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Famous on the Internets

This woman clearly has not mastered the art of non-forward driving enough to confidently tackle parallel parking in what is clearly a tight, claustrophobic excuse for a parking space.

Eventually she comes to the realization expressed in the famous song by Kenny Rogers (Or was it Kenny Loggins?) that "you got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em."

In doing so, she puts-off learning a valuable lesson that every 16-year-old who's reasonably competent enough to attain a driver's license must know before getting on the road.

How To Become A Fake Celebrity

Posted August 23, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

It's hardly breaking news that the celebrity-driven side of the entertainment industry thrives on shallow idol-worshiping. However, an enterprising 21-year-old named Brett Cohen decided to take that hypothesis and apply it to a social experiment that ended up trolling New York City.

He proves without a shadow of a doubt that all you need to be "famous" is an entourage, a little wardrobe upgrade, shades, gel in the hair, and a s**t-eating grin that says "be grateful to stand in the pure radiance of my awesomeness, people."

The Wolverine Begins Shooting Next Week

It seems that X-Men prequel-sequel, The Wolverine has finally sharpened its admantium claws, ready to finally slice its way into filming.

After years of obstacles which included the exit of director, Darren Aronofsky (James Mangold has since taken the chair), the recent exit of would-be villainess, Jessica Biel, along with various delays and timing issues, the sequel to 2009 X-prequel, X-Men Origins: Wolverine is officially a go when filming starts at the beginning of August in Hugh Jackman's home country of Australia.

What will this mean for the film that for years has been teased to adapt the famous 1982 Wolverine miniseries by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller which takes place in Japan?

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Alex Cross Trailer Fights The Sick And Twisted

The debut trailer for upcoming thriller, Alex Cross has hit.

While the idea of Tyler Perry leaving his Madea outfit behind to play the titular character taken from the novels of James Patterson and famously portrayed by Morgan Freeman in Along Came A Spider and Kiss the Girls is interesting, it's not the noteworthy story here.

The film features a freakishly-slimmed version of Lost star, Matthew Fox as an unhinged mob hitman who moonlights as a cagefighter. Fox's appearance shows a startling and disturbing weight cut that almost hearkens back to the one Christian Bale made for his role in 2004's The Machinist.

Alex Cross directed by Rob Cohen hits theaters on October 19. Check out the trailer below and understand why Jack won't be going back the the Island anytime soon.

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With just a month to go before the big launch, a new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises has hit, showing us just a bit more of the epic finale to director Christopher Nolan's Batman films.

In moment that hearkens back to the famous "Knightfall" comic book storyline, Bane, well aware of Batman's true identity as Bruce Wayne, pays a little visit to Wayne Manor and makes himself at home in the Batcave. Judging by this, and the other trailers we've seen (so, it's not a spoiler,) it doesn't look like this an encounter that will go too well for 'ole Bruce.

However, just like with Rocky Balboa in his third movie, Batman's also going to need to find the Eye of the Tiger and face his fears to overcome this jacked-up challenger who knocked his block off, all with the fate of Gotham City at stake.

Predictions? Pain...and Bane.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters on July 20.

They Must Have A Great Pu Pu Platter

"Come for our world famous bathroom facilities, stay for the dim sum carts.

Of course, if you're ordering à la carte, do try the number two."


Captain America 2 Gets Directing Duo

The upcoming sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger now has its director...well, directors. The brother duo of Joe Russo and Anthony Russo have been tasked with Cap's second solo outing after the character's mega-successful outing in the destructive tour de force that was The Avengers.

The brothers Russo, who only bring a head-scratching resume of work on TV comedies like Community, Happy Endings, and Arrested Development were actually named as candidates for the job a few months ago. However, their chances were seemingly dismissed by speculators, with George Nolfi and F. Gary Gray looking to be the more likely choices among the list.

Nevertheless, the Russos obviously must have something special that they're bringing to the table in regards to the script. The brothers will now replace Joe Johnston as helmer in a film that will likely focus on the unfrozen hero's adjustment to modern times and bring us another one of his famous comic book nemeses.

Captain America 2 is set to toss its shield at theater audiences on April 4, 2014.


X-Men: First Class Sequel Is Days Of Future Past?

Possible news regarding the upcoming X-Men: First Class sequel may have surfaced. Could the film be ready to tackle one of the X-Men mythos' most iconic stories involving alternate timelines?

According to a report from Ain't It Cool News, the MPAA Title Registration Bureau just registered the title, Days of Future Past; a name that will ring familiar with anyone who's acquainted with X-Men comics from the early 80's during the magical Chris Claremont/John Byrne era.

While nothing has been confirmed, the possibility does exist that the First Class sequel could be tackling the storyline in which the assassination of anti-mutant senator, Robert Kelly (who some may remember was played by Bruce Davison in the 2000 X-Men film,) sets off a chain reaction that leads to a dystopian future in which mutants are hunted to near extinction by the giant robot Sentinels.

Could this be in store for director Matthew Vaughn's next entry into the mutant movieverse?

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Either this guy is a hoarder who has abruptly reached his breaking point, or the Bellagio is going in an entirely new direction for its famous outdoor fountain show.

One way or another, this guy wants this stuff to stay in Vegas.

Also check below for the other video shot from further back, showing his eventual arrest.

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A famous YouTube rant gets the Songify version. Also, gingers don't have souls. Sorry, kid.

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