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"It's gone. It's done."

Finally, someone has managed to condense the epic tale of The Lord of the Rings into a 99 second a capella performance!

Indeed, if you still have memories of trying to see the uber-long finale, The Return of the King in the theater after making the ill-advised choice of buying an extra-large soda, then this briefest of brief musical tales might put an extra-large smile on your face.

The Gotham Times Can't Spell

Posted July 27, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

The Gotham Times Can't Spell

At the beginning of The Dark Knight Rises, things are so relatively peaceful in Gotham that even a cat burglar stealing jewels could make the front page of the Gotham Times. The Dent Act definitely left things a little laid back.

While no writer is beyond the occasional grammatical typa...err, typo, Gotham's Fourth Estate just may want to "batten down the hatches" on a little thing called spell-check.

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Michael Bay Is On Kickstarter

Posted July 26, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Warning: Bad Language.

Who would ever have thought that the money-making captain of cinematic combustion would have trouble getting a film off the ground? Well, if this video is genuine, then it seems the one and only Michael Bay will need your help getting the sequel to one of his early hits off the ground: Bad Boys III!

He's making sure that your money will not be ill-spent, narrowing things to the quintessence of films with the Bay stamp of approval: Explosions and boobs.

...Of course, we all know this is just satire. I mean, would Michael Bay ever need YOUR money to make films with explosions and boobs?

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Get your Attack of the Show fix for Thursday with guest co-host Matt Mira, Candace Bailey and Sara Underwood! Tonight 7/6c, we bring you Noureen Dewulf who stars in Charlie Sheen's new FX series, Anger Management, while Jessica Chobot talks to Ben Stiller and the cast of The Watch.  Tune in also for the new Taken 2 trailer and our Google Nexus 7 tablet review on Gadget Pr0n! 

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Hipster Spider-Man

Posted July 26, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Hipster Spider-Man

"Uh, web-swinging is SO passe. Nowadays I like to ride my retro-ized bicycle around New York, while refreshing myself with a cool glass of seltzer water. (And Pabst after sundown.)

Now, if you don't mind, I'm going over to Venom's house to remind him that I wore black costumes before it was cool and then hit the local record store to buy new vinyl albums to rip into MP3 which I could easily just download straight-up for half the price."


This Car Fights For The Quickening

This isn't your ordinary midsize SUV. It is immortal, it has inside it blood of kings. It has no rival, no other midsize SUV can be its equal.

Its new hybrid system makes its mpg as efficient as its ability to decapitate your enemies.


The Hobbit Films To Become A Trilogy?

Director, Peter Jackson has toyed with the idea of turning his two-part epic, The Hobbit into a full trilogy, even recently mentioning it to fans at the film's panel at Comic-Con. However, this idea has recently started to become more than just a tease.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, sources are telling them that Jackson does indeed want to move forward with a third Hobbit film to accompany An Unexpected Journey and There and Back Again. (Perhaps a middle volume?)

The idea may seem outrageous to those uninitiated with J.R.R. Tolkien's literary work, but in actuality, it's quite feasible.

How could it be done?

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Tonight on Attack of the Show, the Star Trek fanfare continues with Matt Mira, Candace Bailey and Rod Roddenberry back in studio for Trek Nation! We also review the Google Nexus 7 tablet on Gadget Pr0n and test drive the Scion FR-S. Plus, how does the human brain learn? We discuss the science on The Loop. Tune in tonight 7/6c!

Tonight On AOTS: Michael Dorn & Marina Sirtis On Star Trek: TNG Blu-Ray & WaveJet Surfing!

Calling all Star Trek fans! Tonight on Attack of the Show, Matt Mira and Grace Helbig welcome Michael Dorn and Marina Sirtis in studio to celebrate the Blu-ray release of Star Trek: The Next Generation season one! Candace Bailey also hits the beach with the WaveJet surfboards and Chris Gore stops by for this week's DVDuesday reviews on Childrens Hospital, Get The Gringo and more. Plus, find out which apps you should download for the upcoming Summer Olympics!

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The Wolverine Begins Shooting Next Week

It seems that X-Men prequel-sequel, The Wolverine has finally sharpened its admantium claws, ready to finally slice its way into filming.

After years of obstacles which included the exit of director, Darren Aronofsky (James Mangold has since taken the chair), the recent exit of would-be villainess, Jessica Biel, along with various delays and timing issues, the sequel to 2009 X-prequel, X-Men Origins: Wolverine is officially a go when filming starts at the beginning of August in Hugh Jackman's home country of Australia.

What will this mean for the film that for years has been teased to adapt the famous 1982 Wolverine miniseries by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller which takes place in Japan?

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