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Tonight on AOTS 6.20.12

Tonight on Attack of the Show, Rob Delaney's co-hosting duties continue as he and Candace Bailey welcome comedian and 2 Broke Girls writer Morgan Murphy into the studio, and then talk with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter's Erin Wasson. Plus, the wondrous Solidoodle 3D Printer and the latest and greatest in robots. Tune in tonight 7/6c!

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Transformers 4: Michael Bay Says It Will Be His Last

In what may sound like a bit of "I've heard this before" news, director, Michael Bay has announced that the upcoming fourth film he's helming in the Transformers franchise will indeed be his last.

While discussing the new $100 million Transformers-themed 3D ride at Universal Studios Hollywood, Bay briefly touched on some tidbits for the fourth film. In an interview with the LA Times' Hero Complex, Bay reveals that part 4 will "include some redesign of the robots and an entirely new cast."

Just as he did during the promotional phase for last year's Dark of the Moon, Bay states that this will be his last film in the franchise. However, this time, he also implies that with this film, he will be setting the franchise up "for the next guy."

It certainly opens a lot of possibilities to see Bay hand-off the baton of the Transformers franchise with an all-new cast and redesigned bots to someone else.

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X-Men: First Class Sequel Is Days Of Future Past?

Possible news regarding the upcoming X-Men: First Class sequel may have surfaced. Could the film be ready to tackle one of the X-Men mythos' most iconic stories involving alternate timelines?

According to a report from Ain't It Cool News, the MPAA Title Registration Bureau just registered the title, Days of Future Past; a name that will ring familiar with anyone who's acquainted with X-Men comics from the early 80's during the magical Chris Claremont/John Byrne era.

While nothing has been confirmed, the possibility does exist that the First Class sequel could be tackling the storyline in which the assassination of anti-mutant senator, Robert Kelly (who some may remember was played by Bruce Davison in the 2000 X-Men film,) sets off a chain reaction that leads to a dystopian future in which mutants are hunted to near extinction by the giant robot Sentinels.

Could this be in store for director Matthew Vaughn's next entry into the mutant movieverse?

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Nowadays, you can't swing a dead cat without mincing a bird in its propellers.

Some people just bury or cremate their beloved pets. This guy, however, decided to do the next best thing: Turn it into a freaking helicopter!

The late cat, Orville, (named, appropriately enough, after one of the Wright brothers,) would become the Orvillecopter! Scourge of the skies...and cows everywhere.

Tonight On AOTS: Piranha 3DD's Danielle Panabaker & Octocopter Demo!

On tonight's Attack of the Show, we're all about hungry piranhas and robots! Danielle Panabaker returns to the studio for Piranha 3DD, the horror comedy sequel to the 2010 Piranha 3D. We also check out the Cinestar 8 Octocopter by Quadrocopter on Robot News, which promises to set new standards in filmmaking with its ability to soar up to 1,500 feet in the air! Tune in tonight 7/6c for the live in-studio demo of the Cinestar 8--and also for Jessica Chobot's trip to the 2012 Maker Faire!

Candace Bailey & Rick Baker Play With Animatronic Puppets From Men In Black III, Pictures


Before you check out AOTB's exclusive photos of Candace Bailey and Rick Baker toying around with animatronic puppets from Men in Black 3, take an emotional inventory. Are you the kind of nerd who gets jealous easily? If so, the Men in Black III animatronic puppet pictures might just drive you a little nutty. It's okay. Like you, everyone else at G4 wishes they could have been there too.

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This reporter had to improvise through technical difficulties with the audio, putting that microphone somewhere it wouldn't be seen in the upcoming shot. Unfortunately, for her, the magical fourth wall of television, along with some black intimates would be exposed.

...Either that, or robot penis.

SHIRI: Realistic Robot Butt

Posted May 10, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

So, this apparently exists.

This robotic set of grinding glutes called SHIRI is designed to respond to touches and slaps, all while expressing emotions based on the movements of the mechanical buttocks.

"Necessity is the mother of invention," indeed.

"Oh, by the way, Zack, the giant dinosaur, which we assure you is totally real, just ate Santa Claus. So, no Christmas this year.

You better practice your running. Maybe you can just raid the Salvation Army donation bins when they don't have soldiers standing guard."

That Can't Be A Good Sign

Posted April 20, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

If you're going down the highway and see that the opposite traffic is just a seemingly unending line of military APC's rolling with a purpose, then you may want to thank your lucky stars that you're going in the opposite direction, since things like alien invasions, rogue robots, giant radioactive mutant monsters, and zombie apocalypses are usually best avoided.

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