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Sometimes, the perfect combination of utility and whimsy catches the eye, and, when it does, my job as a delivery system of knowledge must not fail me, so I am bound by my agreement as an editor at Attack of the Blog to tell you about the 512 meganosh Bagel Drive from Bupkes Bakery in Baltimore, MD.

A bagel that most closely resembles a Lender's Bagelette, the Bagel Drive is a lacquered actual bagel with a shmeer of cream cheese (made of some putty or such) and a USB connection protruding from it, which makes it appear as if there is a bagel in space, floating in front of your computer as you use it. Brilliant! It was easily recognized by my computer, and functioned well and quickly.

The bagel drive is available for purchase at www.bageldrive.com, and is $24.95 for a 1G (giganosh) model. The website also has a Yiddish glossary for those gentiles who like bagels and tech all at the same time, and technical advice from Tanta Sophie, who is, apparently, the most wired resident of her retirement community.

Seriously, we see lots of tech stuff every day here, but this is awesome and clever, all at once. Check it out.

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AOTS Thursday, January 29

Posted January 29, 2009 - By Eugene Morton
Dan Frommer from Silicon Alley Insider joins us from New York to talk about Apple's recent procurement of a patent for their touchscreen gesturing interface and what it means for future touchscreen tech?
Olivia and Kevin have put together a little public service announcement on why National Pie Week must exist and if you know what's good for you, you'll go and sign the petition to help make it a reality.
Olivia and Kevin have put together a little public service announcement on why National Pie Week must exist and if you know what's good for you, you'll go and sign the petition to help make it a reality.
We can't get enough of the weird that is Japan, and when you're talking toys, it only gets weirder.
Special guests, hot movie coverage, on-location shoots and everything else that only a show like Attack of the Show can show.
The iPhone App Store is chock full of programs for you to add to your pocketputer, so 'AOTS' did a little digging and a little detective work to find you the best ones.
It's Thursday, which means that Layla Kayleigh is here to give you a daily dose of The Feed, including stories about the transition to digital TV and a high-powered talent agency looking to put stars on YouTube.
Don't worry if you happen to not catch every important film of 2008, because we've got the best movie blogs to get you up to speed, so when that girl starts going on about 'Milk', you can chime in intelligently and then steam in for the bunk-up.
There's a ton of sweet film coming out of Asia. Luckily, Jeff Wong is your boy when it comes to getting you all the info you need to know about which ones to check out. For instance, peek the futuristic and bizarre 'Tokyo Gore Police.'
Water Jet Pack, George Bush Joke, Toy Food, Billy Mays Kaboom, Zorbees, Karaoke Stripper from Hell.

This news is probably only relevant to your mother and/or grandmother, but lawmakers might delay the switchover to 100 percent digital television for four months.

Fearing that too many Americans aren't ready and would be without their precious, precious television programs, the US Senate voted Monday to delay the digital change until June 12, giving you plenty of time to either help Gram-Gram set up her new converter or save up the money and buy her a new TV. Similar legislation is being prepared in the House.

I spoke to L.A. resident Robyn Simms about helping her mother with the switchover. Simms instructed her mother over the phone, and while she said that the process was painfully easy, describing it to her mother was like "Trying to give driving directions to someone who doesn't speak English."

"Technology is a foreign language to some people," Simms said. "It was one freakin' cable! How hard could it possibly be?" She added. 

Are you and your family hooked up and ready for the switch? How did setting up the new box work out?


If you have satellite TV or cable, this won't affect you, but if you're still watching TV over the air, here's the instructions for how to get your converter box and how to hook it up.

AT&T has announced that it will be releasing the 3G MicroCell, a device that uses a broadband Internet connection to boost 3G mobile-phone signals for up to four users at a time. This device is a godsend for people that live in areas with poor AT&T coverage. The 3G MicroCell means that all of America's "big four" mobile providers have or will have a device that uses broadband connections to improve mobile-phone service. According to AT&T's web site:

"AT&T 3G MicroCell acts like a mini cellular tower in your home or small business environment. It connects to AT&T's network via your existing broadband Internet service (such as DSL or cable) and is designed to support up to 10 3G capable wireless phones in a home or small business setting. With AT&T 3G MicroCell, you receive improved cellular signal performance for both voice calls and cellular data applications, like picture messaging and surfing the web for up to 4 simultaneous users."

Sprint and Verizon offer devices that use femtocell technology to boost signal, while T-Mobile uses regular WiFi. As an international traveller, I'm partial to T-Mobile's @Home service, since it can be used through any WiFi signal, even in other countries. The limitation with @Home is that it can only be used with UMA (unlicensed mobile access) phones. Sprint's and Verizon's solutions can be used with any of their phones. but the improved service is limited to the femtocell box's range and can only be used domestically. The 3G MicroCell also falls into the same category, but is limited to 3G phones.

I know some of you live in the boonies. Anyone out there use T-Mobile @Home, Sprint's Airave, or Verizon's Wireless Network Extender? If so, how has your experience been? Any AT&T customers out there interested in the 3G MicroCell?

Source via Engadget Mobile

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Phone giant Sprint Nextel, the third biggest U.S. mobile service provider, said it plans to cut up to 8,000 jobs, about 14 percent of its employees. The company is trying to cut costs, and it hopes that the cuts will keep Sprint "financially secure in a challenging economic environment." The cuts are coming across the board, to all areas of the company, though less in customer care, as part of Sprint's effort to bolster customer satisfaction.

Here are more companies that have announced layoffs:

  • 20,000 jobs from Caterpillar Inc
  • 7,000 from Home Depot
  • 6,000 at Philips 
  • 12,000 from AT&T
  • 3,600 from Microsoft
  • Many, many more

If all this dire financial news makes you sad, why not click on this story? It's the heart-warming tale of the 10,000th wish fulfilled by the Make a Wish foundation. Eight-year-old hockey fan Jacob Anderson loves the Pittsburgh Penguins. So, to give him the experience of joining the team, the Pengs signed him to an official one day, one-dollar contract and let him skate with them. He even scored a goal during practice. Imaginary reports that Phoenix Coyotes' right guard Brian McGrattan took to the ice and hip checked the kid into the boards are simply not true.


If you haven't downloaded the beta for Windows 7 yet, you're getting a small extension to the window of availability. Microsoft will be closing the beta program for new users on February 10th with a few exceptions.

If you start the download before the 10th you'll get until the 12th to finish the transfer. The same goes for those who have already downloaded the trial, but haven't yet received product keys. Those users are good until the 12th.

"We are at a point where we have more than enough beta testers and feedback coming in to meet our engineering needs, so we are beginning to plan the end of general availability for Windows 7 Beta," said Brandon LeBlanc, an official Microsoft blogger.

Read More »

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Electronics Giant Philips is joining seemingly everyone else in the consumer electronics world and tightening its corporate belt. The company is Europe’s largest maker of televisions, and it's cutting 6,000 jobs. Philips also plans to stop buying back stock shares after reporting its first quarterly loss in almost six years.

“Stopping the buyback is the right path,” said Eric de Graaf, an Amsterdam-based analyst at Petercam. “If you don’t know what’s going to happen in these difficult circumstances, it’s better to preserve your cash.”

As for Philips' take on the situation, there's the official word from a company release: “Our fourth-quarter results confirm the expectation we expressed early December that the short-term economic outlook is worsening and that 2009 is likely to be a very challenging year." 

No doubt this year will be challenging for everyone. Here's a a picture of a bunny with a pancake on its head to help us all feel better.


AOTS Friday, January 23

Posted January 23, 2009 - By Eugene Morton
Jeff Wong is back with Chris Gore to give us his take on a few DVDs you should check out from the asian underground; stuff like the pseudo-doc. 'Black Belt' and the 'Ghost Hunt' anime series.
Special guests, hot movie coverage, on-location shoots and everything else that only a show like Attack of the Show can show.
You've heard of embedded reporters, right? Well, Chris Hardwick joined up with a team taking part in MIT's Mystery Puzzle Hunt to see what all the countless hours spent solving puzzles in search of a hidden coin is all about.
Listen up all you hormonally challenged consumers out here! Whether it's due to age, lineage, or gender, your lack of ability to grow facial hair can be a thing of the past with the AOTS Products' Can O' Beard. Order NOW!
Women of the Web counts down 10 girls with a hot web presence that makes you just keep on clicking for more.
It's time to take in your weekly dose of all the beauty and wonderment that is a countdown of the sexiest women on the internet. This week, we've got the Warcraft-obsessed Mila Kunis of That 70s Show and Family Guy and she is looking GOOD.
Sarah Lacy, author of 'Once You're Lucky, Twice You're Good: The Rebirth of Silicon Valley and the Rise of Web 2.0,' and co-host of Yahoo Finance's tech ticker, is here to talk about the potential end of the tech empire.
Layla's got all the news you need including user stats for Facebook and MySpace, a MAC trojan virus, more cuts at Microsoft, and other interesting news you won't find anywhere else on the tube.
Resident Evil...
Camcorders keep shrinking and adding great features while the prices seem to be leveling off. So, what's up with this new HD camcorder from Sanyo and can the 10X optical zoom and face detection stand up to the modest price tag?
BBQ'r, Colbert Remix, Uncle Jesse's Girl, Pablo the Irish German Shepherd, Goatee Saver.

In the battle of the fake-friend aggregation sites, FaceBook is killing MySpace. 200 million people visited Facebook worldwide in November 2008. That's nearly double the number who checked out MySpace. Here in the States, however, people are still stuck on MySpace.  

 Here's how tech crunch crunched the numbers:

Facebook now has nearly 100 million more worldwide users than MySpace, which added 4 million new users in December to 125 million total. The page view difference is more dramatic - Facebook had 80 billion monthly page views in December v. 43 billion for MySpace. Just six months ago the sites were about the same size.

Which social networking site do you use? Personally, I use Facebook. I haven't checked out my MySpace profile in over 6 months and it's been years since I checked in on Friendster. But overall, I prefer anti-social networking site Snubster.


Tay Zonday and Mark Gormley have a new YouTube competitor: Pope Benedict XVI. The Associated Press has reported that the Vatican has launched its own YouTube channel.

"The Vatican said that with the YouTube channel, it hoped to broaden and unite the pontiff's audience -- an estimated 1.4 billion people are online worldwide -- while giving the Holy See better control over the pope's Internet image."
It's kind of cool that the Internet and YouTube have gotten so big that religions are using them to communicate with their followers. It's also surprising (in a good way) that the Vatican is embracing modern technology.

Have you checked out The Vatican channel? If so, what do you think?


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