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Lady Gaga Vomiting On Stage

Posted October 9, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

It appears that fans got more than a mouthful during this Lady Gaga performance in Barcelona, Spain on Oct. 7.

Unlike a bulimic supermodel, she didn't even have to open her mouth and po-po-po-poke her face to induce this stream of vomiting.

In an effort, perhaps, to not be upstaged by Justin Bieber, the mistress of the Little Monsters handled her own on-stage upchucking with smoothness...even at the cost of some exposed lipsyncing.

Domestic Violence Sundays Are A Hit

The people in this neighborhood take domestic violence awareness seriously and even promote a 24-hour crisis hotline.

...That being said, the hotline is mostly utilized on Sundays when, for some reason, they put it all aside and give in to their suppressed spouse-striking stirrings.

They blast Chris Brown music over a loud speaker in the center of town and let the carnage ensue until the clock strikes midnight.


Skyfall: Theme Song From Adele Hits

The theme song to Skyfall by Adele has hit and is already being hailed as one of the best Bond themes ever.

What better way to celebrate "Global James Bond Day," the 50th anniversary of Agent 007's big screen debut in Dr. No, than with a sneak preview for your ears from his upcoming big screen return?

Hearkening back to the classy, power vocal performances of Shirley Bassey's numerous Bond themes, Adele also manages to reflect the dark and tortured pathos of Daniel Craig's James Bond.

Skyfall hits theaters with a modified wristwatch rocket launcher on November 9. Check out the song below!

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Looks like the Die Hard adventures are far from over. The teaser trailer for A Good Day To Die Hard was just released, proving that John McClane is never going to get his well deserved vacation. While the video doesn't reveal too much of what the plot is about, there are enough things exploding, glass shattering, cocky looks, epic orchestral music and a funny one liner from everyone's favorite action hero to keep us going.

So before this movie comes out, what's your favorite Die Hard movie of all time?

[Insert "yippee kai yay" joke here.]

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"Come on, Dad! If you insist of feeding me that pureed vomity mush, the very least you can do is put on my tunes.

So, unless you have another one of those feed dishes that has a double-bacon-cheeseburger with a side of garlic Parmesan fries, please hit the damn play button."

This video of Psy's "Gangnam Style" reveals how important music is when it comes to music videos. Deep, right?

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Liam Neeson: The Musical

Posted October 2, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Warning: Bad Language.

With Taken 2 set to hit theaters this weekend, it's apparent that the usual rogues gallery of hungry wolves and smelly traffickers just haven't quite learned what happens when you mess with Liam Neeson or his family. Perhaps this video will serve as a proper warning to those foolish enough to keep provoking this unstoppable force of class and violence.

This musical tells you everything that you need to know about "Neeson Season." It's chock full of vengeance and badassery, with a hint of noble wisdom. -- Although, the whole vengeance and badassery part is definitely the dominant trait.

This collaboration of the most hipper-than-thou hipster princesses to ever come out of the Disney animated factory of polished fairy tales hits New York's Times Square with a euphonic musical bomb harder than a container of tofu-flavored vegan sushi with custom-made Fugazi chopsticks.

You certainly won't see any of those Sally-come-lately princesses like Jasmine or Mulan in here, since claiming they were anything before it was cool is just not possible.

Justin Bieber Throwing Up

Posted October 1, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

At this Sept. 29 concert at Glendale, Arizona, Justin Bieber is seen leaving it all on stage...literally.

But then again, this rendition of his song, "Out of Town Girl" may have just been some kind of bizarre performance art piece showing that sometimes when a girl goes out of town, she comes back with morning sickness and a determination to prevent you from taking a paternity test.

Karaoke King Takes Your Requests

Posted September 27, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

YouTube user, HelenRuth31 has been quietly, but steadily building up quite a resume of different karaoke renditions of popular songs from across a wide variety of eras.

Browsing through his channel, you'll be impressed to find (what is at this time) nearly 500 full songs, surprising ones, too.

This old dude can really lay it down and he apparently takes requests, too. Check out a few more of his "so hilarious, they're good" covers below.

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