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Fresh Ink Online: Hero Comics, Iron Man, Greek Street »

Finally fully recuperated from the wild week of Comic-Con, Blair Butler reviews this week’s comics (despite a shipping problem on the west coast that prevented her from getting all the new ones), including Hero Comics, The Invincible Iron Man, Jonah Hex, Captain America Reborn, Justice League: City For Justice, and Secret Six. She also manages to squeeze in Greek Street, Doom PatrolIrredeemable, Hangman and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Whew! Which one made Pick of the Week, you wonder? Tune in and find out…

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Fresh Ink Online: Marc Guggenheim Comic-Con '09 Interview »

Writer Marc Guggenheim chats with Fresh Ink Online host Blair Butler about his work on Resurrection in this special  interview at Comic-Con 09. 

Is a film version of Resurrection in the works? Tune in and find out!

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host Blair Butler takes you on a floor tour of Comic-Con 09.

From the wild masks and models at the Prop Store of London, to the art of DC Direct, to the comicy wonders of Artists Alley, Blair leaves no stone unturned!

Fresh Ink Online: Comic-Con 09 Floor Tour »

Fresh Ink Online

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Fresh Ink Online: Batwoman, Northlanders, Phonogram »

Still recouping from Comic-Con madness, host Blair Butler blasts through two weeks worth of comics in one action-packed edition of Fresh Ink Online. You get reviews of X-Force, Fantastic 4, Blackest Night: Green Lantern, Invincible, Phonogram: The Singles Club, and the debut of Immortal Weapons. And will Batwoman’s Detective Comics or Northlanders take Pick of the Week? Tune in and find out…

Make sure to come back this Monday, August 3 to watch Blair’s blitzkrieg tour of the Comic-Con ’09 floor, including stops at DC, Artists Alley, The Prop Store of London and more.

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Yesterday, Chris Gore reviewed Green Lantern: First Flight on DVDuesday and all of the nerds in the office waited with bated breath for his verdict (especially because of the upcoming Green Lantern movie and current Blackest Night story line making waves in the comic book). It was as if the film was setting the bar for all animated direct-to-DVD adaptions to follow. Quite the contrary. It's just the most recent in a long line of incredible comic book themed, animated DVDs. Here is a list of the top five such films currently available on DVD and Blu-ray.

JLA AnimatedJustice League: The New Frontier - Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and now the Green Lantern have all starred in their own animated films, but this is the only film that brings them, and a legion of D.C. Comics heroes, together in one place. There are more heroes featured in it than were probably ever featured in the animated Justice League series and yet, the film still manages to give each character their due, especially the big leaguers, and tell a cohesive, compelling story in seventy five minutes. Plus, the 50s, retro art style is damn beautiful.

Todd McFarlane's Spawn: Animated Collection - Thankfully, when Todd McFarlane decided to bring his comic book icon to the small screen he chose to do it on HBO, which totally allowed him the freedom to include blood, nudity and lots of violence. Appropriately dark, the series refused to pull any punches, making it exactly what an animated adaptation of an adult book about selling one's soul to the devil should be, awesome. The DVD collection of the series is somehow even more awesome.

Hulk Vs. - This DVD contains two entirely different short films, one focussing on Hulk's first encounter with Wolverine in the wilds of Canada and the other on an epic battle between the Hulk and the thunder god, Thor in Asgard. Amazingly, the movies feature appearances by a large number of staple characters such as Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike, Omega Red, Deadpool, Loki and Baulder. The animation is crisp, the voice acting is top notch and you can't beat getting two movies for the price of one.

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Comic-Con, the biggest nerd gathering anywhere, has come yet again. While celebrities and geeks alike sweat it out on the show floor in San Diego, we that remain at the air conditioned offices at G4 have compiled a list of our very favorite comic book series of all time. If you're reading this while at Comic-Con then let this be a guide for which trade paperbacks you should spend your greenbacks on. The rest of you can just storm your local shops.

Scott Pilgrim ComicScott Pilgrim - My top comic book series would have to be Brian Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim. I love his art that combines manga, videogame humor and indie music—enough that I even nerded out when he had a signing at Meltdown Comics last year. Plus, fans like me get a feature movie from Edgar Wright starring Michael Cera! - Moye Ishimoto

Beavis & Butthead - I'm going for the random choice and proclaiming that Beavis & Butthead was my favorite comic book series. First of all, we had every single issue, as well as all the collectible cards. Second, the comics belonged to my older brother, and that alone made them cooler than anything else. Of course, I also loved them because they were crude and I wasn't supposed to be reading them which, again, was a coolness factor overload. - Megan Turney

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Fresh Ink Online With Murs

Posted July 24, 2009 - By Frank Meyer


Fresh Ink Online With Murs »

Anyone familiar with hip hop’s Murs knows he loves comic books. He raps about ‘em, he chats about ‘em, and he freestyles about ‘em (just check his Freestyle 101). Now he gets a chance to review ‘em as he fills in for his favorite host, the great Blair Butler, on Fresh Ink Online as she darts down to San Diego for Comic-Con. In fact, by the time you read this, Murs will have joined her at the famed comic book convention, but not before chatting about some of his favorite comics, including X-Factor, Queen and Country, DMZ, Black Lightning, Scott Pilgrim, Wolverine: Old Man Logan, Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova and Red Robin.

Plus, make sure to listen carefully for Murs’ controversial stand on one of the top writers in comics today. Is there a rap-comic beef a-brewin’? Will caps get peeled? Likely not, but it sure is fun to imagine such a thing, ain’t it?

Yes, you’ll soon see this crazy-haired rapper knows his stuff and you can quiz him on his comic book knowledge on this summer’s Rock The Bells tour, where he’ll be serving as an MC…and likely serving some MCs with his deadly rhyme skills.

Check out Murs at www.mursmusic.com and get Rock The Bells tour dates at www.rockthebells.com.

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Check out Murs on Freestyle 101 after the jump…

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Crack The Spine: The Boys Volume 4The Boys is the book I use to convert people who don't read comics. Still, it's not for everyone. Comic books have gotten increasingly more graphic, sexual and violent over the years, even the mainstream ones, and thank goodness, because comics without violence, sex and adult themes are more boring than reruns of Mama's Family. However, even if you're into all of that stuff, Garth Ennis and his wonderfully lude characters will somehow find a way to push your buttons. That's part of the book's charm, but the easily offended, and even those who are almost never offended, will be stunned by some of the stuff that Dynamite Entertainment lets Ennis get away with. Thank god for Dynamite Entertainment's big brass ones and thank Garth Ennis and artist Darick Robertson for the incredible series that is The Boys.

For the unfamiliar, the world of The Boys is one in which super powered beings, backed by the seedy, all powerful corporation, Vaught American, are worshiped by the public for being saviors, but are secretly licentious, self-centered, greedy corporate shills who often allow their big appetites and callousness to endanger and destroy the lives of the innocent people they claim to protect. When that happens a group of five government-backed enforcers known as The Boys expose, punish and oft times butcher the wayward capes.

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Fresh Ink Online: Incognito, Punisher, Asterios Polyp »

Fresh Ink Online host Blair Butler rockets through a slew of brand new comics, including Incognito, Punisher, The Killer, Blackest Night, and Beta Ray Bill. And does hard cover graphic novel Asterios Polyp count as a comic book? Tune in and find out…

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Fresh Ink Online: Green Lantern, Batman, Wednesday Comics »

Blair Butler goes big this week with the very big debut edition of DC’s Wednesday Comics. Plus, dig new issues of Green Lantern, Batman, No Hero, Existence 2.0, North 40, Batman and Robin, I Am Legion, and B.P.R.D 1947. Wow! That’s a lot of comics! Enjoy!

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