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Nokia N900 Tablet on Today's Gadget Pr0n

Between the iPhone and Droid rivalry, there's the Nokia 900. It's bigger than most smartphones but offers a 3.5 touch screen, a full QWERTY keyboard, a 5 mega pixel camera and 32 gigs of storage. Take that, naysayers! Chris Hardwick and Alison& Haislip review the N900 on today's Gadget Pr0n, so tune in at 7p to find out if this is worth the $465 price tag. How many seals of approval would you give this device? 

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Rock Out with the Optek Fretlight Guitar

Oooh, shiny. Meet the Optek Fretlight guitar, a fancy instrument that features LED lights along its neck to show n00bs like me how to properly play. It's like Rock Band but with a real guitar that doesn't have clicky plastic buttons. Plus, it lights up!!!

Is this $300 guitar perfect for beginners looking to move from gaming to music? Chris Hardwick and Kevin Pereira will review the Fretlight on Gadget Pron for today's Attack of the Show episode.  Find out how many Seals of Approval they give this instrument, and also tune in for Alice Eve who stops by to talk about her new comedy, She's Out of My League. It all happens live tonight at 7:00pm.

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Canon HF S11 Camcorder on Today's Gadget Pr0n

Our Gadget Pr0n quest to find the perfect HD camcorder continues today with Chris Hardwick and Kevin Pereira reviewing the Canon HF S11. This camcorder offers both high quality image processing and 64 gigs of storage space to create the ideal filming experience...Or does it? *cue dramatic music*

Tune in to find out how many Seals of Approval they give this gadget on Attack of the Show, which airs live  tonight at 7:00pm.

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AOTS Unveils The Losers Trailer

Attack of the Show will be giving you a first look at the new trailer for The Losers, based on the acclaimed Vertigo comic series by Andy Diggle. The film, starring Zoe Saldana and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, follows a group of former special ops agents seeking revenge against their handler and the CIA.

We love it when comic books hit the big screen, so don't miss out on this sneak peek trailer tonight, 1/29 at 7:00p on G4!

Digital Storm Gaming PC on Gadget Pr0n

Gather close, my PC gamer friends, because today on Attack of the Show, we'll be giving an in-depth review of the Digital Storm i7 Enthusiast-2 Gaming PC that includes 2 Nvidia GTX 275 video cards, up to 8 gigs of DDR3 RAM and a 256 gig solid-state drive. Sweeeeet. Unless you have no idea what I'm talking about. That's okay. Find out if this fully customizable PC is worth the starting price of $1,550 at 7:00p tonight on G4!

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Gadget Pr0n Reviews the Chumby One

Posted January 25, 2010 - By Moye Ishimoto

Gadget Pr0n Reviews the Chumby One

The Chumby One is more than just a gadget with an adorable name. It's a self proclaimed "window into your Internet life", offering the latest web content like the weather, news headlines and favorite music without having to deal with your computer desktop workspace. Simply put, it's an easier way to filter your favorite Internet content.

Today on Gadget Pr0n, we'll take a look at the widget filled Chumby One to find out what you can get for $120. Tune in to Attack of the Show at 7pm to find out how many Seals of Approval this little toy can get. 

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Google's Nexus One comes to Gadget Pr0n

In the wise words of Homer Simpson, woo hoo! Kevin Pereira and Chris Hardwick are giving a hands on demo and review of Google's Nexus One phone tonight on Attack of the Show. Find out how its various features, like a 3.7" touch screen, 5 mega pixel flash camera and quick response rate add up its official G4 rating. Excited? Disappointed? Still showing off your iPhone?

Tune in tonight at 7p!

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Gadget Pr0n's Television Week!

Posted December 22, 2009 - By Moye Ishimoto

Gadget Pr0n's Television Week!

Gadget Pr0n goes television crazy this week, where we review top of the line screens that could potentially inhabit your living room. Or maybe you can just drool over them online. 

Tonight will feature the Sony Bravia W Series HDTV that's only 3.4" thin with a Bravia Engine 3 and more for only $1,500. Tune in at 7:00pm ET on G4 to see if we give this HDTV a buy or a don't buy for the last minute holiday season!

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Actual Great Moments in De-Evolution: Haute Couture CamcorderWe've done plenty of Gadget Pr0n reviews on handheld camcorders, but how come we've never taken a look at the DXG-Riviera HD Camcorder with its "haute couture" inspired design?

This amazing Chanel-esque camera features more than just 720p video recording but also a whopping 8 mega pixel digital camera, "vibrant & colorful" videos and a large 2.5" display.

But that's not all! The camera even comes with beautiful rhinestone embezzling and gold details!

See, this is what gadgets should be all about--not advancing technology to achieve the highest quality video, but advancing the use of fake plastic diamonds to achieve the most fashionable and chic look possible.

For only $150, we call this a BUY. 

Blackberry Storm 2 on Gadget Pr0n

Posted December 8, 2009 - By Moye Ishimoto

Blackberry Storm 2 on Gadget Pr0n

There's a storm a-brewin's again on Attack of the Show and it's just in time for the holiday shopping season. Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn review the new Blackberry Storm 2 with its upgraded SurePress Touch Screen technology, Wi-fi and 3G connectivity, along with a 3.2 mega pixel camera. Hmm, perhaps now is the month to finally ask for that smartphone upgrade from Santa? Find out this new Storm hits the mark with its $180 price tag with a Verizon contract.

Gadget Pr0n airs tonight at 7:00pm ET on G4. For more tech reviews, check out the AOTS Holiday Buyers Guide.

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