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Tonight On AOTS: Lance Reddick Talks Dr0ne & More Fun At OFASTS!

Attack of the Show continues tonight with special guest co-host Mo Mandel and Candace Bailey where they sit down with Lance Reddick live in studio to talk about his new web series, Dr0ne, and the latest with Fringe. We also catch up with Weston Scott at OFASTS as he tests out even crazier weapons on Nazi zombie targets. DVDuesday return with Chris Gore's reviews on Casa De Mi Padre and The Three Stooges. Tune in tonight 7/6c!

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Sure, as the big doberman demonstrates multiple times in this video, it could easily swallow this kitten whole and leave room for Milk Bones.

However, the dastardly kitten has a diplomatic immunity of cuteness that even the snarling savage beast cannot do anything but acknowledge, even as it gets slapped and teabagged.


Fresh Ink Online: Tiffany Smith Reviews Dracula »

Yes, it’s graphic novel roundup time again, kids. Returning guest Tiffany Smith joins host Blair Butler for reviews of Fatale, The Left Bank Gang, Pride of Baghdad, Johnny Wander, Dracula, Batman Earth One, Tanpopo and The Comic Book History of Comics.

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And for more comic goodness, don’t forget to visit our friends at Comic Alliance or get your free digi-version of the latest Fatale from Graphicly.com via the link below.


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It looks like the recent viral hit of a guy having a conversation with his 12 year-old self wasn't the only one out there to use video recorded for posterity for a bit of time-bending self-dialogue.

Darth Vader has apparently done the same thing at the beginning of his Jedi training, still in his annoying, "Little Ani" phase, and hanging around with the likes of Jar-Jar Binks.

While just about anyone would probably be induced to a few facepalms by some of the things that your younger self was into, Vader has a little more on his plate than most people when it comes to the "embarrassing pasts" department.

This brilliantly-done parody also includes a cameo from the original video's star, Jeremiah McDonald.

Just as with the guy who had a conversation with his 12-year-old self, the latest trend in viral videos seem to involve interactions with yourself over the course of years. (Not to give porn any ideas.)

This one, however, is more of a timeline in this girl's life, as she lip-syncs the same Aaron Carter song from ages 17, 20, and 23, becoming a proverbial one-girl party across the space-time continuum.

Now, all she needs is one more frame at age 26 to do a proper homage to the 2000 movie, Timecode.

Public Access Yoga

Posted July 10, 2012 - By Moye Ishimoto

Contrary to popular belief, yoga isn't always a relaxing exercise full of breathing techniques and stretches.

For more viral videos, watch Around the Net on Attack of the Show every weeknight at 7/6c!

Awkward Game Show Moment

Posted July 9, 2012 - By Moye Ishimoto

And the most unintentionally awkward moment in a game show goes to....

For more viral videos, watch Around the Net on Attack of the Show every weeknight at 7/6c!

Robocop Remake Releases Viral Teaser

The upcoming remake of Robocop just released its first bit of teaser footage in the form of a viral video spotlighting the robotic military hardware of OmniCorp.

The video introduces us to a futuristic world where corporate-owned flying drones patrol cities, and the iconic walking tank-killer, ED-209 walks the streets. However, we are given some brief glimpses of a new streamlined (and CGI) Robocop, introduced as the RC-2000, "where human resources meets robotic engineering."

Thank yourself for your cooperation and check it out below!

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What does Chris Hardwick do when he's not co-hosting Attack of the Show? A lot of things but one time, he went to Industrial Light & Magic to learn about the Course of the Force charity, where one lightsaber will make its way down from the Santa Monica pier to Comic-Con in San Diego.

Except there's one problem. They forgot the lightsaber! Check out the video to find out what happened.

Tonight On AOTS: Seth Green Talks Comic-Con & Acer Iconia Tab A700 Review

Tonight 7/6c, Attack of the Show returns with Paul Scheer, Candace Bailey and Seth Green live in studio! The actor-writer-producer will be here to talk about the latest news on Robot Chicken and his plans for the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con. Matt Mira also reviews the Acer Iconia Tab A700 on Gadget Pr0n and Jessica Chobot sits down with the cast of Savages. Plus, Candace takes us behind the scenes of her new video game, Sudden Attack. Check out the trailer below.

Sudden Attack "Save Candace Bailey" Trailer »

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