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Dark Shadows Trailer Gets...Funky

Like a freshly-opened ancient coffin, the first trailer for Dark Shadows has finally arrived.

Director, Tim Burton's update of the popular 1966-1971 Gothic/horror/sci-fi genre-hybrid soap opera comes to life with his favorite repertory player, Johnny Depp as the franchise's signature character in escaped vampire from the 18th century, Barnabas Collins. -- Also, there's Eva Green as an evil witch with cleavage. So, yeah.

What will this franchise look like after having received the signature Burton treatment? Check it out below!

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Batman Doesn't Know Where To Stick It

Most people may see a low-brow butt joke, but all he sees are giant...dead...parents!


Apparently, in this 1973 film, 3 Dev Adam (3 Giant Men,) Spider-Man became an evil gang warlord in Istanbul and the only hope for the citizens rest with Turkish Captain America and some guy in a Mexican Luchador mask.

We can only cross our fingers that both Sony and Marvel Studios have enough sense to collaborate and give this one a reboot with Chris Evans, Andrew Garfield, and Jack Black.

Superhero Mathematics

Posted March 14, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Superhero Mathematics

Clearly, this illustrates that Batman's origin was linked to the public restrooms being removed from Wayne Manor.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reboot Gets Release Date

The upcoming live-action reboot film of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles just got a release date.

Fans who have been eagerly anticipating the big-screen return of the iconic heroes in a half-shell now have a date to mark on their calendar (and a Christmas present): December 25, 2013.

The move will have the Renaissance-named-reptilians going head-to-head next year with Tom Cruise action vehicle, One Shot in an X-Mas box-office battle for supremacy.

With the film having recently landed Wrath of the Titans and Battle Los Angeles director, Jonathan Liebesman, one might assume that Turtle-heads new and old will be in for an intense new experience with the fearsome foursome of epic proportions.


300 Follow-Up May Get Xerxes Back

It seems that the upcoming 300 follow-up film, which was rumored to feature the first film's villain, pierced-Persian overlord, Xerxes, could actually see the return of the actor who portrayed him in the original.

Actor, Rodrigo Santoro, who underwent a radical transformation to play the buff, hedonistic, war-monger who believed himself to be a God, confirmed in an interview with international website, UOL, that he was in negotiations to reprise the role. 

What, then, is the deal with this film?

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The Walking Dead's Carl In A Nutshell

If The Walking Dead were a first-person-shooter video game, then Carl would be the AI-controlled character that you have to escort during the mission who seems to enjoy heading directly into enemy gunfire, or just glitches-out and starts running in place facing some random corner.

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Vote For Sara Underwood In Esquire's Hottest Woman Of 2012 Tournament!

Sara Underwood needs YOUR help! No, she's not a damsel in distress but she's up for Esquire's Hottest Woman of 2012! All you have to do is vote for her bracket online and make sure she climbs her way up to the well deserved title.

Click here to vote and spread the word!

If you need any other reminders about why, peruse these Attack of the Show photo galleries:


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Joker Goes Through Security

Posted March 9, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

At Jerusalem, rumors have it that they're a bit "tight" when it comes to security. However, as long the Joker leaves this seemingly unending cache of weaponry on the tables, it's all good. -- Oh, and don't forget about the ice-pick hidden in his yarmulke.

Meet Attack Of The Show At WonderCon 2012!

Calling all WonderCon attendees! Join Attack of the Show and G4 at the comic and entertainment convention in Anaheim, CA from March 16th to 18th. Here's all the information you need to know, like where we'll be, how to get your hands on cool G4 swag and where to line up for our talent signings:


WonderCon 2012
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Friday, March 16th - Sunday, March 18th


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WonderCon Signing Schedule:

Be sure to stop by the G4 booth 1 hour before each signing to pick up your wristband and line up!

  • Candace Bailey - Friday, March 16th at 1:00PM
  • Sara Underwood - Saturday, March 17th at 3:00PM
  • Blair Butler - Sunday, March 18th at 1:00PM

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