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Prepare For An Epic April With AOTS!

Are you prepared for an Epic April? Attack of the Show is, and they're going to prove it in a month-long celebration of all things epic, and it all kicks off on Monday, April 5th! (That's three days away!) Every day will feature some sort of 'first,' with all kinds of exclusive hands on demos and previews of the hottest tech, on-air giveaways, exclusive movie and game footage, celebrity interviews nobody else has, groundbreaking stunts we have never seen on AOTS!, new show segments, new character introductions and much more.

In short, it will be epic, which, you can see, is why we've decided to call it Epic April. Tune in to Attack of the Show starting Monday, April 5th @ 7PM ET, and watch all month long, because you're going to see what happens when the complete power of a fully-functioning show machine really cranks up the energy. Don't miss it!

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AOTS Monday, March 15

Posted March 15, 2010 - By Eugene Morton
gadget pron
Weighing in at only 6 ounces, the Nokia N900 offers a 3.5" touch screen, full keyboard, flash support and wi-fi connectivity. Chris Hardwick and Alison Haislip review this latest and most powerful tablet to see if its worth $465.
Blair Herter brings a refreshing take on today's top headlines, including news on the iPad pre-order numbers, the Ford Police Interceptor Concept car, the 25th anniversary of the Dot.Com and more.
robot news
What better way to preview the coming robot apocalypse by showing how much better they are than humans? We explore the Cube Stormer, a robot that can solve a Rubik's Cubes in less than 12 seconds and the Robo Thespian RT3, a robotic actor for hire.
Special guests, hot movie coverage, on-location shoots and everything else that only a show like Attack of the Show can show.
You've seen it slice through glass, bricks and just about anything on TV. Now Chris Hardwick and Alison Haislip find out if this MXZ Pocket Saw is as incredible as they say.
Dirt Ramp Wipeout, Alternate 'Twilight' Trailer, Jesus, Man, Goat Bagpipes, Lady Gaga- "Telephone."
This may sound like Around the Net, but these are the burning questions about sex and relationships that our viewers ask Anna David at the Hustler Store in San Diego. Find out what she has to say as she tackles these problems.
dragns corner
Dragon expert Jeremy is back with an all new reason why we should worship these massive scaly beasts with their very own religion.
With breaking news about the Windows 7 mobile apps, Chris Hardwick talks to Engadget's Joshua Topolsky about what Microsoft is bringing to the table, from Xbox gaming on Windows 7 phones, a preview of their new apps and more.
Hulu may have network TV covered, but if you're looking for your online anime fix, check out Crunchy Roll with their ever growing library of Asian animation.
Attack Of The Show knows what you like, what makes you laugh, and has an exhaustive list of your private information that includes your PIN numbers.
Chris Hardwick and Alison Haislip are co-hosting this week on Attack of the Show! Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn give a very special welcome from an undisclosed location.

If you’d walk around the G4 offices for the past few weeks, you’d notice a certain buzz in the air. While it might be snoring due to long hours, or someone laughing uncontrollably because they’ve had a bit too much coffee…it’s because the big show is approaching. Less than two weeks away E3 2009 invades the Los Angeles Convention Center. Or as I like to call it, ground zero.  I’m glad the ESA and all the companies decided to get rid of the last two years of E3 mess and have returned the show to it’s former glory. It’s about damn time.

Letter From The Director: There's A Buzz In The Air

While I was prepping to be on X-Play’s pre-E3 show today (airing May 28th), my mind was running rampant about all the pre-E3 rumors and speculation. What’s real? What’s fake? From a new PSP, to a motion controller contraption thingamabob for the Xbox 360 and/or PS3, to Gran Turismo 5 (and it’s smaller PSP counterpart) to Pikmin 3, something mysterious from Kojima Productions, and a new Zelda or Mario for Wii, it’s pretty exciting.  And those are just the rumors. Who knows about the surprises!

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'Terminator: Salvation' G4 Special Wednesday At 6 PM!

You've been jonesing for some Terminator action for quite some time, haven't you? Ever since SkyNet became aware, you spend your days wondering how you can help John Connor to prevent the wholesale slaughter of your race. Well, fear not. There's new Terminator action on the way.

This Wednesday, G4 dedicates an entire hour to the highly anticipated and latest installment in the Terminator franchise, Terminator: Salvation. Hosts Blair Butler and Blair Herter bring you an in-depth look at the secrets and the compelling story of the soon-to-be-released summer blockbuster. Plus, they’ll get viewers ready for the action-packed thrill ride with an inside look at the film’s visual effects created by Legacy Effects. 

We’ll also show you an exclusive clip you can’t get anywhere else and a preview of the upcoming Terminator Salvation video game.

Check out Terminator Salvation: A G4 Special, Wednesday night at 6 PM.


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'AOTS' Monday, April 27

Posted April 27, 2009 - By Eugene Morton
Would you like to access your files from anywhere in the world, at any time? Well, the My Book World hard drive can do that for you, and Chris Hardwick is here to let you know what he thinks of it.
Animoto is an application that will allow you to input pictures and music, and create a custom slideshow from the result. So, you can show your friends and family all of those vacation pictures you've been sitting on.
Dancing Chihuahua, 'GI Joe' Cartoon, Hamster Car Race, Moms on the Net, Lucy Song.
Kevin Pereira and Adam Sessler break down the new PlayStation 3 game, 'Fat Princess,' and tell us if it's worth a play.
Alison Haislip is here to deliver your Monday Feed, and she's got stories about a possible Verizon iPhone, a computer that takes on ?Jeopardy,' GE's massive new disc, and more.
Weston Scott, our military expert, goes behind the scenes at ?Heroes,' to take a look at the weaponry in the show, and gives a preview of tonight's season finale.
Our newest superhero, Girlverine, shows the world what a hassle it can be for a lady with adamantium claws to maintain her personal hygene.
We've found a beautiful easter egg on the internet, in the form of the ESPN website and a gaggle of unicorns.
With people increasingly getting their news online and from other sources, the newspaper industry has been facing sharp decline for years. Are the print and paper days over? Kevin Pereira talks with Nicholas Carlson of 'Business Insider' to find out.

First Impressions: Windows 7 Beta

Posted January 8, 2009 - By Brian Leahy

Microsoft's biggest push here at CES 2009 is Windows 7 and I got to spend some time with the most recent beta version of the OS. Is it better than Vista? Yes. Is it better than OS X? No.

Don't get me wrong. Windows 7 is looking to be a great release for Microsoft with many improvements to the user-interface as well as the way files are organized. Microsoft is also thinking to the future and including full touch support for hardware manufacturers to take advantage of. The HP demo unit they had running touch used IR to track touch and wasn't anywhere near as accurate as a capacitor-based touchscreen, but it did support multi-touch.

As for your documents, Microsoft is actually going to one-up Apple in the way they are organizing things like pictures, music, and movies. Windows 7 will create virtual folders for different document types that don't require files to be moved to show up. Instead, you point the virtual folder to several different locations to check for documents. It takes the concept of music libraries and expands it to all files. Very smart.

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See video of Sony's entire press conference here!

Here we go folks, Time for Sony's Press Conference, which brings me to the Las Vegas Convention Center for the first time at CES 2009. The floor is still being setup, but Sony's got their booth alive and kicking complete with food and an open bar. Snazzy.

We're about 10 minutes from starting and they just tricked me by opening up their booth making about 40 new rows of chairs in front of me. I thought I was in the 7th row... Excuse me while I move closer.

4:15 PM PT - Ok, that's better. Now I'm in the real 6th row and a pair of 3D glasses was waiting on my new seat. Sony is showing off some new 3D HDTV technology that I'm guessing will be demoed for us live, on stage. It's taking longer to fill the seats than Sony expected, but the DJ is spinning some bitchin' house music so we're ready to get this party started up in here (up in here). It remains to be seen if we'll lose our minds and go all out.

4:30 PM PT - One drink down and we're ready to go. Rick Clancy is appearing to us on the Jeopardy stage via TV to welcome us to the press conference. Jeopardy will tape 11 shows from CES.  Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune were the first syndicated game shows to be broadcast in HD. That's Sony Pictures Television, but Rick's got more for us as Sony is an "entertainment powerhouse."

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We previewed Rob Corddry's new web series Childrens' Hospital on TheFeed on Monday, and told you all about the show, which is currently running on www.thewb.com, with 10 episodes that make up Season One. Now, as promised, we have an exclusive interview with Mr. Corddry about the show, how it was made, and what's coming next, both at the hospital and on the big screen. Read on, Feed reader!

I’m on the phone with Rob Corddry, of Children’s hospital fame:

I am Rob Corddry

So Rob,  tell us how this whole thing came to pass.

I was in Los Angeles Children’s Hospital waiting for my daughter and wife to come out of an exam room cause we had a pulled a ligament out of place in her arm.  So we were waiting for her and so through the emergency room double doors came a gurney being pushed by like five doctors and seven nurses all with IV’s in their hands and yelling things like, ya know, "Stat!" and "CG" and all that s**t, "code whatever." And there was a LifeFlight helicopter bringing up the rear, like it was a classic ER moment.  And I thought, "wow, this is awesome." And then I realized I’m in a children’s hospital, and those IV bags are tiny for a reason.  And I had the most inappropriate reaction to the most horrifying thing ever, and it sort of fell into place.

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On November 12th, G4 will show Ninja Fest 3, in which our four American Ninja champions and Attack of the Show hosts Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn will run the Ninja Warrior course! The whole thing kicks off this Wednesday at 6PM ET, with a special episode of Attack of the Show, entitled Kevin and Olivia Attack Tokyo!, before we get to a preview of the new Ninja Warrior season, and five new episodes that have never been aired. We finish off with a wrap-up that Kevin and Olivia will host, including behind-the-scenes footage of the entire event.

We just happen to have a pre-trip interview with Kevin and Olivia, where they talk about such things as what costumes they're going to wear, and how they feel about running the course. If you want to see it, and you do, just check it out after the jump.

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It's October and that means it's time for another edition of Open Source, where G4's President, Neal Tiles, answers viewer questions and gives you a preview of what the next month will hold for the network.

"October is another big month for G4 with gaming content leading the way. First is our annual coverage inside the Tokyo Game Show as Morgan heads over to Japan to profile the latest each day from the show floor (coverage begins October 13th). This month, X-Play’s “World Premiere Tuesdays” get into full swing as we go in-depth on gaming’s biggest releases."

Head on over to the Open Source page to read it and leave your questions for Neal in the form to the right. Additionally, you can leave questions in the comments section or in our Viewer Feedback Forum.

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