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Fresh Ink Online: Greg Rucka Comic-Con '09 Interview »

This week, host Blair Butler chats with the great Greg Rucka on the floor of New York’s Comic-Con ’09.

Rucka talks at length with our adoring host about his work on Whiteout, Detective Comics starring Batwoman, Queen & Country, Final Crisis, and much more. This is one interview you won’t wanna miss!

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It's still one of the best selling comic books out there, or so I've heard, but undeniably, the book which first inspired my love of comics is no longer regarded with the same reverence it garnered when it launched nearly twenty years ago. Understandably, keeping anything fresh for more than sixteen years is difficult, maybe impossible, and perhaps there have been some missteps and plot lines that didn't exactly drive the fans (self included) wild, but I'm here to proclaim that Spawn is on the rise again and in case you haven't picked it up in a while, it's taken on a feel that is dramatically different, yet should seem eerily familiar to long-time fans and that's all the reason you need to pick it up again if you long ago crossed it off your list of "must buy" comics.

It's hard to recap the events of the last year or so, but the bullet points include the occurrence of Armageddon, the expulsion of God and Satan from the mortal plane and Al Simmons' suicide. That's right, the central figure of the series pointed his magic, glowing fingers at his skull and blew his own head off (Issue #185). It's more than hinted at that this is not the last we'll see of Mr. Simmmons, but his current absence does leave a big hole in the narrative, one which Todd McFarlane and company have filled with a new Spawn, Jim Downing, a formerly comatose man who has awakened after several years and mysteriously inherited the hellish powers and symbiotic costume of his predecessor. Poor Jim has also seemingly inherited Al's ability to attract freaks and killers.

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Fresh Ink Online: Sabertooth, Berserker, Green Lantern »

Join host Blair Butler as she reviews X-Men Origins, Berserker, Adam Legend of the Blue Marvel, Batman, Incognito, The Walking Dead and Green Lantern Corps. Plus, another edition of Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe? You betcha! Enjoy.

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Crack The Spine: 'Dark Avengers' #1

Posted February 9, 2009 - By Eugene Morton

I promise that this segment won't just become a virtual adspace for Marvel Comics, but since Marvel kicked ass with Secret Invasion, is still kicking ass with Dark Reign and almost everyone agrees that DC Comics'  Final Crisis made about as much sense as the Spider-Man Clone Saga, we're shining the spotlight on the House of Ideas once again in this installment of Crack the Spine. This time around, we take a look at Earth's Mightiest Villains, The Avengers!

Hot damn, I love team-building books, the one's where the strong and fearless loner goes out to recruit the best of the best to form a bad-ass group of super-toughs, Dirty Dozen style. To my delight, that's exactly what Dark Avengers #1 is, except this time around the the bad-ass super toughs happen to be a group of killers and crazies.

Taking a page out of Baron Zemo's playbook, Norman Osborn sets out to recruit a team of murderers and outcasts to masquerade as heroes, but not new ones (as was the case with the original Thunderbolts), counterfeit versions of already existing supers. How does this come to pass? The only way it can by turning team mate against team mate and, we suspect, eventually killing everyone who won't fall in line. However, before any bones get broken, hearts do.

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Fresh Ink Online: Dead Irons, Secret Warriors, Locke and Key »

After taking a brief hiatus to let Umbrella Academy rock star Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance) guest host last week, Blair Butler is back in the house. She’s armed with two weeks worth of comics to review, so watch out! This week, you’ll get the lowdown on the debuts of Black Panther, The Mighty, Nick Fury: Agent of Nothing, I Am Legion and Dead Icons. Plus, dig the latest issue of Locke & Key. Blair sure does.

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Crack The Spine: 'Punisher #1'

Posted February 2, 2009 - By Eugene Morton

Hello, comic book fans. I'm Eugene Morton, one of the AOTS web producers and a die-hard comic book fan for a very long time. This space is usually reserved for nerd queen, Blair Butler, but I'll be contributing to this section of the site on a more frequent basis (not that Blair is going anywhere), giving you my take on what's happening in the world of comics, telling you what new books I love and offering all-around commentary on what I believe to be the greatest of all art forms. That said, let's get right into it, with my first suggestion for comic books you should pick up, Punisher #1.

I've personally always found The Punisher to be one of the more boring characters in the Marvel Comics corral. Don't get me wrong, I love violence and bloodshed as much as the next guy and I understand that you don't have to wear a cape, sling a shield or shoot webbing to be interesting. However, the "find mob boss or street thug, kill mob boss or street thug" formula just seemed kind of boring to me. That said, I'm a convert to the cult of Castle and I'll tell you why you should be too.

If you've been paying attention to what's going on in the Marvel U, post Secret Invasion, you're aware that S.H.I.E.L.D. is done with, Tony Stark (Iron Man) is ruined and the psychopath, Norman Osborn has become the most powerful guy in the world. Of course, the supposed savior of humanity is as demented as ever, Green Goblin mask or not, and has decided to exploit his position to form an evil cabal with the likes of Dr. Doom, Emma Frost (White Queen), the new Kingpin of Crime, The Red Hood and Namor, the Submariner (the driving forces behind Marvel's new Dark Reign saga). Who could possibly withstand against such a villainous organization, The Avengers? Yeah, probably some formation of The Avengers, but we're not talking about them now. The answer I was looking for is "The Punisher."

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Fresh Ink Online With Gerard Way

Posted January 30, 2009 - By Frank Meyer


Fresh Ink Online With Gerard Way »

Special guest host Gerard Way, My Chemical Romance frontman and creator of Dark Horse’s The Umbrella Academy, fills in for Blair Butler on this week's Fresh Ink Online.

Gerard takes us through some of his all-time favorite comics, including Kill Your Boyfriend, The New Frontier, and Zombie World: Champion of the Worm. But it’s when he unearths rarities No. 5 and The Biologic Show that things get really trippy.

Stay tuned for Blair’s upcoming one-on-one interview with Gerard about Umbrella Academy and the upcoming My Chemical Romance album. Also make sure to check us on Facebook and MySpace. Enjoy!


Fresh Ink Online: Superman, Dark Avengers and Battlefield »

This week, host Blair Butler gets down and dirty with Thunderbolts #128, Final Crisis Superman Beyond 3-D #2, Hack Slash #19, Zero-G #4 and the debuts of Dark Avengers and Deathstroke: Faces of Evil. However, it’s Battlefields The Nightwitches that really captures her heart once again. Did it make Pick of the Week? Well, there’s only one way to find out now, isn’t there. Watch and enjoy!

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Fresh Ink Online: Faces Of Evil, Manhunter, Locke & Key »

This week host Blair Butler gets all bent out of shape and let’s the fur fly! Which comics got her all upset though? Was it Amazing Spider-Man #583, Prometheus: Faces of Evil #1, Final Crisis #6, Manhunter #38 or Locke & Key: Head Games? You’ll find out. Just make sure to duck and cover when the claws come out!

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Fresh Ink Online: Old Man Logan, Secret Six and The Sword »

Happy New Year, comic lovers! Host Blair Butler kicks off 2009 with reviews of the latest and greatest, including Wolverine Old Man Logan #70, No Hero #3, X-Men Noir #2, and the debuts of Dead of Night Werewolf By Night and Hexed. But it’s Secret Six #5 and The Sword #14 that really tickle Blair’s fancy. And that ain’t the only ticklin’ goin’ on here, folks, as Blair has a lil’ cold (a tickle in her throat, get it?) this week, so cover your mouth or ya might catch the fever! The fever for comics, that is…


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