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The Avengers Release First Official Set Photo

The Avengers has begun filming this week!

It's certainly not breaking news, especially with director Joss Whedon's motivational post, or the web presence of sporadic leaked pics from the superhero mega-film's shoot from widespread across the United States. However, to (officially) help kick-off this production of all productions, Marvel has (officially) released the first set photo.

While it's certainly not a hugely revealing look, it manages to speak volumes about where we're headed in this surreal, unprecedented big-screen team up of Marvel Comics' legends.

The Avengers will hit theaters on May 4, 2012.

Source: Marvel

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The Hobbit Loses One Of Its Dwarves

The Hobbit has lost one of its dwarves. Rob Kazinsky, who was set to play dwarf, Fili, has dropped out of the film for unspecified personal reasons. (Which he later revealed to be health-related.)

Kazinsky's departure leaves a vacancy for the potentially critical role, which would have Fili playing opposite of brother Kili (Aidan Turner) as the fun-loving nephews of head dwarf Thorin (Richard Armitage) who also happen to be the youngest in the group of dwarves who will accompany Martin Freeman's Bilbo Baggins. The chemistry between the brethren duo would likely shape-up in a fashion similar to Hobbits, Merry and Pippin in The Lord of the Rings films. Thus, the search for a replacement, should require some extensive screen testing.

However, director Peter Jackson would go out of his way to assure fans that this cast exit was not symptomatic of yet another obstacle to hit this delay-plagued production.

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Portal 2's Three Turret Moon T-Shit

Words cannot describe this Three Turrent Moon T-shirt design available at Valve for Portal 2 fans.


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If Logos Were More Honest...

Posted April 21, 2011 - By Moye Ishimoto

If Logos Were More Honest...

What if company logos revealed what their product was actually about? Check out some more after the jump.

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Morgan Spurlock Talks The Great Movie Ever Sold on AOTS Tonight

Tonight on Attack of the Show, Morgan Spurlock drops by to talk about his new documentary, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold about the role of product placement and advertising in the film industry. X-Play's Morgan Webb also takes a Game Break to talk about the highly anticipated Portal 2 and lets us know if the game is worth all the hype. We cover the coolest sneakers for 420 and more! See you tonight at 7PM.

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You begin to realize after about 40 seconds of wacky dancing (and what I can only guess was rapping), full of all the bells and whistles, that the actual product itself looks like something found in cat litter.

....Whatever. Shake it, baby!

The Hobbit: First Video Diary Full Of Behind-The-Scenes Goodness

The Hobbit director Peter Jackson has just released the first of what will be many video diaries for the next few years, as production gets underway on one of the most anticipated films of all time. All we can say, is that this look behind-the-scenes holds little back.

Jackson plays the proverbial Willy Wonka, taking us on a tour of some familiar and new sets. Our view of the process gets surprisingly candid, as we witness stars Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen and the entire cast getting together in the Bag End set for pre-shoot run-throughs, and even a sneak peek at some of the costumes and props. 

Oh, did we mention that you get to see the intricate passageways in the Misty Mountains leading to Gollum's cave? Yeah.

It's enough to give any fanboy a quick jolt of adrenaline. Take a look at the vid below.

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Batman Live Stage Show Unveils Cast Photos

Cast photos for Batman Live, a touring stage show featuring the caped crusader and his vast array of nemeses have hit.

It was announced last Fall that Batman would be following the cursed, injury-laden path of Spider-Man's Broadway career by putting on live shows. However, unlike the luck-deprived Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, this show will have the additional burden of a touring across the UK throughout this summer and then across North America in Summer 2012. (What could possibly go wrong?)

Based off the descriptions, it seems to have plans that are at least as ambitious as the aforementioned Wall-Crawler's Tony-repellent. However, based on the photos we're seeing, it's content of camp (while seemingly present,) is nowhere near that level.

Check out the rest of the pics just below.

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Pedo & Cocaine Bear Shaped USB Hand Warmer

What happens when you come across an adorable bear shaped USB hand warmer mouse pad that will keep your hand nice and toasty on those dark, cold nights in front of the computer?

We make our own versions of them.

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The Hobbit: Gollum Andy Serkis Gets Behind The Camera

When Andy Serkis reprises his role of Gollum in the two parts of The Hobbit, it appears that his responsibilities on the set will be expanded. This time, he'll be referring to the camera as his "precious" when he serves as a second unit director under Peter Jackson.

While known primarily for his work in a motion capture suit in The Lord of the Rings, King Kong, and the upcoming Rise of the Apes, Serkis is also taking the plunge in the director's chair on Freezing Time, a biopic of a turn-of-the-century era photographer and murderer. The actor/director's history with Peter Jackson on the Rings films has therefore created a sense of trust that he can properly present what he refers to as Jackson's "sensibility" and "work ethic."

However, as a newly-burgeoning director, Serkis admits that there will be a bit of a learning curve with not only this task on the ungodly huge production, but with the new aspect of 3D filming.

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