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Despite the fact that Russians view seat-belts as an insidious capitalistic plot by textile manufacturers which forces them purchase a simple strap that one would normally make from the skin leather of dissidents, this accident proves their importance.

Just as surely as he wasn't expecting this white car to come speeding out of this dangerous intersection in dire need of some stop signs, he also didn't expect his ejector seat to prematurely pull the trigger.

Walmart Scooters Are Getting Bigger

The driver of this compact must have felt that having to drive around in a glorified Power Wheels warranted some special benefits that not even the handicapped can enjoy.

Although, I guess if there's one place that your car is guaranteed to not get hit by runaway carts left by lazy, inconsiderate people, it's going to be the cart return.


Remember that famous scene from I Love Lucy where Lucy has a comedic moment trying to stomp on grapes to make wine in Italy? This is like that, except with a race car.

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Parking Your Bike Like A Boss

Posted October 8, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Face it, you didn't take up bike-riding because you like exercise and enjoy fresh air.

You did it because you can't afford car commuting, and you're afraid that riding a motorcycle might be perceived as a sign of toughness that will get your ass beat.

So, when the rare opportunity to look like a smooth customer like this self-directing bike-parking job comes along, you need to take all you can get.

She Became A Passenger Seat

Posted October 8, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

She Became A Passenger Seat

This is either the result of contact with a radioactive car seat or a prime example of the lengths to which some people will go just to use the carpool lane.

It looks like she'll be tasked with the chore of fishing pennies and french fries out of her various crevices when this ride is over.


The Lone Ranger: First Trailer Rides In

The upcoming reboot of the most venerable of western franchises, The Lone Ranger has galloped its way to the Internet.

Of course, this isn't your father or grandfather's Lone Ranger, which started as a radio drama in 1933 that spawned the iconic 1950's television show.

How will it resonate with modern audiences? Well, with the usual: Explosions, sliding derailed trains, filthy prostitutes, and evil robber barons who want to conquer the west. You know, the usual stuff.

There come a time, kemosabe, when good men must check out the trailer below.

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Towing Cars Away Is For Suckers

Posted October 3, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Towing Cars Away Is For Suckers

Sure, they could have just had this car towed and recouped the cost from its clueless owner, but this crew apparently forgot to bring the proper amount of f**ks needed to pull off something like that.

Some may call it negligence or laziness, but these guys decided to call it serendipity since this parking lot probably could use a nice little island in the center, anyway.


While this guy was successful in his running leap over this moderately-sized sedan, it may end up being the last one he ever makes.

On the bright side, the violent bounce caused from his kneecaps colliding with the metal may have contributed about a half a second of hang time.

In Russia, suicide (or fraud) attempts like this apparent one are almost as frowned upon as empty vodka bottles and people who dodge their mandatory conscription into the bear wrestling academy.

Unfortunately, for our jumper who wanted to leave this world in a crashing blaze of glory at the financial expense of this driver, it didn't work.

He'll have to resort to a more considerate method like freezing himself naked in Siberia or by openly calling Putin scrawny and unsexy.

A car flying by? It must be the future! Or the latest typhoon to storm through Japan. And it's most likely the latter.

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