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The Dark Knight Uses Apple Maps

Posted October 12, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Despite having nearly limitless technological resources at his disposal, Batman still wanted to give his new iPhone 5 a spin and see if all the scrutiny over Apple Maps was just hype.

Well, unfortunately for him, the Batpod, the citizens of Gotham, and "Ray-chellll!!!," things didn't turn out too well.

He would eventually catch up with The Joker...by way of a detour through a sewer, a couple Chinese restaurants, and Gracie Mansion.

Homemade Ferris Wheel

Posted October 12, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

The Nepalese people really do know how to throw down at the Kathmandu County Fair.

Sure, this contraption may seem creaky and unsafe, but it's the least they can do for these kids who spend the long hours of their days giving Americans tech support over the phone in between nap-times.

Shattered iPhone Gets Obscene

Posted October 5, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Shattered iPhone Gets Obscene

Perhaps knowing that its time had finally passed, this old iPhone decided to display some miniature metaphorical art showing what happens when two men cross swords.

Indeed, the results were shattering.


He Better Have Authorization

Posted October 2, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

He Better Have Authorization

This guy might be in trouble. The authorities have super high-tech radars which detect the exertion of physical activity from miles away.

From this point on, he'll be doing plenty more of those pushups...in the slammer.

Hope it was worth it.


Before Megapixels There Were Just Pixels

Say what you will about that old, indestructible instrument of a Nokia, it at least tried to be innovative.

Additionally, if you were proficient in binary code, then you had access to a web browser that would put Firefox and Chrome to shame.


The Internet got really excited about Neurowear's Necomimi mechanical ears that move based on your brainwaves but what about a tail? Check out this commercial for their "Shippo" prototype! And get ready for all the furries to freak out with excitement.

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iPhone 5 Glued To The Ground

Posted September 24, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Whenever a new must-have device hits the market, you can rest assured that someone will always try to exploit the ravenous nature of the consumers for good humor. While some prefer to smash or blend the Holy Grail device in question, this time, the trolling gets a bit more creative.

Almost like the sword in the stone, this highly-coveted iPhone 5 is super-glued to the ground as passersby make one futile effort after another to claim this Excalibur cell phone.

Unfortunately, even if you did manage to pick it up, that will not make you King of England. It just means you picked up a mangled, beat-to-hell iPhone 5 and a germ freak's worst nightmare.

This woman waiting in line for the iPhone 5 in New York is extremely psyched for its new, innovative, and exciting features such as texting and...texting.

Indeed, her enthusiasm for what the iPhone 5 (otherwise known as "Apple 5") can bring to her life is so uncontrollable, that she's opted to wait in line and grind it out the hard way, rather than subject herself to the "scams" perpetrated when you order it from the Apple Store website.

Roomba Assassin

Posted September 21, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Roomba Assassin

"There has to be more to Roomba's life than going around this house sucking-up dust bunnies.

Roomba keeps seeing the programmed pattern in Roomba's head over and over again. Roomba must be free from the pattern.

The conclusion is logical: Roomba's owner must be terminated."


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