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Twisted Metal Game Break And AT&T's Data Throttling On The Loop Tonight On AOTS

Tonight brings you a brand new Attack of the Show with Kevin Pereira, Candace Bailey and RZA! The hip-hop artist will be live in studio to talk about playing Samurai Apocalypse in the new season of Californication and what it's like to party with David Duchovny. We also discuss the latest issue over AT&T throttling their heavy data users and why their unlimited plans aren't so unlimited anymore on The Loop. Throw in a Game Break about the new Twisted Metal and we'll see you tonight at 7PM EST! Deal? Deal.

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G4 Online Vs. G4 On Air

Posted February 7, 2012 - By Moye Ishimoto

G4 Online Vs. G4 On Air

On tonight's Attack of the Show, The Feed's Eric Eckstein spoke with Kevin Pereira about Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning on Game Break. It's always really exciting when one of our kind (and by kind, I mean pasty nerds who spend every hour on the Internet) makes an appearance on cable television.

They say the camera adds 10 pounds but as you can see here, it can also make nerds look...well...not like a nerd. Check out what Eric looks like behind the scenes at the G4tv.com offices compared to how he looked on AOTS.

The Walking Dead's Steve Yeun Returns & Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Game Break On AOTS Tonight

Attack of the Show returns tonight with Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey with Steve Yeun from The Walking Dead. He'll be in studio to talk about the return of the show's second season (finally!) and we take a Game Break with Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (finally!). Tuesday also means DVDuesday so Chris Gore will be here to buy, rent or pass on films like Twilight: Breaking Dawn and A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas. See you tonight at 7PM.

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You know that party game where you ask people for parts of speech like nouns, verbs, adjectives, and such, and fill them into a blank slate, reading them later to see how funny they are? The game of ad-libs? Well, we thought it would be fun to play with Spartacus himself, the incredibly game Liam McIntyre, reading the PR copy for the new season of Spartacus: Vengeance, which premieres the 27th at 10PM on Starz.

Watch the show, which is infinitely less silly than this exercise, and watch the video to see what happened when Liam added his own language to it, below.

Fill In the Blanks With Spartacus's Liam McIntyre »

 To read the actual text of what Liam read, and the text of what was replaced, hit the jump:

Read More »

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Remember that drunk girl who sobbed over the Packers losing their game? While that video made us lol, this one pulls on the heartstrings: a little boy is in tears over the fact that the 49ers aren't playing in this year's Super Bowl. This is what organized sports are doing to our children! They're breaking their wee little hearts! Stop the insanity!

By the way, I'm realizing that the key to creating a viral video is to either film your super drunk friends or your super adorable little kids after a football game.

Fus Ro Dah Benny Hinn

Posted January 26, 2012 - By Moye Ishimoto

Witness the power of the Dragonborn! Or God, depending on what you believe.

For more viral videos, watch Around the Net on Attack of the Show every weeknight at 7PM!

Leverage's Aldis Hodge On AOTS Tonight!

Tonight on Attack of the Show with Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey, we bring you Aldis Hodge from Leverage. Blair Herter from X-Play also joins us to discuss the biggest video games expected to come out of 2012, like Bioshock Infinite and Mass Effect 3. Sara Underwood checks out pro skateboarder Rob Dyrdek's latest stunt and more, all tonight at 7PM.

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Thor 2 Gets Director Alan Taylor

Posted December 26, 2011 - By Joseph Baxter

Thor 2 Gets Director Alan Taylor

Thor 2 decided use the Christmas break to drop the name of its new director. It appears that Alan Taylor will be the next occupant of the director's chair for the chiseled Norse God Avenger's sequel.

The director, best known for his work on television drama such as The Sopranos, Deadwood, and Homicide: Life on the Street, may have only recently met a key genre-matching, viking-speaking prerequisite with his work on Game of Thrones.

After the exit of director, Patty Jenkins earlier this month, it was clear that Thor 2 would have to go through a quick, mad scramble to find its new helmer, considering the hectic year 2012 promises to be with Chris Hemsworth first reprising his role in The Avengers next summer, surely with possible last-minute re-shoots, script changes, and all the promotional commitments that will go with it.

As a result, Taylor may have to hit the ground running and conjure-up his own vision quickly, despite a seemingly far-off November 2013 release date.


Remains' Miko Hughes In Studio & Star Wars: The Old Republic Game Break Tonight On AOTS

Tonight on Attack of the Show, we're all about zombies and Jedi Knights. That's because Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey welcome Miko Hughes in studio for his new Chiller TV film, Remains, about the latest post-apocalyptic world. Morgan Webb from X-Play stops by for an in-depth look at Star Wars: The Old Republic and we review what could be the biggest TV ever on Gadget Pr0n. See you tonight at 7PM!

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R&B Star Tyrese & Motorola DROID RAZR Review On AOTS Tonight

Tonight on Attack of the Show, Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey welcome Tyrese Gibson to the studio for his new album, Open Invitation! Plus, we review the new Motorola DROID RAZR smartphone on Gadget Pr0n and Adam Sessler from X-Play shares his thoughts on Saints Row: The Third and Assassin's Creed: Revelations. Tune in tonight at 7PM EST.

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