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Bad Driver Rides The Rail

Posted September 6, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

"See ya later, dumbasses!

I leave you to suffer in the middle of this heavy traffic while I, thanks to my brilliant, creative mind, will be utilizing my car's secret rail-riding feature, leaving all of you in the congestive dust.

-- Okay. So, that didn't go anywhere near according to plan."

Marvel's S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Pilot Greenlit By ABC

It appears that Marvel's all-encompassing movie universe centered around The Avengers is about to expand to the realm of the small screen. Not only that, but it seems that it will involve the film's director, Joss Whedon.

According to Deadline, ABC has greenlit a pilot for a live-action TV series centered on Nick Fury's secret government defense agency, S.H.I.E.L.D. (Which is a lot easier than saying, "Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division.")

The pilot, which is set to start production immediately, will be co-written by Joss Whedon along with brother, Jed Whedon (Dollhouse, Spartacus: Vengeance), and Maurissa Tancharoen (Dollhouse. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.)

How will the Marvel's grand movieverse transition to television?

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Pictures Of Sara Underwood Starring In The Carl's Jr., Hardee's Memphis BBQ Burger Commercial

What's piping hot and dripping with barbecue sauce? If you guessed, "The new, Memphis BBQ Burger from Carl's Jr. / Hardee's" you're right! Alternatively, if you guessed, "Sara Underwood," you're also right! You see, G4's Sara Underwood and Emily Ratajkowski star in a steamy commercial for the Memphis BBQ Burger and during the filming, they managed to get all slathered in the tangy stuff, golden hay, and who knows what else.

See our behind-the-scenes pics of Sara Underwood's Carl's Jr. / Hardee's Memphis BBQ Burger ad and take a big juicy bite of our video below featuring scenes from the shoot and the actual commercial! But hey, don't stop there...go getchoo one of them thar Memphis BBQ Burgers and follow the simple instructions: "Eat Like You Mean It."

Sara Underwood On The Set Of Her Carl's Jr / Hardee's Commercial »

Thor Sequel: Kat Dennings Will Return

It appears that sequel, Thor: The Dark World will indeed feature the return of Kat Dennings' Darcy Lewis, the spacey sidekick of Natalie Portman's Jane Foster.

According to Deadline, Dennings, who is currently enjoying high-rated success on the CBS comedy, 2 Broke Girls, will find time to return to the Thor franchise for what is said to be an expanded role. 

With most of the original cast returning, along with additions such as former Chuck star, Zachary Levi replacing Josh Dallas as Fandral, and former Doctor Who, Christopher Eccleston as villain, Malekith The Accursed, it will certainly be interesting to see what's in store for the tantalizing taser-toting hipster.

Thor: The Dark World hammer-strikes its way to theaters on November 8, 2013.


Guardians Of The Galaxy Finds A Director?

Marvel's upcoming feature, The Guardians of the Galaxy may have found a director for its 2014 film featuring the cosmic super-team.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, James Gunn, writer/director of the 2006 meta-infused, tongue-in-cheek horror flick, Slither is in talks to helm this most curious of comic book films. Of course, Slither starred geek deity, Nathan Fillion, a well-known player in the universe of The Avengers director, Joss Whedon.

Also responsible for an array of quirky campish work under Lloyd Kaufman's Troma banner, as well as satirical superhero film, Super, Gunn could be taking the big plunge into what might be, on paper, one of the most ambitious (and riskiest) comic book films ever.

While the report claims that Marvel is in "exclusive talks" with Gunn, Marvel has yet to confirm Gunn's status as director. Additionally, the names of directors, Peyton Reed, Ryan Fleck, and Anna Boden are reportedly still in the mix.

Is James Gunn the right man for the job?


I Guess That Helps The Resale Value

Oh, you just know that this realtor is simply chubbing-up the features of this house for the sake of advertisement.

Once you get a look at the place you'll find that many of those drawing points come up flaccid.

After all, why would the sellers want to leave in the first place, right?


Red Dawn Remake Releases Trailer

Posted August 10, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Red Dawn Remake Releases Trailer

Pinch yourself if you must, but it seems that Red Dawn has released its first commie-repelling trailer.

From what we see, the film, much like its 1984 predecessor, is an action tour de force in which young American teenagers led by an ex-marine played by Chris Hemsworth hand in their textbooks in exchange for rifles and rocket-launchers to repel an invasion of freedom-raping ravagers. These evil-doers decided to break all-sorts of no-fly-zone rules to parachute into neighborhoods just like YOURS.

Now, we're going to see what kind of bad-assery today's youth of America are capable of wreaking when the enemies of capitalism take away their Facebook and Xbox Live.

The Wolverines want you to check out the trailer below.

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Stormtrooper Having An R2-Becue

Posted August 8, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Stormtrooper Having An R2-Becue

After finally finding one of the droids he was looking for, this Stormtrooper decided to take advantage of its features and throw a celebratory barbecue with the other troopers stuck guarding sand, scum, and villainy on Tatooine.

The beers and bantha burgers were served all through the night until someone thought it was a good idea to hold a shooting contest. -- That pretty much ended the festivities.


Stanley Kubrick's seminal 1968 sci-fi epic, 2001: A Space Odyssey was actually a rather mellow-paced film that, besides carrying a metaphysical message, also indulged in the type of space special-effects that were more conducive for a laid-back audience that appreciates the sublime nature of what they are seeing. (In other word, stoners.)

However, if such a film were to hit in today's film industry, it would probably have to amp-up the intensity. This recut trailer by Film School Rejects pretty much hits the flashy-edited, uber-dramatic nail on the head for what it would have looked like today.

Superman: Man of Steel Teaser Trailer

A set of two variant teaser trailer for Superman's upcoming return to the big screen, Man of Steel have hit.

While not quite as scene-revealing as the footage shown at Comic-Con, these trailer are able to hauntingly convey the essence of the film's focus: That Clark Kent/Kal-El fell to Earth and has since been chased by a destiny; one that he has seemingly tried to avoid up until this point by wandering, taking odd jobs, and doing his best impression of Bruce Banner, hitchhiking (for some reason) on remote roads.

Check out both trailer variants below to see "Deadliest Catch Superman" in action!

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