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Transformers 4: Michael Bay Says It Will Be His Last

In what may sound like a bit of "I've heard this before" news, director, Michael Bay has announced that the upcoming fourth film he's helming in the Transformers franchise will indeed be his last.

While discussing the new $100 million Transformers-themed 3D ride at Universal Studios Hollywood, Bay briefly touched on some tidbits for the fourth film. In an interview with the LA Times' Hero Complex, Bay reveals that part 4 will "include some redesign of the robots and an entirely new cast."

Just as he did during the promotional phase for last year's Dark of the Moon, Bay states that this will be his last film in the franchise. However, this time, he also implies that with this film, he will be setting the franchise up "for the next guy."

It certainly opens a lot of possibilities to see Bay hand-off the baton of the Transformers franchise with an all-new cast and redesigned bots to someone else.

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"Hello from TV Land, people watching at home.

I know I'm supposed to be sitting here looking interested and engaged in the interview, but frankly, all the f**ks I was supposed to give must have fell through a hole in my pocket, because they're just gone.

Pew Pew!"

Kevin Pereira's Final Attack Of The Show Tonight 7/6c!

The day has come. After 10 years, tonight will be Kevin Pereira's final episode co-hosting Attack of the Show. And of course he's wrapping his G4 career up with a bang! Tune in as he and Candace Bailey take a look back at his finest moments in studio (sauna pants, anyone?), his last celebrity interview with Joe Rogan, a message from his past guest co-hosts like Jessica Chobot and Grace Helbig--as well as a special tribute from DJ Mike Relm. This is one episode you do NOT want to miss out on. Tune in tonight 7/6c and help us bid Kevin farewell from AOTS!

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Jerry Springer Interviews AOTS's Kevin Pereira, Pictures

We always knew that one day Kevin Pereira would be forced to have a sit down chat with Jerry Springer, but we always thought it would be on the set of The Jerry Springer Show. So stunned were we that their conversation didn't take place in front of a crowd of noisy, opinionated yahoos that we had to take photos of Jerry Springer and Kevin Pereira on the AOTS set to serve as evidence of such an odd occurrence. Check 'em out! We bet you won't even be able to believe your eyes.

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Tonight On AOTS: Jerry Springer Interviews Kevin Pereira & Titmouse Studios Visit

The final countdown to Kevin Pereira's final Attack of the Show begins tonight with special guest Jerry Springer turning the tables and interviewing our longtime co-host about his career at G4, the evolution of AOTS and where the future will take him next. Candace Bailey also visits the Titmouse animation super studio for a behind the scenes look at their work on Community, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Disney's Motor City. Chris Gore is back with more DVDuesday reviews so tune in tonight 7/6c!

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While the parents of this little three-year-old wunderkind vicariously bask in the accomplishment of her becoming the youngest US member of Mensa, it seems that her bowels would not sit idly by while her brain hogs the spotlight during this Today Show interview.

She learned an important lesson that day: Showbiz comes before diarrhea.

Tonight On AOTS: Ralphie May Visits & Dark Shadows Cast Interviews

Hello, Thursday. And hello, new Attack of the Show. Tonight, Kevin Pereira and Candace ;Bailey talk to stand-up comedian Ralphie May in studio about his new DVD, Too Big To Ignore, and Tiffany Smith sits down with Tim Burton, Michelle Pfeiffer and the rest of the cast about their big screen adaptation of Dark Shadows. Matt Mira also reviews the Bose SoundLink mobile speaker for Gadget Pr0n and Sara Underwood talks about the new Facebook app center for The Feed. Tune in at 7PM EST!

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Tonight On AOTS: Eagleheart's Brett Gelman In Studio & Avengers Cast Interviews!

Tonight's Attack of the Show with Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey brings you comedian Brett Gelman from the Adult Swim series, Eagleheart and our interviews with the cast of The Avengers, including Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth and director Joss Whedon! We also review the Fender Greta tabletop amp on Gadget Pr0n and our Viewer Army heads to C2CE2 in Chicago. Tune in at 7PM EST!

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You've seen Attack of the Show with Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey unfold on your television screen every weekday but ever wondered what happens beyond the cameras? We set up several of our own cameras in the studio to capture everything that happens during a taping of a show. Now you can see what it's like between commercials breaks, The Loop, celebrity interviews and more!

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Here's what happened in the studio during our Tuesday, April 24th live show with guest Marc Webb (director of The Amazing Spider-Man).

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An Exclusive Interview w/ The Amazing Spider-Man's Marc Webb »

We have all the faith in the world that The Amazing Spider-Man is going to blow comic book fans away and if you have any doubts, then you must check out our exclusive, behind-the-scenes interview with the film's director, Marc Webb. After hearing him passionately answer questions about the expansion of the Spider-Man mythos, the characterization of Peter Parker, and what villains he might like to see in the next Spider-Man film, you'll become a true believer!

Also, you'll finally get a definitive answer as to whether or not Spider-Man will pop up in The Avengers or vice versa! Take a look, fellow nerds!

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