long day of work coupled with a multi-hour gaming session.

I've picked up a pair of Gunnars and will be using them for the next month. Today I'll have some unboxing fun with you and give you my initial impressions. I'll hit you with an update in two weeks to see if Gunnar Optiks have mad a big difference (or not). In a month, I'll give you my conclusion and closing thoughts on the company's curious eye wear. On a side note, I think it's cool that the company is (obviously) named after the more talented Nelson brother.

Hit the jump for some unboxing love and first impressions!

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Razer's New Gadgets At CES 2009

Posted January 8, 2009 - By kijibe

Gaming peripheral manufacturer Razer has unleashed a pair of goods for your fragging pleasure at CES 2009. The company touts that the Razer Mamba and the Razer Carcharias are for those who think "wireless lag time, high quality audio and increased precision can mean the difference between winning and losing."

Aimed at competitive players, the Mamba is an ergonomic mouse that comes with dual mode wired and wireless play, but *cough* it ain't cheap -- priced at $129.99 -- it really should guarantee that you'd win more than lose.

The Carcharias headset has a noise filtering microphone that comes with an inline remote for volume adjustment. The sound quality should make coordinating raids crystal clear. This isn't cheap either. It will cost you $79.99.

Are any of you guys psyched for these products? Think the Mamba will give you an edge in first-person shooters? Will the Carcharias make your MMO communication better?


Mad Catz's CES Product Extravaganza

Posted January 7, 2009 - By kijibe

Mad Catz has announced some new toys at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

First, you now have even more choices when it comes to plugging up your ears when you need free hands and you gotta talk to mom on your drive home.

Mad Catz has released its AirDrives FIT Interactive Earphones and AirDrives FIT Interactive Earphones for iPhone.

It uses a patent pendidng InAir Technology which allows you to listen to the tunes but still be aware when someone is creeping up behind you. There are no frames in their earphones. Instead there's a wire loop that fits around the ears that's adjustable. Great for when you have your Blublockers or bike helmet on.

The AirDrives FIT earphones also has an integrated microphone that let's your pause your music to take those important calls, too.

They're priced at $59.99 -- yeah, a bit steep just for a pair of darn earphones, but let's see if the sonic quality makes it worth the price.

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