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Batman Roams The Streets Of Gotham City/ Arenas In New Batmobile

As you may already know, The Dark Knight has his own traveling stage show, but not just any traveling stage show, an arena stage show complete with special effects, large sets, and apparently a Batmobile! That's right, you're going to get to see Batman chase down criminal scum, like The Joker in the freaking' Batmobile! How awesome is that? Check out the reveal video of the Batmobile from the Batman Live World Arena Tour below the cut.

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Turkish Bruce Lee

Posted June 7, 2011 - By Joseph Baxter

This actually appears to be a product of Bollywood, but Turkish or not, we have likely never seen such an effective use of telephone nunchucks since, well, ever. The babe on the rope ladder was glad to wait while he dispatched the room full of thugs and then took a minute to adjust his capri pants.

Merrie SwainHometown: Detroit, MI
Position: Production Assistant
Favorite Season: Spring… anything but summer, really.  Summer is evil to gingers.  All that nasty sunlight everywhere, it’s disgusting.
Least Favorite Nickname: “Mer.”  How is shortening my already short name attractive at all?  Is it really that hard to pronounce two syllables?  Be more creative, people!

What do you do on AOTS?
A zillion tons of paperwork that never ends, EVER. I’m shocked that my desk stays decently organized with all the various stacks of paper that pile up.
What is your favorite moment from the show?

I’m a sucker for awkward situations and hilarious train wrecks. I think I peed a little when Gilbert Gottfried was interviewed.

Do you have any passions outside of working at G4?

I model occasionally for fantastic photographers; otherwise I’m very passionate about dive bars and napping.

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Hangover 2: Screenwriter Craig Mazin Lists His Favorite Hangover Games

The Hangover Part 2 opens in theaters today, and I'm going to encourage you to just go out and see this right now. Don't read any reviews, because you know what? Haters gonna hate. I'm not sure why The New York Times is expecting Citizen Kane out of this sequel, but it's exactly what you expect from a followup to 2009's The Hangover sleeper hit. We went to screenwriter Crag Mazin, who not only sat down for a full interview, but also listed his five favorite games to play when you have a hangover. First up, Grand Theft Auto 4:

When you’re hung over and you’re just looking for some brainless fun, one of the most fun things to do…because when you’re hung over you just hate the world. You just regret everything and you just hate life. When the hangover is really bad, and you find yourself saying, "I wish I were dead" in between dry heaves, go ahead and load up a save where Niko has loads of weapons. Zip on body armor, find a great corner of a building or storage container to defend, then start killing people. When the cops come, unleash all of your self-loathing on them as well. When you finally can't take the amorality and head-pounding, rush out and get blown to shit by a hundred NOOSE guys. Oddly comforting. That’s fun. That’s a great way to just work through a miserable headache. 

Keep reading for the rest of Craig's Hangover game picks, and a full interview where he talks about Billy Joel, Ed Helms' singing ability, more video games, a possible Hangover 3, Rocketman, Game Boys, and more.

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Covering Sundance can be a daunting thing, and admittedly before I'd ever gone to the festival I thought it was just smiles and fun in the snow, watching the occasional movie. However, working at Sundance usually means seeing five films a day, trekking from one side of Park City to the other and praying that you'll make it into the next screening on time, while hoping your balls don't freeze. Which is not to say that it's not fun, it's just not the Super Sexy International Film Critic life I pictured in my head. 

What this pell-mell schedule usually means is that you end up missing films, and some of those end up being gems. Case in point is the impressive Hesher from writer / director Spencer Susser. It screened at Sundance 2010, and was also a selection at SXSW earlier this year. The film is now in wide release across the United States, and it's all thanks to Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Yes, really.

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The Hobbit Gets Sherlock Holmes

It seems that The Hobbit has added Sherlock star, Benedict Cumberbatch to its monstrous cast.

Despite this seemingly cursed production suffering another setback involving an explosion that left two crew members with minor burns, things are still moving along. And thanks to a slip-up from star, Martin Freeman at the 2011 BAFTA Awards, the actor would reveal to reporters that his co-star on the BBC's Sherlock (in which Freeman plays sidekick, Dr. Watson,) would be joining him in the cast of The Hobbit.

That, however, was the extent of Freeman's loose lips, as it is still unknown as to who Cumberbatch (pictured right) will play. However, given who he is and the lack of vacancies in the cast, there is one choice that seems likely.

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The Hobbit Adds Stephen Fry And More

The Hobbit has added more to its ever-growing cast: Stephen Fry has joined, a new part has been given to Ryan Gage, and vertically-huge (and appropriately-named) action star Conan Stevens is on board.

According to the latest Facebook update from director Peter Jackson, the film will be finishing its first block of shooting in three weeks before going on hiatus. However, it won't be a break for him, as editing and visual effects will be tackled, as well as some planning for characters and sequences in the later portion of the 3D two-part epic.

The addition of this trio of cast members comes as the highly-anticipated production readies to cross its first production landmark. Find out who they'll be playing.

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Nik VisgerHometown: Santa Clara, CA
Position: Associate Producer
Favorite Season: Spring, (best time of the year sports-wise)
Least Favorite Nickname: “The Nik” (nobody calls me that, but if they did it would surely be my least favorite nickname)

What do you do on AOTS?
I watch a lot of internet videos. I produce Around the Net, Epic Fail, What Happens Next, and Great Moments in De-Ev. Did I mention that I am also one of the prestigious members of the live studio audience? It’s pretty glamorous stuff.

What is your favorite moment from the show?

When James Cameron beat the $&!# out of Drunkle Ted or when James Cameron made a cameo on Jeremy’s Dragon Corner to teach us about proper space dragon sex. Pretty much anytime James Cameron shows up is my favorite moment. I hold the 1,000th Episode close to my heart as well. I had just joined AOTS as a production assistant at the time and it was a perfect introduction to the madness that is Attack of the Show.

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Wonder Woman Costume Gets Tweaked

It seems that the new Wonder Woman has been left dangling at the end of her own golden lasso. NBC has essentially axed the much-discussed David E. Kelley-created TV reboot.

It's an unfortunate hit to the TV career of the gorgeous Adrianne Palicki, as just under a year after the sinking of the critical favorite from last fall, Lone Star, she will once again see a potential star-making opportunity twirl-away in a flash of light.

Apparently, test screenings of the show's pilot, which would have had Wonder Woman tangling with Elizabeth Hurley as the sultry and evil industrialist Veronica Cale, did not impress the big brass at the Peacock.

So, what went wrong with this highly-touted showcase of babes and burglaries?

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Geekiest Door Mat Ever

Posted May 12, 2011 - By Moye Ishimoto

Geekiest Door Mat Ever

I wonder how many dumb people would actually try to attempt to slide to unlock. Buy one here!

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