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Two New Thor Posters Hit The Web Harder Than Mjolnir

We've seen the trailer, but now Marvel and Paramount have released a brief clip from Thor.

Clocking in at all of 52 seconds, we witness the initial moments of Thor's arrival on Earth after his ignominious exile from Asgard. Natalie Portman's Jane Foster and Stellan Skarsgård's Professor Andrews find Chris Hemsworth's de-powered mystic refugee in a New Mexico desert, and clearly he has no clue what happened.

Check out the clip just below, dim the lights hit the full screen button, and for a brief minute pretend you're sitting in a crowded theater on May 6.

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Bootleg Toys Are Funny

Posted March 22, 2011 - By Joseph Baxter

Bootleg Toys Are Funny

Knockoff toys are serious business in parts of the world where intellectual property rights are as meaningless to manufacturers as proper English grammar and relevant context.

With that said, I bring to your attention Cracked's list of The 15 Most Unintentionally Hilarious Bootleg Toys.

The contenders range from a poorly-translated Superman Returns cash-in featuring the Man of Steel riding a dinosaur, to a Transformer who changes into (tastefully enough,) the Titanic.

However, the list topper is the one seen above, none other than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' unmistakable, iconic -- "Gun." Either this was a pathetic attempt to slap a label on a completely unrelated item, or there's a fifth Turtle that's finally taking the practical approach.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: First Look At New Nickelodeon Show

The revival of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Nickelodeon is starting to take shape more than ever with a new teaser trailer provided by Entertainment Weekly. With 26 half-hour episodes greenlit for late 2012, the movement to revive the early 90's phenomena that was "Turtlemania" will begin with this sharp new revival. Immediately catching the eyes of those with fond memories of their favorite reptillian Renaissance-named mutated sewer-dwellers, is the stylistic departure from the previous incarnations. It's quite a twist from both the classic cartoon series and its early 2000's revival. Shelling out a reported $60 million to purchase the former juggernaut franchise, Nickelodeon is likely banking on a major resurgence. Check below for the new looks of each Turtle and decide for yourself if that could happen.

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Justin Bieber Director Takes On G.I. Joe Sequel

The sequel to 2009's G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra has named Jon Chu (pictured right) as its director. Known for films which (to put it mildly,) lie outside the genre such as Step Up 2: The Streets, Step Up 3D, and the recent documentary profile Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, Chu will now find himself having to step up (see what I did there?) to provide a vision for the sequel to the film inspired by the 4 inch fighting forces that are beloved by a generation who now have deep pockets. Inheriting the helm from Stephen Sommers, Chu will be working off a script written by Zombieland scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. However, the most integral question that must be asked here, is actually a rather simple one: WHAT?

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The best part about LEGO blocks is that you can build almost anything from your imagination in miniature, chunky and angular forms...like the epic Battle of Hoth from Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back. This is an awesome layout presented at the LEGO World 2011 by Bo Jensen in Copenhagen, Denmark. The only thing that could be cooler than this is if someone recreated this scene out of life-size LEGO blocks so we can run around on a plastic snow field while fighting a giant LEGO Empire! Can someone start working on that please? Thank you.

ThunderCats Movie Footage Surfaces

Posted February 14, 2011 - By Joseph Baxter

ThunderCats Movie Footage Surface

Did we just get a glimpse of the ThunderCats feature film? The folks at Flixist have uncovered what turned out to be test footage for the now-nixed ThunderCats reboot project, which was meant to make its way to theaters. Of course, the movie would be taken off the table once it was revealed last year that Cartoon Network would instead be reviving the franchise with an all-new animated series. The footage, provided by an anonymous source, seems to pass the litmus test of authenticity and certainly matches the style of concept art that was leaked in 2009. The brief few minutes that we get is somewhat rough CG footage depicting ThunderCats leader Lion-O horsing around in the rough rocky terrain of Third Earth, using the legendary (and apparently unbreakable) Sword of Omens to smash rocks. The movie may be sidelined indefinitely, but take a look at the footage and gauge whether or not the canceled project was something you'll regret missing.

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Top Five Trolls in American History

Posted January 20, 2011 - By Moye Ishimoto

Today on Around the Net, we declared a War on Suck against the most pointless news report ever: Internet trolling. Where have these people been? In celebration of this battle against a we-can't-believe-this-is-a-headline topic, we thought we'd run down some of our favorite trolls in the history of mankind.

Top Five Trolls in American History

5. The Troll from Three Billy Goats Gruff

The story of Three Billy Goats Gruff represents the quintessential fairy tale: for one thing, there are talking goats. But with three different animals trying to outsmart a hungry villain, we learn the moral about greed and wit, where size and power can overcome even the scariest monster. Wait, that's the lesson, right? I don't know, I never really paid attention to this stuff. Though this troll found a grisly end inside the big billy goat's belly, he represents what all trolls strive to be: fearful, hungry and ugly.

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AOTS Tuesday, January 04

Posted January 4, 2011 - By Eugene Morton
Candace Bailey Visits Skywalker Ranch
Visiting the famous Skywalker Ranch in Northern California is a must for any Attack of the Show Co-host and that's exactly why we sent Candace Bailey there for her latest Vision Quest adventure. This time, she gets her Jedi training on at Skywalker Sound.
Warm up that Blu-ray player because Chris Gore and Morgan Webb highlight Blu-ray releases to add to any collection. Find out what rating they give 'Avatar Extended Blu-Ray,' 'Apocalypse Now' and 'Anchorman.'
Morgan Webb reports from Yodobashi Camera in Tokyo to look at all the crazy and weird technology available in Japan, like a gold bath tub, motion sensor toilets and more. Will any of these make an appearance at CES 2011? Find out and see!
Barry Pepper stops by the studio to share his experiences on his new film 'Casino Jack' and working on the critically acclaimed film, 'True Grit.' Find out what he has to say about his favorite video games and more!
Get all five of your senses ready to be assaulted by these innovative and annoying tech toys presented by Morgan Webb, like a super sonic nausea inducing device, stereo neckphones and more.
Acclaimed deejay Mike Relm demonstrates The Lemur, a powerful MIDI controller that features a huge multi-touch screen, play music, video, samples and even control a light show.
Distended Warranty
Infamous metal band Distended Warranty first blew us away with their single, "Red Ring of Death" and now they bring you their latest single, the "iHate Therefore iPad" music video.
Washing Machine, Cyriak Cows, Soccer Announcers, Orangina Commercial, 100 Ways to Love a Cat.

AOTS Monday, January 03

Posted January 3, 2011 - By Eugene Morton
On set or on location, Attack Of The Show brings you the deets on your favorite things to watch when you're not watching us.
Chris Gore hangs out with acclaimed cult film director Lloyd Kaufman at the American Film Market to talk about the big budget remakes of 'Toxic Avenger,' 'Mother's Day' and more. Chris also covers the latest news from the TromaDance film festival press conference for indie film lovers.
If you're already wasting enough time sitting on the toilet, then you might as well make the most of it. Morgan Webb covers some of the coolest gadgets and toys fit for anyone's lavatory, like the Aquanotes waterproof notepad, an LED shower light and more.
On set or on location, Attack Of The Show brings you the deets on your favorite things to watch when you're not watching us.
From 'Weeds' to 'No Ordinary Family,' actor Romany Malco is making his way across television screens. This time, he sits down with Blair Herter to talk about his role on the ABC Sci-Fi series and what's in store for his comedic side.
Do the smart thing and start the new year off with a few laughs. 2011 will suddenly seem a lot less forboding after having a good chuckle at a pervert weatherman, a tornado penis, and an auto-tuned pop hit about home invasion. No lie.
We heart Boba Fetish. It's yet another revealing look underneath the bounty hunter armor. This time, it's all about the Ewoks.
Kevin Pereira's special report on the devastating BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico continues with his look at the oil's impact on the fragile wildlife. He learns about the techniques used to clean up the oil and save the affected birds.
It's time to take a look, into a book with Reading Rambo! This time, our action hero checks out The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown and shares an important life lesson.
Cover your eyes! Blair Herter checks out the World Naked Bike Ride in Portland, OR held to promote cycling and lowering our carbon footprints. He joins in on the fun by riding in the buff!
Gizmodo's iPhone prototype made headlines around the world, but everyone wants to know what's going on inside the courtroom at Apple headquarters! We've got Steve Jobs himself on the matter.
The classic video game meets real life with a round of Mario Kart inspired go kart racing with Candace Bailey and Blair Herter, who is appropriately dressed like Mario and Luigi. Find out who makes it across the finishing line first.

AOTS Wednesday, December 29

Posted December 29, 2010 - By Eugene Morton
Alex Sim-Wise Visits Tokyo's Hostess Bars
Alex Sim-Wise makes a stop at Kabukicho, the infamous red light district of Tokyo where tourists can visit over 3,000 bars, night clubs, love hotels, massage parlors and clubs. Alex finds out if she has what it takes to be the perfect hostess!
The Best Kitchen Foodie Gadgets
You can't have the holidays without some good eating, which is why Alessandra Torresani runs down these top food gadgets and toys for the kitchen, like a mini pie maker, a portable pizza oven, the Lolly Wafflesicle Maker!
Coming soon to a stage near you, it's 'Hotline,' a new musical about the Cuban Missile Crisis featuring the multi-talented Candace Bailey.
Blair Herter teams up with rally racers Travis Pastrana and Dave Mirra to see who can finish an obstacle course filled with toy robots, giant stuffed monkeys and mushrooms first!
Weston Scott heads to the CRI Counter Terrorism School to teach you how to protect yourself behind the wheel while driving. Let's hope you never find yourself in this situation but it's good to know how to stay safe!
It's used for packaging boxes and holding things together. It's also used on the human body for some odd sexual fantasies, which Chris Hardwick and Carrie Keagan are ready to learn more about. Find out what's going on with the taping fetish.
It's Sara Jean Underwood's turn to be a bad-ass as she heads over to the Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot & Trade Show, where she has a little fun with a flame thrower, torches a boat and blows up a car.
Starcraft II
Adam Sessler and Kevin Pereira review the year with their favorite videogames of 2010, like Rockstar Games' 'Red Dead Redemption,' 'StarCraft II' and X-Play's best game of the year, 'Mass Effect 2.'
Turtle Roomba, Pigeon Rides Subway, Pigeon Nets, Bouncing Dog, Lizard Fart.

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