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1st Annual Wayne Federman International Film Festival This Weekend!

You might not know Wayne Federman by name, but you've seen his face, we're sure of it. Mr. Federman has been in such movies as Legally Blonde, The 40 Year-Old Virgin, Step Brothers, 50 First Dates, and Funny People, and played Garry Shandling's brother Stan on the seminal 90's series The Larry Sanders Show. Wayne Federman knows comedy, and he knows a lot of other comedians, which was sort of the germ of inspiration for The 1st Annual Wayne Federman International Film Festival, which kicks off this weekend at Cinefamily in Hollywood, featuring some of the world's greatest comedians curating some of their favorite films, apropos of nothing except for the fact that they really love them.

The idea, Federman says, came to him when a friend (and former Simpsons writer) Rob Cohen rented a movie theater and showed the 1966 classic Batman, featuring the original Caped Crusader, Adam West, just because he really loved the movie. A couple years later, Patton Oswalt showed off The Fist Foot Way in similar fashion, and Wayne was attracted to the idea of comedians talking about and showing movies they'd had nothing to do with personally. So, he decided on a festival experience during which he would curate the comedians and they would curate the films.

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The Dark Knight Rises: Bane's Dialogue Fixed

UPDATE: This story has been effectively shot down and Collider has issued an apology.

It seems that The Dark Knight Rises may have resolved one if its nagging issues: The voice of Tom Hardy's masked muscled menace, Bane.

According to a report from Collider, director, Christopher Nolan has apparently made good on his promise on some slight tweaks to Bane's audio by filtering out background noises and sharpening the dialogue.

Reportedly, projectionists were given new audio for the 6 minute prologue shown with the IMAX version of Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol, improving Bane's dialogue by "40-50%."

So, has Batman's villainous vertebra-snapper truly received a post-production elocution injection?

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Most Bloodthirsty People In History

Posted December 30, 2011 - By Joseph Baxter

The other guys just kill you, but Shawna mercilessly prods your gums with sharp instruments as you mentally beg for the moment to arrive when she lets you spit the ribbons blood and saliva that are flooding your throat as you gasp for air.

Most Bloodthirsty People In History


Did you have a hard time understanding Tom Hardy's Bane in The Dark Knight Rises trailer?

Well, so did a lot of people, apparently. Sometimes, he sounds like a Bond villain talking over a giant turtleneck sweater, other times when his voice cracks, he's Will Forte in a scuba mask.  However, he may not be alone in the unintelligible department.

If this footage is indeed accurate, then the film will be looking to take speaking in tongues to a new level of theatrical epicness.

Save 'Community' Before It's Too Late!

This week, NBC announced their mid-season schedule, and AOTS favorite Community wasn't on it, which doesn't necessarily bode well for the show's future. It hasn't officially been canceled yet, so there's still time for you to voice your opinion to the powers-that-be in time to save the show for next Fall. First, you'll want to sign the petition to save the show, and, before you think to yourself that such things don't ever work, remember the plight of Jericho and Friday Night Lights, both of which were saved as a result of online petition.

And, just in case you need some inspiration to save the show, we've got a whole lot of reasons you might want to consider it, aside from the fact that it's one of the smartest and funniest shows on television, and possibly the very best of the dying breed of situation comedies out there today.

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Harmonic Kiss

Posted November 14, 2011 - By Moye Ishimoto

In other words, two old Asian people just invented the most sanitary way to kiss.

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Celebrate 11/9! The Day of Awesome!

Posted November 9, 2011 - By Mike D'Alonzo

Celebrate 11/9! The Day of Awesome!

Every yin needs its yang to keep the universe in balance. As we have just reverentially celebrated the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, a somber, soul-searching occasion, it occurs to me that the world needs a super happy celebration of all the awesome things on Earth day to make up the difference. A sort of relentlessly positive occasion during which we revel in being alive and take stock of all of the things in life that cause us joy.

I call it 11/9, which is super convenient, because that happens to be today!

So, I took a quick straw poll around the G4 Interactive offices to see what people were going to celebrate on 11/9, the day of awesome, and this is what I came up with. Also, one of my favorite things is making up nicknames and job titles for people, so I'm going to be doing that here.

James "The 1%" Elkin - Master of X-Play Online - I like ice cream and apple pie, and air conditioning just ‘cause. I like photos of puppies in marine helmets, and cats driving tanks. I like Rocky and Rambo, and the parts of Team America that don’t seem French. I like Bourbon and branch, and shotgun serenades.  I like this Marlboro I’m lighting.  I like this photo:

Celebrate 11/9! The Day of Awesome!

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Inspired By McRib: Other Limited Fast Food Items We Want Back!

There's a lot of hype surrounding this iteration of the return of McDonalds's McRib sandwich, which, it seems, comes and goes about every six months or so these days, and it got us thinking about the limited edition fast food items that have also come and gone over the years and how much we'd love to see them come back.

So, without further adieu, let us look at some of those delicious foodstuffs and wonder if we'll ever see them again.

1. McDonald's Chopped Beefsteak Sandwich - There were some excellent things about this oblong burger on a long bun with onions and barbecue sauce, which disappeared in the early 80's, not long after its debut. It was a sort of classy version of a McDonald's burger, and it was definitely thicker and meatier than the other burgers they had on offer at the time. The only bummer about this sandwich, aside from the fact that we'll likely never see it again, is that they absolutely would not put cheese on it, under any circumstances, which I couldn't figure out and still can't, but, then, I'm not a McDonalds executive, either.

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How The

Are you participating in the Occupy protests but worried about how to tell your friends and family that you've been arrested? There's an app for that. No, really. It's called the "I'm Getting Arrested" app for Android phones and it "enables anyone, with one click, to broadcast a custom message to SMS numbers in the event they are arrested."

Technology is now so amazing that with a click (or swipe) of your smartphone screen, you can tell all the necessary people in your life that you're headed to jail. While this app was created specifically for the Occupy Wall Street rallies, we thought it could come in handy for other situations.

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Most Honest Driver Ever

Posted October 19, 2011 - By Joseph Baxter

The weight of accidentally running this light was so heavy on this commuter's conscience, that he/she thought the right thing to do was gun it in reverse on a highway, risking other peoples' lives, not to mention his/her own.

Nice sentiment, but get a life.

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