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Crack The Spine: Characters We Miss: Milk and CheeseBack in the days when comic books with anthropomorphized characters (or holofoil variant covers) sold like hot cakes, one pair of anthropomorphized miscreants, Milk and Cheese, also known as the "dairy products gone bad," dared to be different, choosing brutality and bitterness over vapidness and mass-marketability.

They were foul-mouthed and violent, everything you'd want in dairy products, but unlike curds and whey, they never sold out, Little Miss Muffet be damned. The question is, where are they now? Yes, they've made a few crossover appearances in other books over the years, like the horror comedy title, Hack/Slash, but that's hardly enough for the diehard fans. It's not like they can expect a movie or cartoon adaptation after all this time (unfortunately, the two never made the jump to other mediums, because their creator, Evan Dorkin has a touch of Alan Moore's Disease, also known as "integrity").

Today, the only place you can find a heaping helping of the dynamic dairy duo is in the back rooms of comic book retailers and your grocer's freezer. Milk, Cheese, I miss you.

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Fresh Ink Online with Milo Ventimiglia »

TV fans know Milo Ventimiglia from Heroes and Gilmore Girls. Movie fans are familiar with him from his work in Rocky Balboa and the upcoming Armored. But the comic book crowd knows him one of the men behind the awesome Berserker and a co-founder of production company Divide Pictures. The man is a multi-tasker, that’s for sure.

So check him out as guest host of this week’s Fresh Ink Online, where he runs down some of his favorite new comics, including Bad Night, Deadpool, The Darkness, Incognito and Batman: Whatever Happened To Bruce Wayne?

He also gives you an exclusive look at the sketches for the upcoming issue Berserker, and makes a special announcement regarding the new home for his much talked about comic Rest that will have fans in a tizzy. Enjoy!

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Crack The Spine: 'Super Human Resources' #1Have you ever had a bad first day at a new job? What happened? Did you piss off your boss, maybe spill coffee on your shirt or make an idiot of yourself in a big department meeting? Whatever it was, it probably wasn't as bad as Tim's first day at Super Crisis International. As you might imagine, being an employee, especially the new human resources temp at a company that financially supports and arms super heroes, might be a bit dangerous, and as TIm discovers, it's a lot dangerous.

Murderous ninjas, brain eating zombies, drug dealing swamp creatures, perverted deities and flaming hot (literally) vixens are just a few of the hazards he has to overcome as he orientates himself to his new place of employment and he deals with them like any normal guy would, by completely freaking out. In panel after panel, this regular guy comes face to face with the stuff of legend and the things that nightmares are made of. Fish out of water hardly describes it, but you can definitely describe it as funny.

Super Human Resources is like a Saturday morning cartoon for working adults. If you've ever gone in to work petrified of dealing with the monotony of another day in the office, you'll like it because it's a nice slice of escapism and if your office life is crazy and fast paced you'll find it fun and relatable, despite its super heroic outrageousness. Pick up a copy and write it off on next year's taxes as a work expense.

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Fresh Ink Online: Ex-Machina, Viking, Kick Ass »

Host Blair Butler dissects the latest and greatest comics on the racks, including Batman Detective Comics, Star Wars Dark Times, The Immortal Iron Fist, No Hero, Messiah War: X-Force, and the debut of Viking. And who on earth spoiled the outcome of Kick Ass #6 for good ol’ Blair? Well, you’ll find out but let’s just say this… thanks a lot Hollywood!!! Check us on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.

Captain America Comics #1Captain America is an icon in the Marvel universe and is respected by everyone from heroes like Iron Man to villains like Doctor Doom, but he wasn't always so prolific. At the outset of World War II, the man that would become the legend, Steve Rogers was a scrawny weakling, unfit to serve in the army. Was it the Super Soldier Serum alone that transformed the puny reject into the legendary figure? Not according to writer, James Robinson.

Captain America Comics #1 retells part of the origin of the classic hero, not by retconning the work done by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby back in 1941, but by padding that continuity with an untold tale of the red, white and blue Avenger. With fresh eyes, we are shown why Rogers  was always destined to cary the big shield. In this one shot, fate grabs the dejected young man and throws him into the middle of a conflict with Nazi spies on the streets and railways of Brooklyn, New York. With a wink and a nod to the Nazi ass kicking he would do later, a powerless Rogers uses his wits and his courage to outfox and defeat his Nazis opponents, thereby keeping the Super Soldier Serum (which would eventually transform him into the ultimate warrior) safe in American hands.

Although, a fully powered Cap adorns the cover, the entire issue is dedicated to Steve Rogers, the ordinary patriot and less-than-average Joe with the courage to stand up to evil without question or pause. What better tribute is there to the legacy of the hero who has passed on in body, but remains in spirit? Do your patriotic duty and buy a copy.

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420: Fresh Ink Online with Doug Benson »

Well, if you haven’t figured it out yet, pot-lovin’ comedian Doug Benson has pretty much hijacked the whole dang network this afternoon. Today being 420, of course! So it’s no surprise the Super High Me star managed to crash Fresh Ink Online as well, and cause a little mayhem and chaos along the way. And if you didn’t know Doug loved comics…well, neither did he.

Tune in tonight at 10PM PT for the television premiere of Super High Me AND follow our @G420 twitter feed live as we bring you realtime commentary from Doug and our crack G420 staff throughout the movie. It'll be awesome, or something.


Image Comics

Attention, comics enthusiasts and Blair Butler fans...!

Exclusive Announcement from IMAGE COMICS on Attack of the Show!

TONIGHT, Tuesday, April 14 at 7PM ET/PT, only on G4

Join Fresh Ink's Comic Book Geek Blair Butler as she presents an Exclusive Announcement from Image Comics and an exclusive first-look at cover art and sketchbook images from an upcoming issue of one of Image's most popular series.


...I don't even know what it will be, but you're welcome to abuse our comment system with speculation.

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Crack The Spine: 'Batman: Battle For The Cowl: Man Bat' #1If you know anything about human psychology, or have at least watched a few episodes of Celebrity Rehab, then you know that nothing makes addicts use like traumatic and difficult circumstances. That's too bad for Kirk Langstrom, because his life has been one big, traumatic circumstance. First, he invented the addictive serum which transformed him into a giant bat. Then, he got his ass kicked by Batman on multiple occasions. Finally, he nearly lost his wife to the insanity which had enveloped his life for years. 

The story of Manbat has always been used as a vehicle to talk about the nature of addiction and that sad study continues in the Manbat one shot from D.C. As Gotham City titers on the brink, overrun by villains (who have no Batman to keep them in check), one of Arkhum Assylum's worst, Doctor Phosphorus deals a blow to Langstrom (who has been trying to save his sanity, his humanity and his marriage by resisting the transformative serum) by kidnapping his wife, all in the hope of drawing the creature out of the troubled man.

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Fresh Ink Online: Wolverine, She-Hulk, The Sword »

After a week long hiatus, host Blair Butler is back… and with double the amount of comics to cover! Yee haw! Among the highlights are The Sword, Destroyer, Batman: Battle for the Cowl, Daredevil Noir, and much more. Plus, you get a gaggle of Hulk and Wolverine-related comics this week: Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk and All New Savage She-Hulk, plus Wolverine Weapon X! So sink your claws into that!

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A Very Special Crack The Spine: 'Batman: Black And White' Statues

Batman might no longer be with us, but he lives on in the Batman: Black and White series of statues from D.C. Comics. The statues are exact, three dimensional representations of art created by some of the biggest names in the industry such as Eduardo Risso, Jim Lee, Jim Aparo, Alex Ross, Joe Kubert, Mike Mignola, Simon Bisley and more. Look for these stunning, limited pieces at your favorite comic book retailer and take The Dark Knight or one his rogues gallery home to your batcave.

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