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AOTS! Presents Attack Of the Summer Movies Starts Monday, 4/23

Attack of the Show is excited to present Attack of the Summer Movies. Starting tonight at 7/6c, we'll be covering all the hottest and coolest movies to hit theaters this summer, like The Avengers, Prometheus, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Total Recall and so much more. Along with our exclusive guest interviews and trailers, we'll also be hosting movie themed Gadget Pr0n reviews and Around the Net videos, brand new Epic Giveaways and everything you'll need to know about the summer movie season.

Attack of the Summer Movies Begins April 23rd! »

And if you need help with all of this, don't worry. Dude Manrod will be here for his Action Summer Movie Guide to make sure you're not watching some sissy film with subtitles or something.

So mark your calendars: Attack of the Summer Movies kicks off TONIGHT at 7/6c.

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Ghostbusters 3 Now

The ongoing drama regarding Bill Murray's role in the upcoming, long-in-the-making Ghostbusters 3 may not have been as over as we were lead to believe.

In a recent interview with Chicago's WGN TV, Murray, when asked about his upcoming movie projects said of the oft-mention sequel (albeit in an offhand way,) that "it's a possibility." -- After which, he also took an opportunity to mention his immediate upcoming project with director, Wes Anderson, Moonrise Kingdom, in which he co-stars with Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, and Tilda Swinton. (Even though he didn't seem to know its name.)

This, of course completely contradicts what we were told just a few months ago by co-star, Dan Aykroyd when he gave what seemed to be a definitive answer, saying that it was "a surety" that Murray would NOT do the film, adding that "he doesn't want to be involved."

Thus, with one small statement, Murray may have reignited loads of speculation.


Tonight on AOTS: Sarah Jones Talks Alcatraz & The Hunger Games Cast Interviews!

Calling all Alcatraz and Hunger Games fans! Sarah Jones from the Fox series will be live in studio to talk to Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey on Attack of the Show tonight to discuss the show and time-traveling prisoners. We also send Blair Herter to talk to Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth about the highly anticipated release of The Hunger Games. On the Loop, we'll discuss the growing practice of employers tracking your social media accounts and more. Tune in tonight at 7PM EST.

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Blair Butler Talks Comic Books, MMA & More With Nerdist News

When the comic conventions come rolling around, Fresh Ink's Blair Butler is one busy girl. In between updating us on the latest movie news from WonderCon and shooting a new episode of Fresh Ink, she also sat down with Nerdist News to talk about everything from the MMA, her own comic Heart, and what it's like working for Attack of the Show. (She says it's amazing!)

Read the full interview here!

Tonight On AOTS: Ugly American's Natasha Leggero Returns & Fresh Ink At WonderCon 2012

Tonight 7PM, Natasha Leggero returns to Attack of the Show for her new animated series, Ugly Americans while Blair Butler reports on the latest comic book news from WonderCon 2012, including an interview with Locke & Key's Joe Hill on his latest project. We also review the Beats By Dre Beatbox on Gadget Pr0n and Sara Underwood covers today's news on The Feed. See you tonight!

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Jim Rash from Community was here in the studios yesterday. If there's one person to ask on how to increase your popularity in school (or even the workplace...like say, G4tv.com?), it would be him. The Academy Award winning actor/writer gave us some helpful tips on how to get more friends, based on his character, Dean Pelton.

How To Be More Popular With Jim Rash »

Watch his full interview with Kevin Pereira from Attack of the Show, complete with a Moby impression, after the jump.

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300 Follow-Up May Get Xerxes Back

It seems that the upcoming 300 follow-up film, which was rumored to feature the first film's villain, pierced-Persian overlord, Xerxes, could actually see the return of the actor who portrayed him in the original.

Actor, Rodrigo Santoro, who underwent a radical transformation to play the buff, hedonistic, war-monger who believed himself to be a God, confirmed in an interview with international website, UOL, that he was in negotiations to reprise the role. 

What, then, is the deal with this film?

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Stevie Ryan, star of Vh1's Stevie TV, dropped by to talk about her new sketch comedy series and how she got started with her popular YouTube videos. We also asked her behind the scenes on how to do one of her infamous impersonations of Justin Bieber. What, don't you want to be a billionaire teen pop star with millions of female fans? Check it out!

How To Be Like Justin Bieber With Stevie Ryan »

Check out her full interview on Attack of the Show after the jump!

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If you're a huge fan of The Walking Dead, then this is one video you should avoid. Robert Kirkman, Executive Producer and Writer, spills major secrets coming up on the series--and not just this season 2.5! Watch at your own risk.

Robert Kirkman Reveals The Walking Dead Spoilers »

For more Kirkman, check out his full interview from Attack of the Show after the jump.

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Reporter Walks Into Sign Post

Posted March 9, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

"Excuse me, sir, but I'm being dramatic in this street interview. Your walking away from me all indignant is only just fueling my fantasies as some righteous muckraker, and from now on, I'm just gonna call you 'Pulitzer.'

So, anyway...**POW!**"

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