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Garfunkel And Oates Pics

Posted March 9, 2011 - By Eugene Morton

Garfunkel And Oates Pics

As devotees of the hilarious chanteuses, Garfunkel and Oates, it's our sacred mission to spread the word about the musical jesters by not only giving comedy lovers a chance to watch the video of Garfunkle and Oats performing on AOTS, but also showing the minstrels making music and whimsey in these delightful Garfunkle and Oats pics. Mission accomplished.

Sean Poole Becomes A Zombie For DVDuesday

Zombies are expensive, and rather than hire one and have to deal with the cost of a wrangler, worry about crew safety or deal with any possible P.E.T.Z. (People for the Ethical Treatment of Zombies) outrage, we enlisted our talented crew of makeup artists to transform Production Assistant, Sean Poole into one of the undead for today's DVDuesday with Chris Gore and Candace Bailey. Of course, we also took pictures of the zombie metamorphoses, which you should totally check out! Please, don't send any letters if you're an actual zombie and are offended. We respect all people, living and undead alike.

Mortal Kombat Live Tour

The demo for Mortal Kombat comes out tomorrow and for the first time in over fifteen years, I'm excited about something with "Mortal Kombat" in the title. The upcoming game looks violent, dark and bloody, everything a Mortal Kombat game should be. Of course, being a fan of MK, I'm familiar with disappointment. Every game after Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 sucked, the second movie sucked, and the biggest suck of all was the Mortal Kombat Live Tour.

Back in the day, when Midway Games ruled the coin-op roost and you couldn't talk about video games without someone excitedly bringing up the gory fighter, the marketing gurus (we're assuming) at the now defunct developer came up with the idea of draining even more quarters from rabid fans by taking the most brutal video game franchise in history and turning it into a family friendly stage show. It sounds like a horrible idea (and it was), but it certainly raked in the cash. I'm ashamed to say it, but it got my allowance, and lest you think it just appealed to kids, the tour managed to draw throngs of single, adult males to the Great Western Forum when it rolled through Los Angeles. We should have known we weren't going to see the bloodshed and fatalities we were hoping for at an all-ages event, but I guess we were so blinded by our passion for MK, the thought never occurred to us.

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Crack The Spine: Being Nitpicky About Captain America DLC In Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

If you're an avid reader of the Avengers comics, then you might have noticed something a little off about the screenshots for the upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom 3 DLC, Captain America's shield is wrong. While it's true that Cap has had a couple of different versions of his shield throughout the years, the one he's wielding in the screenshots above is semi-apocryphal.

In the current 616 continuity, the mighty super soldier has conceded the moniker of Captain America to his former partner, Bucky and has taken over as Head of National Security. Now, going by his given name, Steve Rogers, he wears the uniform shown above while on active duty, but uses a force field replica of his famous circular shield in combat (it's used often in Secret Avengers), not the kite style shield in the screenshots. That shield was first introduced back in 1941 (Captain America Comics #1) and was later given as a peace offering to the fictional African nation of Wakanda.

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Attack of the Staff: Sara Underwood »

You've seen her in the pages of Playboy and you've watched her deliver all the news you need to know on AOTS, now you'll get to hear our beloved Feed reporter and former Playmate of the Year, Sara Underwood talk candidly about how she become a vital part of G4 and Attack of the Show, what it's like working with Kevin Pereira, Candace Bailey, and the rest of the G4 family, why she loves cosplaying in sexy outfits and what she does when the cameras aren't around. Unless you are one of the rare, blessed few who gets to galavant with Playboy Bunnies in Hef's infamous grotto, it's well worth a look.

Also, if you've ever wanted to know more about Alison Haislip, Chris Hardwick, Blair Butler, Chris Gore, Kristin Adams or Blair Herter, check out their Attack of the Staff interviews too!

Hall Pass's Carly Craig Pics

Posted March 1, 2011 - By Eugene Morton

Hall Pass's Carly Craig Pics

Anyone who has ever been in a committed relationship can tell you, the plot of Hall Pass is a completely unrealistic (yet awesome) fantasy, but these Carly Craig pics are quite real and pretty damn hot, as is Carly Craig's video interview with Kevin Pereira. Take a look at both and escape from reality for a few minutes.

Pics Of Kevin Pereira, Candace Bailey & Sara Underwood Presenting The Oscars In A Minute

The Oscars are but a few days away and Tinseltown is abuzz with anticipation. The rest of the country (including you) is much better off forgetting about the actual ceremony and skimming through these pics of Kevin Pereira, Candace Bailey, and Sara Underwood presenting their version of the Academy Awards (in under sixty seconds, no less).

It's hard to believe they pulled it off in just a minute, but here's video proof of Kevin Pereira, Candace Bailey, and Sara Underwood doing what the rest of Hollywood somehow hasn't been able to do, abbreviate the Oscars.

Shameless Star Emmy Rossum Pictures

Posted February 24, 2011 - By Eugene Morton

Shameless Star Emmy Rossum Pictures

It sucks that you can't watch Shameless at your place of work or higher learning, but at least you can click through our Emmy Rossum pictures while you're pretending to do your job or jot down notes. They're just as fascinating as Shameless, but you can see them anytime, anywhere, just like you can look at Kevin Pereira's video interview with Emmy Rossum whenever you desire. Hot damn, your life is filled with convenience!

Red State's Kevin Smith Reveals Exclusive Announcement! »

The SModiverse is expanding! As you heard first on Attack of the Show, the brilliant mind behind SModcast, Kevin Smith is taking his network of podcasts to the internet airwaves with the live, daily SModcast Internet Radio and he won't be alone. Look for the whole gang to tag along for the ride, including the beloved Jason "Jay" Mewes. If you want to hear more about SModcast Internet Radio, or if you're just curious about Kevin Smith's upcoming horror movie, Red State, check out the video above!

If that doesn't satisfy your craving for SMod, take a look at this exclusive interview where Kevin Smith and his long time friend and SModcast co-host talk about the origins of the show, the birth of the SModcastle and much, much more!

Sara Underwood As Wonder Woman Pics

Posted February 17, 2011 - By Eugene Morton

Sara Underwood as Wonder Woman

Your good karma is finally being rewarded and your prize for being a good person is Sara Underwood pics, but not just any photos, pictures of Sara Underwood cosplaying as DC Comics' hottest super heroine, Wonder Woman. All of you bad people ignore these hot Sara Underwood as Wonder Woman pics. They're not for you and neither is this video of Sara Underwood doing the classic Wonder Woman spin on The Feed.

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