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The squeezably-cute and enviously-talented duo Garfunkel & Oates blessed Attack of the Show yesterday with the broadcast exclusive of the new video for their 420-friendly song, "Weed Card."

Lifted from the Youtube page: "Riki 'Garfunkel' Lindhome and Kate 'Oates' Micucci sing about the perils of obtaining medical marijuana in California." Pretty much nails it, yep. See below.

If you love this, you'll at least probably tolerate G4's 4/20 Celebration of all things 420 or whatever it's called, where you'll see 420-themed specials from Attack of the Show!, X-Play and Web Soup, the also-squeezably-cute Doug Benson in Super High Me and The High Road, plus more movies and fun and gigglesnorts and whatnot. Don't forget to spark up your twitterbowl and follow along with us too.

Get G4's full 4/20 rundown at the G420 crashpad.

Bonus tracks! If you missed Garfunkel & Oates sing "Weed Card" LIVE on Attack of the Show...
no you didn't:

Garfunkel & Oates LIVE on AOTS »

Morgan Spurlock Talks The Great Movie Ever Sold on AOTS Tonight

Tonight on Attack of the Show, Morgan Spurlock drops by to talk about his new documentary, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold about the role of product placement and advertising in the film industry. X-Play's Morgan Webb also takes a Game Break to talk about the highly anticipated Portal 2 and lets us know if the game is worth all the hype. We cover the coolest sneakers for 420 and more! See you tonight at 7PM.

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Ooohhh! It's April 19th! You know what that means? It's 4/20 Eve!

Hopefully, you've got your shopping done, and you didn't leave all of your gift-giving until the last moment. We're giving you the gift of remembrance today, with a classic 420 video featuring the immortal B-Real of Cypress Hill, from our gone-but-not-forgotten and dearly-missed web franchise Freestyle 101.

See what happened when we put B-Real in the studio and let the beats loose.

Freestyle 101: B-Real »

All 420, All Day Tomorrow! Your 4/20 TV checklist is in the basement.

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Hey, everyone! It's green week here at G4, and what better thing to happen in the middle of that week than our annual 420 celebration? Nothing, that's what better. To get you good and primed for all of our high class action, we wanted to roll out a couple of G420 Classics, just to get you in the mood.

So, remember that time that Doug Benson gave us his own version of Gadget Pr0n, taking us through a Hollywood smoke shop and showing us how it all worked? No? Don't worry. We've got a cure for your short-term memory loss. It's a video of the event!

Affix your eyeblobs to this:

AOTS 420: Gadget Pr0n: Pipes and Vaporizers »

Here's our G420 TV Schedule for 4/20.  Be gentle on the lightswitch, kthx.


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Back in 2007, on a trip to Amsterdam, we discovered the Electric Lady Art Gallery, which is the kind of museum you'd want to hang in while celebrating 420. Seriously, this stuff is trippy and cool.

But don't take my word for it. Check it out yourself.


Amsterdam: Electric Lady Art Gallery »

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AOTS 420 Classic: AppleBong

Posted April 21, 2010 - By Mike D'Alonzo

Always on the forefront of technology, Steve Jobs and the good folks at Apple wanted to help maximize your smoking experience, so, back in 2009, they developed the AppleBong, which uses technology to help you reach your maximum pot-ential.

Enjoy the AppleBong video now, and wish for an alternative reality where the AppleBong really exists.


AppleBong »

AOTS 420 Classic: The Pot Man

Posted April 21, 2010 - By Eugene Morton

AOTS 420: The Pot Man »

Some people see strange things when they're smoking, like walking, talking pot men. Weird. Take a look at the video above and tell us if you see him.

LA Dispensary Tour »

A lot of people will be stopping by marijuana dispensaries this 420. For the rest of you, who avoid such places like the plague, yet are kind of curious about what goes on inside of one, we present a video tour of one such establishment.

AOTS 420 Classic: Jamaican Slang

Posted April 20, 2010 - By Eugene Morton

Jamaican Slang »

At G4, we don't suffer posers, so don't go being all poser-like. If you're going to use some Jamaican slang this 420, for goodness sake, know what you're saying! This handy, dandy video guide will help.

The Build a Bong Workshop »

Last year during the 420 special, Kevin Pereira and guest co-host Doug Benson had 30 seconds to create a bong out of a pile of seemingly worthless objects. The question still is, "How did he do that?"

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