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'Falling Skies' Star Moon Bloodgood On Tonight's AOTS!

On today's all-new Attack of the Show, the lovely and talented Ms. Moon Bloodgood gives us the skinny on her new TNT sci-fi alien extravaganza, Falling Skies. We also review the HTC Flyer tablet in today's Gadget Pr0n, and take a naked bike ride with a naked Sara Underwood through the streets of Portland, Oregon.

You won't want to miss it when AOTS airs tonight @ 7PM ET!

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Techno Granny Lays It Down

Posted June 15, 2011 - By Joseph Baxter

Granny got tired of sitting back in the crowd watching these nubs stink-up the streets and decided to jump in there to show the crowd just how it's done on rave night at her assisted living community.

Serve: Completed

In what might be the coolest rendition of a typical acting class' mirror exercise, the mind-blowing tech of Portal is brought to real life in this Masquerade presentation at this past weekend's FanimeCon in San Jose, CA.

This apparently received the "Most Dramatic" award.

SA9 360 CameraOn today's Attack of the Show, Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey showed off the new mindbending SA9 360 Camera courtesy of
Social Animal
and Band Digital, a rig that allows for shooting in 360 degrees all at once, letting the viewer decide which angle of the video they want to watch by scrolling left and right.

Of course, it’s better to see it in action than to just read about it, so check out this short AOTS film shot entirely using the SA9.

Click the image below to launch the SA360 player, click-and-drag on the viewer to revolve the camera, and see everything that happens during this fateful trip to Meltdown Comics. Prepare to have your mind blown!

SA9 360 Video
Watch the SA360 version of "Meltdown at Meltdown Comics"

One of the best things about shooting with the SA9 is that it allows you to make a definitive cut of your piece after the fact. To that end, we've prepped a cut of Meltdown at Meltdown Comics to show you what it would look like not in a 360 view.

Meltdown At Meltdown Comics: The Director's Cut »

If Overseas Tech Support Existed Before Telephones

What would happen is overseas tech support existed before telephones and Internet? Today's cartoon from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal describes it all quite clearly after the jump.

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Attack of the Staff: Sean Poole, Production AssistantHometown: The small town of Snohomish, WA.
Position: Production Assistant
Favorite Season: My favorite season is the beginning of fall, because it’s still sunny outside and all the best TV shows start back up again.
Least Favorite Nickname: A former intern gave me the nickname “Seanald” once upon a time and I can’t stand it, haha.

What do you do on AOTS?

My favorite question from any producer is, “Are you busy right now,” because as a PA, I am always busy. I’m constantly running around doing something, whether it’s feeding the hosts, being in ATN comedy bits, grabbing videos from the web, directing interns, shooting video for segments or writing the occasional Attack This script from time to time.

What is your favorite moment from the show?

I always crack up when the show goes off the tracks. As one of the few live television shows left, AOTS really shines when it messes up. When we accidentally aired Masterpiece Theatre at the beginning of the show or when we flashed a quick second of Vin Diesel holding a shot gun in the middle of an ATN comedy. I think that’s pure hilarity!

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Adam Scott from Parks and Recreation on AOTS Tonight

Tonight on Attack of the Show, Adam Scott from Parks and Recreation stops by to talk about the show's third season , and what it's like working alongside an ensemble that includes Amy Poehler and Aziz Ansari. Blair Herter takes a Porsche 911 for a couple laps around the Long Beach Grand Prix circuit and Gadget Pr0n reviews the latest eco-friendly tech. From cool comedy stars to cool cars you wish you had, this is one show you don't want to miss. See you at 7PM!

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Do you remember the old G4 commercials starring the butt-beaming robot and tech-vomiting unicorn? It's been a while since the spots have aired, but the robot and unicorn are still hanging around the G4 offices. The plastic maquettes now reside in the cubicle where Associate Producer of 2.0, Courtney Kraft hosts the live, daily, web show, G4 Interactive (8PM ET). They may no longer have a prominent place in the spotlight, but they do serve as a perpetual reminder of how cool G4 is. Check out the commercials (and a bonus commercial starring a Tron-like hottie) below the cut!


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Breaking In's Odette Annable on AOTS Tonight

Tonight on Attack of the Show, Odette Annable will tell us all about her new show, Breaking In and how high tech thieves hack into computer security systems--alright, so maybe she won't spill the secrets but we'll try! Blair Butler brings more news from WonderCon 2011 while Chris Hardwick stops by to review the quiet but powerful Serenity gaming PC from Puget Systems on Gadget Pr0n. We were super impressed with the Falcon Northwest Fragbox but will this gaming PC be even better? See you at 7PM!

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Invisible Speaker System

Posted April 6, 2011 - By Joseph Baxter

Invisible Speaker System Is An Awesome Deal

I'm sure that gun-jumping tech hipsters will wait in line to pick these babies up, but personally, I'm going to wait until the price levels at about $7000-$8000 before I finally pull the trigger.

What can I say, I'm a cheap bastard when it comes to non-corporeal stereo equipment.

Source: Imgur

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