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The latest production video from The Hobbit has hit, documenting the final days of the two-part epic's principal photography phase.

Starting with a behind-the-scenes glimpse of director, Peter Jackson (who, despite the nametag, is NOT Chris Hardwick,) and the cast at the film's recent Comic-Con panel in San Diego, we're then whisked back to New Zealand for the emotional final days of the shoot. There, we're given even more peaks of memorable moments from the book come to life on the set...and a dwarven Ron Burgundy.

From the house of eccentric wizard, Radagast The Brown, to giant shape-shifter, Beorn's cabin, to the Goblin town where Bilbo and the dwarves are held captive by the Great Goblin, we're still being bombarded with surprises after having already seen so much of the film already.

Thankfully, Jackson will continue with the production videos as the film enters its post-production phase, so don't set sail for the Undying Lands just yet, Hobbit fans.


Posted July 23, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter


This latest weapon from the Empire's brightest technical minds is able to move at a much faster pace than the standard AT-AT walkers. They run up to Rebel shield generators, scratching, clawing, and biting them until they're down.

Unfortunately, like most gigantic Imperial monstrosities, they have a glaring and ultimately fatal weakness: They get distracted by laser fire; a most unfortunate flaw since this is, after all, the world of Star Wars.


Superman: Man of Steel Teaser Trailer

A set of two variant teaser trailer for Superman's upcoming return to the big screen, Man of Steel have hit.

While not quite as scene-revealing as the footage shown at Comic-Con, these trailer are able to hauntingly convey the essence of the film's focus: That Clark Kent/Kal-El fell to Earth and has since been chased by a destiny; one that he has seemingly tried to avoid up until this point by wandering, taking odd jobs, and doing his best impression of Bruce Banner, hitchhiking (for some reason) on remote roads.

Check out both trailer variants below to see "Deadliest Catch Superman" in action!

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Snape's Favorite Feminine Hygiene Product

Making the best out of a bad situation, Snape decided to turn being the victim of the worst case of friend-zoning EVER into a lucrative endorsement deal.

Now, when muggle women enjoy dryness, they'll "always" think of Severus Snape.


One look at his YouTube channel and it's clear that singer, Nick McKaig has managed to take some of the most iconic entertainment instrumentals and turn them into full a capella pieces, all layered together with elements of his own voice.

However, his latest work with the Indiana Jones theme is especially cool as he goes through the nuances of the entire instrumental track, making you feel as if you had stayed behind at the theater to watch the credits go by and was suddenly rewarded with this brilliantly-creative rendition.

Also check below for his version of the full Star Wars theme.

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Killer Joe & The Dark Knight Rises' Juno Temple Photos

Between Killer Joe and The Dark Knight Rises, you'll be seeing a lot of Juno Temple this summer, and one of the most prominent places you'll spot her is in our spectacular gallery of Juno Temple pics! Yep, we dared to say it, they're spectacular and oh so click-worthy. Put that mouse of yours to good use and check 'em out!

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Tonight On AOTS: The Dark Knight Rises Cast Interviews & Juno Temple Visits

A new day, a new Attack of the Show. That's how it works, right? Tonight 7/6c, Mo Mandel and Sara Underwood are excited to bring you everything from interviews with the cast of The Dark Knight Rises to actress Juno Temple for her new film, Killer Joe. We also review the Toshiba Excite 7.7 tablet on Gadget Pr0n and learn more about the physics behind Batman on The Loop! See you tonight, only on G4.

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Warning: Graphic Violence and Bad Language.

While the four (and soon to be five) Die Hard films may have had other good things going for them than just gratuitous violence, it does certainly make up a number of their high points.

This supercut features every instance of gunplay in all of the existing films, putting every moment of the films' bullet-spraying goodness into a single experience just under six minutes that makes you wonder if John McClane secretes an unknown hormone that attracts criminals and terrorists wherever he happens to go.

This Room Is For Kinky Pyromaniacs

In this fire-proof room that's fully stocked with hand lotion and paper towels, they watch the movie, Backdraft all day, all night.

The firehouse alarm outside the door is just that extra touch of realism that makes it better than doing it at home.


Warning: Bad Language.

It turns out that Batman's average nights on patrol are not quite as enthralling as the films lead us to believe.

It's unlikely that The Dark Knight Rises will feature any scenes where Batman comes to an impassioned defense of the work of Tyler Perry, or discovers the wonders of seeing his Tumbler on Tumblr.

However, this glimpse into the mundane aspects of an average, mega-boring Bat-night might make you think twice about poo-pooing the film's early detractors on Rotten Tomatoes, especially if even a small part of it made the cut in Christopher Nolan's Bat-swan-song.

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