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Alison Haislip

Shakespearean Attack of the Show

Anon! Look ye upon these behind-the-scenes woodcuts from this day's Attack of the Show, which doth present Kevin and Jessica Chobot in the attire of ages past! Hesitate not and divvy thy attention accordingly!

LA Dispensary Tour »

A lot of people will be stopping by marijuana dispensaries this 420. For the rest of you, who avoid such places like the plague, yet are kind of curious about what goes on inside of one, we present a video tour of one such establishment.

How To Be A Badass (With Guns) »

There's nothing hotter than a hot chick with a hot gun. Wait, that doesn't sound right. Last summer, Alison Haislip went to the Oklahoma Full Auto Trade & Gun Show to check out some tools of destruction that you'd most likely find in a Hollywood action movie set than a normal convention floor. 

Check out the rest of her trip after the cut.

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Attack of the Staff: Alison Haislip »

We have a special treat for you today. Normally, we hand pick one of the AOTS staffers, whom you never see, and put them out on front street. However, this edition of Attack of the Staff will focus on someone you know well, or at least you think you do, our own Alison Haislip. Recently, she sat down with AOTB and went on at length about growing up in a small town in New Jersey, her passion for acting, her musical prowess, what it was like becoming a part of the G4 family, the wild adventures she's had traveling the world for your amusement and what she does when she's not in front of the cameras. If you really want to know more about Alison, you'll definitely want to watch the above video.

Check back on Monday for the Attack of the Staff interview with Tech Expert, Chris Hardwick!

Kevin And Olivia's Carbonite Statues Behind-The-Scenes Photos

Joining the ranks of such rebel outlaws as Han Solo, Kevin and Olivia had their forms deep frozen in carbonite last week, not at the behest of one of the Hutts, just for their own amusement. Although it isn't clear why anyone who didn't have an intergalactic bounty on their head would choose to undergo the process, it is clear that their carbonite statues are super awesome as are these behind-the-scenes photos of them!

After you're done looking at those, take a look at this video of the carbonite statue unveiling!

Yvonne Strahovski Of Mass Effect 2 And Chuck Behind-The-Scenes Photos

Whether you know her as Miranda from Mass Effect 2, Sarah Walker from Chuck or simply as the girl of your dreams, there's no denying that there's something compelling and intriguing about Yvonne Strahovski. I don't know if all of her unique and magnetic aura can be contained on film, but I sure as hell tried. You tell me if I managed to capture it after looking at these behind-the-scenes photos of her on today's AOTS.

AOTS's Stripper Buffet Behind-The-Scenes Photos

We had a stripper on today's show! We had a stripper and a buffet on today's show and we have tons of behind-the-scenes photos of the stripper doing her oh so seductive turn on the pole! Go look at them, now! Why are you still reading this?

Send Your Faxes To Chris Hardwick and Alison Haislip!Do you hear the siren song once again beckoning you, the creative and extraordinary fans of Attack of the Show, to send in your interesting and artistic faxes to the AOTS studio? Don't ignore the enticing melody.

Instead, give in and send the hosts of today's show, Chris Hardwick and Alison Haislip, your unconventional, yet brilliant musings, drawings, and deep personal thoughts so they can be shared with the anticipating masses watching on TV.

This time around, we're asking you to decide which fax number to use by flipping a coin. The AOTS fax machines go live at 7PM ET!

Fax Numbers:

Heads: (323) 692-4488
Tails: (323) 692-4481


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Olivia Munn And Clark Duke Hot Tub Time Machine Behind-The-Scenes Photos

If you had a hot tub time machine, one of the things you'd do (after going back in time and making yourself a billionaire) is find a way to get Olivia Munn and probably Clark Duke to chill with you in your time traveling jacuzzi. We're saving you the trouble, and inevitable consequences of altering the time space continuum, by presenting these photos of Olivia and Mr. Duke in our own special hot tub time traipser. Just pretend you're in there with them, it's the same thing, practically.

Alison Haislip Interviewed While Killin' Zombies

You might know Attack of the Show's Alison Haislip as the occasional host of The Feed, a tech goddess, even as an occasional star of sketches like the one in which she plays the Pre girl in need of an exorcism. But you probably don't know that she's a pretty avid gamer, and the daughter of a doctor of mathematics. See what you can find out when you interview someone while they're killing zombies in Left 4 Dead?

Check out this interview with Alison from Vice Magazine, where she and interviewer Steve Roberts get to know each other while they are playing L4D, and you will find out that our Ms. Haislip is a lot more than a pretty face...she's a badass with a Molotov fetish.


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