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Hey, remember when we reported that rappin’ teen Lil’ Bow Wow released challenged gangsta rapper The Game to a Madden NFL 09 (EA Sports, multi-platform) contest for a $100,000 prize?

Well, it’s happening!

The Game has accepted the dare, and the hip hoppin’ duo will go head-to-head in New York, to be streamed on KonsoleKingz.com sometimes next week at a private location in New York City. Dubbed Versus: The Celebrity Game Battle, Bow Wow vs. The Game will serve as the inaugural celebrity battle of many that are planned by Konsole Kingz.

“Konsole Kingz has covered Hip-Hop gaming for over three years,” Konsole Kingz CEO CJ Peters told AllHipHop.com. “The Game-Bow Wow challenge has shown the world the power and popularity of gaming in the Hip-Hop community. Our goal is to work with our partners and bring the fans of Hip-Hop a fresh new look at their favorite artists.”

Meanwhile, The Game was not so…er, eloquent in his words to his new foe in his latest Youtube video message regarding the face-off:

“Yeah, little ni**a, I’m back muthaf***a. You know what it is ni**a, Madden king 2008 and it ain’t a f**kin’ game, man. I ain’t playin’ with Lil’ Bow Wow. I’m a kick his little muthf***in’ ass. I’ma get his ass like his mama do. And not only am I gonna beat his ass… I’ma call your mama and get some tips on how to whup yo’ ass, ni**a.”

He then proceeds to call Bow Wow’s mother….but alas, she is not home…

Freestyle 101: Sticky Fingaz (Onyx)

Posted August 26, 2008 - By Frank Meyer

Freestyle 101: Sticky Fingaz (Onyx) »

Sticky Fingaz and his group Onyx changed hip hop forever when they released “Slam,” one of the first legit heavy metal-rap collaborations, off their debut album 1993’s Bacdafucup. Sure, Run-DMC and Aerosmith had walked this way, and Ice-T had introduced Body Count, but Onyx was taking hip hop in a hardcore direction it had never gone before. While others were chanting “throw your hands in the air,” Onyx was demanding the crowd “Throw Ya Gunz.” And their crowd wasn’t your average backpacker either. Onyx attracted a rougher, tougher audience, filled with headbangers, moshers, slam dancers and rowdy behavior closer to what you’d think of a punk show. The 1995 followup, All We Got Iz Us, didn’t fare we well at the time, but has since become a classic, with “Last Dayz” and the title track featured on many soundtracks, including prominent play in 8 Mile.

Of course, sci-fi fans know Sticky Fingaz when he played Blade on the TV version of the movie franchise. He also has been seen many times on The Shield as reoccurring character Kern Little, and has appeared in films like In Too Deep, Dead Presidents, Clockers, House of the Dead 2, Ride or Die, and many others. And as he confesses in his interview here, he’s a huge comic book fans and lover of all things X-Men and Marvel (no DC here, people!). And check his killer freestyle, recorded over a slinky Lord G beat at The Engine Room in Hollywood.

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What was in the water last week? Not one, not two, but three rock stars got caught on tape falling flat on their asses over the weekend.

First up is JoJo of R&B duo KC and JoJo, who just collapses for unknown reasons midway through their hit “All My Life,” and has to be dragged offstage by roadies:


Then there’s former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach, who eats it during “I Remember You” at about the 1:48 mark:

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AOTS Tuesday, August 19

Posted August 19, 2008 - By Eugene Morton
Today, Chris Gore will review a bevy of B-movies including 'Delicatessen,' 'Postal' and 'Wizard of Gore.'
Japan has got to be one of the weirdest places on the planet and we love that, but when it comes to things like bug battles, yeti hunting, pre-fab Styrofoam houses and video mausoleums, even we have to wonder, what's up with Japan?
Rainn Wilson has punched the clock at the office to go on tour in the rowdy, new Rock n' Roll comedy, 'The Rocker' and Zach Selwyn has joined him back stage to find out all about his latest effort.
Scooter Backflip Fail, Parkour Loser, Car Jump Face Plant.
Layla brings you the latest entertainment, pop culture and tech stories, including news about the 'Watchmen' movie's legal troubles, Tom Cruise and Sam Raimi's adaptation of 'Sleeper,' the expansion of Yahoo! Buzz and more.
Bottle Nut Shot, Macaroni Bath, Crying Kid, Rush Sax, Steven Seagal.
Fox is alleging that Warner never had the rights to shoot the movie in the first place and is suing to prevent the comic epic from hitting theaters. Will the Watchmen ever grace the big screen?

The world's largest record collection is valued at over $50 million and the owner, Paul Mawhinney, is trying to sell it, but no one will make a serious offer near the current $3 million price tag. The collection houses over 3 million records and 300,000 CDs.

You have to watch the incredibly sad and well done docu-short below the cut to fully understand what's going down.

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Our guest blogger, Peter Serafinowicz, is a veteran of the British comedy scene, and the star and creator of  The Peter Serafinowicz Show, G4's latest Duty Free TV hit. 


I'm a big gamer. I have been since I was a kid. I love them. But I'm not really very good at them. For example, while playing COD4 it's not uncommon for me to die by tripping over and falling on my own knife. So it's comforting to see this--the hardest game ever. It's a Japanese hack of Super Mario called Syobon Action or Cat Mario

It's hilarious watching the guy die in so many unfair ways! And the music's cool too! I mean incredibly irritating.


Watch The Peter Serafinowicz Show on Duty Free TV on G4 Fridays at 8:30PM ET.

How hardcore-yet-respectful are AC/DC fans?

Well, a group of lucky attendees to the Aussie rock legend’s new video in London last week got to hear the single "Rock 'N Roll Train" (off the upcoming Black Ice album) for the first time.

Yet rather than recording the audio on their cells and leaking it via Youtube like any other jerk would, they instead recreated the tune via air guitar, hootin’ and hollarin…and uploaded THAT onto the web!

Yes, instead of leaking an unauthorized recording, the fans simply recreated it themselves.

Wow, how….polite!

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Freestyle 101: Kidz in the Hall

Posted August 19, 2008 - By Frank Meyer

Freestyle 101: Kidz In The Hall »

Hip-hop duo Kidz in the Hall are blowin’ up big time thanks to their sophomore album The In Crowd and the hit single “Drivin' Down the Block.” Yeah, sure TRL has been bumpin’ their videos, but it’s the hard work of rapper Naledge and DJ Double-0 that has truly put them in the spotlight, with non-stop touring and scene stealing slots on the Paid Dues and Rock The Bells festivals.

Kidz In The Hall got their big break when Double-0 made a connection with Just Blaze, who oversaw their Rawkus 2006 debut School Was My Hustle. But it was signing to legendary underground label Duck Down, home of Boot Camp Clik (Heltah Skeltah, Black Moon, Buckshot, etc.) that truly put them on the map. The In Crowd is the pair’s Duck Down debut, and marks a big improvement for the Kidz and their artsy, hipster style is quite a departure form the gun-clappin’ street raps of most Duck Down artists.

So Freestyle 101 was excited to get the dynamic duo in the booth at The Engine Room in Hollywood to bust one off the dome over a fierce R.N.S. beat. And only a few days after the Double-0 took a much-seen beating at an Arizona club from overzealous security. But despite the large black eye underneath his glasses, the kid was in a great mood and had much to say about growing up with hip hop on the east coast. Meanwhile, Naledge kicked an impromptu rhyme that included references to the Nintendo Wii, NBA Live, Streets of Rage, Street Fighter, Speed Racer, and watching the Travel Channel on his plasma. Nice.

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AOTS Monday, August 18

Posted August 18, 2008 - By Eugene Morton
Get an early glimpse at in-development weapons which will ensure that our men and women in uniform will be able to fight foreign threats while miles away from the battlefield.
If you're looking to capture and share your precious memories (or stupid escapades), then you might want to invest in today's items, which include the Aiptek A-HD+ High Definition Camcorder and the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H10 Digital Camera.
Resident Evil...
Olympus is known for making quality cameras, but how does the Olympus E-520 DSLR stack up against the multitude of pro-summer cameras available on the market? FInd out on today's Gadget Pr0n.
Special guests, hot movie coverage, on-location shoots and everything else that only a show like Attack of the Show can show.
The environment is important, but not as important as looking cool. Alison Haislip managed to do both when she burned rubber in the new Tesla Roadster, a 100% electric sports car.
Internet Radio it seems is facing hard times. Even the popular internet radio site, Pandora is supposedly in trouble. Is the end of web radio near? Kevin talks with Matt Buchanan, Associate Editor of Gizmodo for answers.
Attack Of The Show knows what you like, what makes you laugh, and has an exhaustive list of your private information that includes your PIN numbers.
The bobcats are primed and ready to represent their species in one of the most challenging competitions of the entire Taxidermy Olympics, the pole vault.
Layla Kayleigh reports on the latest news you need to know including stories about the woes of web radio giant, Pandora, Google's advocacy of free Wi-Fi, The box office triumph of 'Tropic Thunder,' and AC/DC's exclusive deal with Wal-Mart.
Two Backflips, Ghetto Ice Cream, Star Wars SF, Manson Scatman, Cash for Gold.
Kevin enjoys a nice, frosty scoop of his favorite ice cream flavor, one created especially for him by Olivia.
The AOTS staff celebrates Charles Manson's early work as an early 90s pop sensation.

The fine, very handsome folks at Telltale Games were kind enough to send us the first installment of a behind-the-scenes look at the making of their recently released Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People. The first episode -- "Homestar Ruiner" -- is available now for PC (via download here) and on WiiWare.

If you're not in-the-know, Strong Bad is the breakout star of "Homestar Runner" the internet's funniest flash cartoon series.

This video is completely exclusive to G4tv.com, so feel special (we certainly do), and feel free to share it with all of your friends.

Strong Bad in 'Behind The Bad' Episode 1 »

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