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Xbox 360

Microsoft 'Live Search' For Autos

Posted August 1, 2008 - By jmanalang

This week, Microsoft announced it will offering the company's "Live Search" seach engine techonology to automakers and their fellow business partners to be potentially utilized for several automobile features such as GPS.

Similar to Google and Yahoo, Live Search is Microsoft's entry to the plethora of search engine sites across the intertubes. While it functions almost the same as its competitors, Live Search allows users to save search keywords, which updates automatically at Live.com. This should be an interesting feature to use on an in-car navigation system to search for local joints and hotspots, as mentioned by a Microsoft spokesman.

Microsoft Live Search will also be featured on the social-networking site, Facebook. So why haven't we seen this on Xbox Live yet, since the name just begs for it?

InformationWeek: Microsoft Offers In-Car Internet Search Service To Automakers

Corporate Gaming Microsoft MegaBoss John Schappert had a little Q&A with VentureBeat and many splendored details were revealed.

On the new Xbox avatar system, Schappert had this to say: It’s not like we are using avatars to recreate the perfect human body. And it’s not too cutesy. It’s in the middle. It dresses up the core first-person shooter, who can be edgy. And the more casual player can dress up to look friendly.

You know, for all those hardcore first-person shooter fans who also like to dress up! Schappert also went on to say that they are working on a wide array of ways to customize the look of the avatar not including the option to not have one at all. There may also be microtransactions that allow for people to purchase clothing for their Mii… uh Xbox avatar.

Oh, boy. It's a sad day when the console that sells the most makes all the other ones look more like it.

venturebeat.com: Q&A: Microsoft game exec John Schappert talks about Xbox Live, Netflix deal, and Blu-ray

Prince of Persia's big screen debut has been pushed back a year by Walt Disney Pictures. The Jerry Bruckheimer-produced film was originally set for a June 2009 release. Bruckheimer, who produced Pirates of the Caribbean, said that the movie will be inspired by all Prince of Persia video game titles.

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time is directed by Mike Newell, who did Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, and will be starring Jake Gyllenhaal as the prince himself. However, the prince's next-gen video game console debut from Ubisoft, Prince of Persia, is still set to be released this November for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. Check out some gameplay footage after the cut.

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Talk about irony: Electronics manufacturer LG is planning to introduce their latest BD300 Blu Ray player tonight during their Summer Line show in New York. The new feature on their sexy new machine? The ability to play Blu Ray's top competitor - streaming movies from Netflix.

Co-existing with Microsoft's Xbox Live Netflix service, the BD300 will undoubtedly satisfy Netflix subscribers with over 12,000 movies and TV shows available at their fingertips, along with the high-definition ability of a Blu Ray player. The device will be available this fall and there will be no additional charge, except for subscription fees, for the Netflix service.

As for the price, The Wall Street Journal reports that the LG BD300 should be "well under $500", considering Blu Ray players today are typically around that price range.

CNET: LG Blu-ray box to get streaming video from Netflix

Call it "blowing things out of proportion", but we're huge fans of Casino Royale and if there's any news or gossip about 007's latest mission in Quantum of Solace, we're all ears...or eyes. When BBC reported about R&B Sensation Alicia Keys and Raconteurs front man Jack White recording the new Bond theme song, they may have written a phrase that links to Daniel Craig's first film as Bond. Of course, you have to click the link to find out (and we're not splling anything from the first film).

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EA Sports showcases the dynamic celebrations featured in the multi-plfatform football franchise Madden NFL 09.  Now you can recreate the Lambeau Leap, river dance like Chad Johnson, or even mix-n-match from a collection of celebrations.  The football behemoth of a franchise releases on August 12th, start rehearsing those dance moves for the endzone.

Madden NFL 09 Celebrations Trailer

Madden NFL 09 Celebrations Trailer »

LEGO Batman: The Videogame unveils a new villain, The Man-Bat! ...

...Okay so he's no Joker but you've got to feel for the "tragic" villains every now and then.  Akin, to Spider-Man's The Lizard, an amputee scientist harboring good intentions for experimental genetics who falls victim to anthropromorphic side-effects, you have in place Man-Bat, a going-deaf-scientist harboring good intentions for experimental genetics who falls victim to anthropromorphic side-effects. 

Man-Bat joins an impressive growing cast of villains in LEGO Batman: The Videogame which hits stores September 1st on the DS, Wii, PSP, PS2, PS3, PC, Mobile, and Xbox 360.

FileFront: Warner Bros. Reveals All New Villain in LEGO: Batman

Even with Wolverine's help, Spider-Man has the odds stacked against him in Activision's Spider-Man: Web of Shadows for the: PSP, PS2, PS3, Wii, DS, Xbox 360 and PC.  This web-slinging action game releases on October 21st except for the PC and Nintendo DS version which release earlier on October 1st.

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Comic Con 08 Trailer

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Comic Con 08 Trailer »

Namco-Bandai has announced the release date to their hack-n-slash Afro Samurai for the PS3, and Xbox 360.  The game will be unleashed on January 27th, 2009.  In the mean time, please feel free to honor us with your presence in the image gallery if you have not already done so.

Click the image below for the Afro Samurai image gallery

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New 'Madden NFL 09' Screens

Posted July 28, 2008 - By defiantketchup

Latest Madden NFL 09 screens for your visual intake.  The EA Sports' football goliath hits stores August 12th for the PSP, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, DS and even a mobile version.  They'd probably put it in a Magna-Doodle™ if they could.

Click the image below for the Madden NFL 09 image gallery

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