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Sexy World of Warcraft Cosplay For Blizzard's 20th Birthday

Today's Blizzard Cosplay Gallery belongs to the lovely and talented Ayabi. As you can see, she's rockin' leather armor and wielding a wicked-looking bow. Why, she's dressed all the world like an Amazon from the Diablo series!

Check out the rest of Ayabi's sexy cosplay with our photo gallery.

If you missed it, yesterday's cosplay girl, Hikarikaze was amazing too, but keep in mind: Cosplay is an exhibition, not a competition. Please, no wagering.

Sexy Starcraft Cosplay Photo Gallery

Did you know that game publisher Blizzard is turning 20 years old this week? To celebrate, we're cramming the internets with a metric crap-ton of Blizzard-y goodness. Let's get the proverbial ball rolling with an impossibly sexy cosplayer, shall we?

Ladies and gentlemen, the lady above is the amazing Hikarikaze! As you can see, she's dressed in perfect Ghost gear from StarCraft 2, and luckily for all of us, she has decided not to cloak.

Yes, we have an entire gallery of Cosplay shots of Hikarikaze for your looking-at pleasure.

Check back tomorrow, when we'll be introducing you to another exceptional cosplayer!

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Win A MAINGEAR Shift Custom Gaming PC! »

Congratulations to Raymond W. of Matteson, IL for winning the MAINGEAR Shift Custom gaming PC in our Epic Giveaway!


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New Dead Space 2 Trailer

Posted December 20, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

EA Confirms Dead Space 2 Multiplayer

We've got a special video for you, people -- a brand new Dead Space 2 trailer, exclusive to G4's Attack of the Show.

The demo for Dead Space 2 drops tomorrow, and it might have been a while since you've played the first game, so think of this video as Sparks' Notes for Dead Space--after watching it, you should be pretty well caught up ont he backstory you'll need to enjoy the sequel and its demo.

Check it out, right here!

Lenovo IdeaCentre B305 Tech Review

Posted December 8, 2010 - By Moye Ishimoto

The Lenovo IdeaCentre B305 bridges the gap between TV and PC with its 21" HD touch screen, JBL speakers and ATI Radeon graphics for streaming media. Kevin Pereira and Alessandra Torresani review the $700 desktop PC.

Lenovo IdeaCentre B305 Desktop PC Review »

Find the full review from Gadget Pron on Attack of the Show after the cut.

Read More »

WoW: Cataclysm with Morgan Webb & AVADirect Gaming PC Review on AOTS Tonight

Tonight on Attack of the Show, Morgan Webb and Kevin Pereira take a Game Break to discuss the arrival of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm and what changes have come to Azeroth. Earlier this week, Kevin sat down with Game Director Tom Chilton and Lead World Designer Alex Afrasiabi for the launch but now with the game out, Morgan is ready to share her experiences on the new changes in Azeroth.

The videogame talk continues with the holiday themed Gadget Pr0n, where the pair will also take a look at the AVADirect Silverstone Raven PC, which could be the fastest and most expensive desktop computer we've seen! Chris Gore interviews Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp for their new film, The Tourist and more. See you tonight at 7PM.

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World of Warcraft: Catalysm's Tom Chilton & Alex Afrasiabi on AOTS Tonight

Tonight's Attack of the Show is all about World of Warcraft: Cataclysm and that means Game Director Tom Chilton and Lead World Designer Alex Afrasiabi from Blizzard Entertainment visit the studio to share the inside scoop about this latest expansion set. They'll discuss all the new changes coming to Azeroth and what's in store for diehard WoW fans.

Tune in tonight also for the Malibal Nine X7200 Laptop review on Gadget Pr0n, a very important announcement from Kevin Pereira and a very special Epic Giveaway for our viewers! This is one show you don't want to miss out on. See you at 7PM!

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Shuttle X350 Slim PC Review & Halo: Reach Game Break

Would you look at that? It's the Shuttle X350 desktop PC and it'll be making its way to Gadget Pr0n on Attack of the Show tonight. Kevin Pereira and Morgan Webb will be reviewing the super slim computer that measures only 1.5" thick. This computer may be sleek, but will it provide the necessary support you need in a desktop computer? Tune in tonight at 7pm for the final rating.

In Game Break, Morgan and Kevin will also be giving their thoughts on Halo: Reach which, if you haven't noticed, finally hit store shelves this week. Find out what they have to say about Bungie's final chapter on the Halo universe and whether the game is living up to all the hype. See you tonight at 7pm!

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Velocity Micro Edge Z5 Gaming PC Review & Janet Montgomery Visits

If you thought PC gaming was out of your budget, we might have the perfect solution for you. Tonight on Attack of the Show, Chris Hardwick and Kevin Pereira will review the Velocity Micro Edge Z5 gaming PC, which offers an entry level gaming system with an Intel Core I5 processor, NVIDIA GT 240 video card, a swanky aluminum chassis and much more. Find out how many Seals of Approval we award this rig on Gadget Pr0n tonight at 7p.

Janet Montgomery will also be in studio to talk about taking on the second season of Human Target on FOX, as well as her experiences playing Eric's assistant on HBO's Entourage, while Tiffany Smith checks out the electric Tesla Roadster 2.5. See you tonight!

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Alienware Area 51 Gaming PC Review & Jessica Chobot Co-Hosts

On Attack of the Show, Gadget Pron kicks off our first show of the week tonight with Kevin Pereira and Chris Hardwick reviewing Alienware's Area-51 Gaming PC with its fancy motorized vents for active cooling, a lit interior for easy access and more for your high-end gaming needs. How many Seals of Approval would you give this?

Chris Gore and Jeff Wong also explore their new Asian cinema picks in an all-new Asian Underground and we show you the ropes on how to become a filmmaker, all on the iPad. See you tonight at 7pm!

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