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Comedy giant Jerry Seinfeld has come out of his retirement from television.

No, it’s not via a Seinfeld reunion or new sitcom. It’s to star in a Microsoft ad with Bill Gates.

During NBC's NFL broadcast Thursday night of the Giants v. the Redskins game, the new ad debuted, kicking off Microsoft’s new $300 million marketing campaign.

Best part? Jerry only charged them about $10 million to do the spot. Isn’t that sweet of him?


Kid Rickrolls School

Posted September 5, 2008 - By Frank Meyer

A kid with the handle Cactaw posted a video on Youtube showing how he Rickrolled his entire school!

His words: “I submitted Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ as the school bell tune, and it was accepted. I Rickrolled my school community 10 times in a 6-hour school day.”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why the Internet is such a delight! Back in the day, if you pulled a prank like this, only you and your schoolmates would know about it unless you got arrested or something. But now, in the age of the ‘Net, the whole world gets to watch your genius.

Thank you, Internet.

Thank you.

Freestyle 101 New Artist Month: Custom Made »


September '08 is New Artist Month on Freestyle 101 and who better to kick it off than Los Angeles-based spitters Custom Made.

Founded in 2002 while still in high school, Custom Made started as a crew of MCs before settling on a three-piece lineup of rappers Element and Bluff, and DJ Scoobs, who can be heard on their highly-anticipated sophomore release, Original Dynasty. After a steady stream of underground mixtapes, including the awesome Street Cinema series, Custom Made signed with ultra-hip indie Babygrande in 2006, who issued Sidewalk Mindtalk: The Best of the Custom Made Mixtapes that same year. The group’s official Babygrande debut, Original Dynasty, hit the streets earlier this summer, following the digi-only EP Truth Be Told.

Freestyle 101 was stoked to get this trio of fire breathing MCs in the booth at the Engine Room in Hollywood over a sick R.N.S. beat, and chatted with them in the parking lot about the current state of the L.A. underground.

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MC Hammer Supports...Web Analytics?

Posted August 29, 2008 - By Frank Meyer


Rapper MC Hammer, he of ‘80s smash hit “You Can’t Touch This,” recently professed his love for web analytics and targeted marketing during a recent AlwaysOn conference at Stanford

The former Surreal Life star breaks down the system: "Analytics, at the end of the day, is going to be the endgame."

He’s right, ya know…and he can dance in crazy pants! It's Hammer Time!


Tech News Countdown: August 29, 2008

Posted August 29, 2008 - By bleahy

Welcome to the Tech News Countdown, hosted by Alison Haislip. Every Friday, Alison brings you the top 5 tech stories of the week so be sure to watch the show. Otherwise, she'll be sad and you don't want that, do you?

This week Alison brings you the latest on the Department of Homeland Security's phone troubles, an update on Diebold's electronic voting issues, World of Warcraft gamers getting some exercise, a bizarre turn at an internet safety lecture, and an online beauty pageant for nuns.

Here now, is the Tech News Countdown.

Tech News Countdown: August 29, 2008 »

Give it a watch and tell us what you think in the comments section. You can also cast your opinion in the Tech News Countdown forum.

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Original founder and inspiration of Nerdcore hip hop, the great Kool Keith, has killed off his most recognized rap alias, Dr. Octagon, in a gory new video.

Marking the return of another one of his aliases, Dr. Dooom, Keith stars in a gory new Grindhouse-inspired video courtesy of Threshold Recordings, the label founded by his DJ and producer Kutmaster Kurt.

Watch the video above, but be prepared, it’s not for those who fear blood!

And stay tuned for Kool Keith on G4’s multi-platform hip hop series Freestyle 101

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Nugget From The Net

Posted August 29, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

Please enjoy the below video of The Mythbusters painting The Mona Lisa with hundreds of Paintball guns.



In an interview with Fresh Ink’s Blair Butler, comic book author Mark Millar said he’d like to make a trilogy of films for a re-booted Superman series, and it might happen. Millar's vision for a new Superman:

"I've had this plan for like 10 years for a big three-picture Superman thing, like a Lord of the Rings epic, starting over from scratch again with a seven-hour Superman story. One to be released each year." Millar said.

Millar says there's nothing firm yet,  but he hopes to get word over the next few weeks. If everything goes perfectly, they'll be shooting next summer. Check it out below:

Mark Millar Interview: War Heroes, Kick Ass, and Superman »


Nerdcore: MC Lars »

The third in G4tv’s Freestyle 101-inspired Nerdocre TV spots begins airing this week. Hot on the heels of ads featuring MC Frontalot and YTCracker, this one stars the great MC Lars, the self-proclaimed originator of "post-punk laptop rap." He has collaborated with many different artists, including Ill Bill and MC Chris, and was one of the first underground rappers to sample and reference post-punk and emo bands.

Next up in the TV commercials is the overlord of Nerdcore, Del the Funky Homosapien. Stay tuned…

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Much to the chagrin of prog rock fans and stoners everywhere, the Rock Band edition of Rush’s classic album Moving Pictures has been delayed due to technical difficulties, according to a post in the Rockband.com Forums.

Bummer. No exact release date yet so stay tuned for more info…

As you know, the tracks (all masters) are:

"Tom Sawyer"
"Red Barchetta"
"The Camera Eye"
"Witch Hunt"
"Vital Signs" 

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