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PlayStation 3

According to reports, there could be a significant loss in Sony's future. Instead of the predicted $2.2 billion profit for its 2008 fiscal year (which ends on March 31st, 2009), Sony could post a loss of $1.1 billion.

The report comes from the Nikkei Business Daily which was picked up by Reuters. This possible profit loss could make the planned restructuring get completed earlier than March 2010 -- which would cut 4% of Sony's workforce or 9000 jobs.

This would be Sony's first posted loss in 14 years and only its second publically reported loss ever. Ouch.

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Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) announced today at CES that MTV Networks will provide kids' and comedy programming to PlayStation Network’s video service for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable systems in the U.S.

The lineup will include South Park, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels (because the world can't get enough of the ex-Poison frontman)

The PS Network already has an arsenal of more than 1,200 movies and over 3,000 TV episodes, available in standard-definition, as well as high-definition.

Adding MTV Networks programming to its line up is a pretty slick move. It makes total sense in that it parallels the PlayStation's broad demographic. From Nickelodeon to TV Land to MTV to VH1 to Comedy Central, the shows hit upon a varied audience.

What MTV Networks show will make its way to your PS3 or PSP first?


See, I told you that I was going to write a story about the Yankees after posting Sony's disgusting Red Sox announcement. The New York Yankees have announced a partnership with Sony Electronics that will outfit the new Yankee Stadium with all sorts of Sony goods, including PlayStation 3s. According to MLB.com:

"Plans are for the new Yankee Stadium to have a Sony HD broadcast control room; more than 550 flat-panel BRAVIA and professional LCD HD television sets in the luxury suites, lounges, concourses, restaurants and administrative offices; plus Sony HD branding elements featured prominently throughout the stadium. In addition, Sony PlayStation 3 entertainment systems and VAIO notebook computers will be available to fans in select locations throughout the Stadium." 

I can't wait to drop by the new Yankee Stadium when I visit my parents this summer. Sure, I'll miss the old place, but I just know the new park will be awesome and ridiculous. I bet The Red Sox have a similar deal with Vizio or Westinghouse. *snicker*


I'm sitting in line for Sir Howard Stringer's keynote address at CES 2009 and I haven't had any coffee yet. Hopefully they'll let us filter in shortly, but for now I'll have to sit. Sir Howard Stringer is the Chairman and CEO of Sony and is, in fact, the cream of the crop. I won't sugar coat this, he'll probably have some announcements brewing for us. We were promised as much at Sony's press conference last night.

Also, he's British! That's kind of cool. I bet he prefers tea. Man, I really need a cup (or three) of coffee.

8:21 AM PT - Attendees are still filing into the room, but I'm already in my awesome seat. I think I punched Kaz Hirai to get up this close. I'm having some 3G card difficulties so if this live blog stops being updated just be patient. I swear the CEA uses an anti-internet field in this room. Last year I had great WiFi access for Bill Gates' final keynote until I got into this ballroom. Then it just died. It's a conspiracy against live blogging.

They are playing a bunch of hip-hop & R&B. I almost went an entire hour without hearing Lil Wayne somewhere, but Sony ruined that.

Ok, we're starting and they are showing a trailer for that new Mall Cop movie. I want popcorn now.

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Mad Catz's CES Product Extravaganza

Posted January 7, 2009 - By kijibe

Mad Catz has announced some new toys at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

First, you now have even more choices when it comes to plugging up your ears when you need free hands and you gotta talk to mom on your drive home.

Mad Catz has released its AirDrives FIT Interactive Earphones and AirDrives FIT Interactive Earphones for iPhone.

It uses a patent pendidng InAir Technology which allows you to listen to the tunes but still be aware when someone is creeping up behind you. There are no frames in their earphones. Instead there's a wire loop that fits around the ears that's adjustable. Great for when you have your Blublockers or bike helmet on.

The AirDrives FIT earphones also has an integrated microphone that let's your pause your music to take those important calls, too.

They're priced at $59.99 -- yeah, a bit steep just for a pair of darn earphones, but let's see if the sonic quality makes it worth the price.

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See video of Sony's entire press conference here!

Here we go folks, Time for Sony's Press Conference, which brings me to the Las Vegas Convention Center for the first time at CES 2009. The floor is still being setup, but Sony's got their booth alive and kicking complete with food and an open bar. Snazzy.

We're about 10 minutes from starting and they just tricked me by opening up their booth making about 40 new rows of chairs in front of me. I thought I was in the 7th row... Excuse me while I move closer.

4:15 PM PT - Ok, that's better. Now I'm in the real 6th row and a pair of 3D glasses was waiting on my new seat. Sony is showing off some new 3D HDTV technology that I'm guessing will be demoed for us live, on stage. It's taking longer to fill the seats than Sony expected, but the DJ is spinning some bitchin' house music so we're ready to get this party started up in here (up in here). It remains to be seen if we'll lose our minds and go all out.

4:30 PM PT - One drink down and we're ready to go. Rick Clancy is appearing to us on the Jeopardy stage via TV to welcome us to the press conference. Jeopardy will tape 11 shows from CES.  Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune were the first syndicated game shows to be broadcast in HD. That's Sony Pictures Television, but Rick's got more for us as Sony is an "entertainment powerhouse."

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Since Christmas technically ends on January 6 and there's not a heck of a lot going on in the gaming world, I thought it would be a good time to compare our holiday loot. The first gaming/tech goodie I'll be sharing with you is Aliph's Jawbone 2 bluetooth headset. Before I talk about the product, I wanted to state that I think it's impossible for anyone to use a bluetooth headset without looking like a wanker. Since many states now require hands-free solutions for using mobile phones in cars, I understand the need for them. Gamers get a pass since they can use bluetooth headsets with the PlayStation 3 and, for the most, nobody really cares what they look like when playing games at home.

This isn't my first experience with Aliph -- I actually tried out the original Jawbone. I'm totally into Aliph's industrial design and the company's packaging is slick in that Apple way. I loved the sound quality and the noise cancellation of the Jawbone 1, but I just couldn't achieve a good fit. At the end of the day, I couldn't deal with constant adjusting the headset required; the same way a baseball player constantly adjusts his cup, I had to constantly touch the headset so that it felt comfortable in my ear. The Jawbone 2 offers several improvements over the original....

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Remember when people were scared of the PlayStation 3 being used for nefarious purposes? You know, with it's uber powerful cell processor and all? It turns out they were right! A group of hackers used a farm of 200 PS3s to crack SSL (secure sockets layer) certificates. According to ZDNet's Zero Day blog:

"Using computing power from a cluster of 200 PS3 game consoles and about $700 in test digital certificates, a group of hackers in the U.S. and Europe have found a way to target a known weakness in the MD5 algorithm to create a rogue Certification Authority (CA), a breakthrough that allows the forging of certificates that are fully trusted by all modern Web browsers."

The hackers recently presented their research at the 25C3 conference. This is pretty crazy stuff. People have already been using their PS3s as powerful distributed computing device (Folding@home), but this takes it to another level. Hopefully Dr. Evil never gets his hands on a PlayStation 3 cluster.


At CES 2009, Capcom will hold a "three-way community battle" between Capcom, Microsoft, and Sony. Each community's representatives will choose 20 members from the CES attendees to fight in a tournament using the final version of Street Fighter IV.

Street Fighter IV Gouken Debut Trailer


Street Fighter IV : Gouken Debut Trailer »


Major Nelson will lead the Xbox community. The PlayStation Blog community will be lead by Jeff Rubenstein. Capcom fans will be lead by Seth Killian.

The tournament will go down on Saturday, January 10th from 3pm to 6pm the Las Vegas Planet Hollywood, thankfully away from the busy convention center floor.

Who are you rooting for? Me? I'm just happy I'll get to play more Street Fighter IV.

I hate clamshell packaging. It's stupid. It's annoying. It necessitates the use of really sharp objects, like scissors, a steak knife, or (in worst-case scenarios) an axe. I'm guessing you hate it too. Sony Electronics is taking a stand on the packaging retailers love and consumers loath. It has declared death to the clamshell in a recent blog post and posted a mildly amusing video to illustrate its efforts.

"We’ve heard the voice of customers who are frustrated with the so-called 'clamshell' packages used for many consumer electronics products like headphones and portable music players that hang on racks in the large discount stores and other retailers. Sony is working on the matter and I expect we will have a new alternative to announce soon."

This is just excellent news. I hate dealing with clamshells packs, especially for small items like a Memory Stick Duo, small cables, or points cards. It's bad for the environment (don't forget to GCycle!) and it annoys the crap out of customers. Hopefully Sony's new initiative will cut down on harmful plastics. It will certainly cut down on customeraggravation . Are you as excited about this announcement as I am? I mean, I really, truly, and completely hate the stuff and I'm glad one large company is getting rid of it.


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