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The Hobbit has released its third video production blog. After completing a marathon of giving us first looks at the thirteen dwarves who will accompany Bilbo Baggins on his journey, the latest video shines the spotlight on the diminutive, hard-battling baker's dozen in all their glory.

With the distinctive, almost non-dwarf-like style for each character, we now get our first look at the group interacting with each other, as well as kicking ass. What's already apparent, is that the chemistry within the group is there. The task of distinguishing thirteen dwarves, which seemed to be a nightmare on paper, may very well turn out to be serendipity on film.

Also, we get a few more raw sneak peaks at some scenes, such as the iconic battle with the Trolls and a look at Cate Blanchett's return as Galadriel. Good stuff in all!

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Fantastic Fest Foists First First Film Festival Fodder For 2011

Austin, Texas is not just home to the Alamo Drafthouse, arguably the country's greatest line of cinemas, but both are also host to Fantastic Fest, the best genre film festival in the world. If it's weird, crazy, bizarre, horrifying, science-fictiony, or just plain WTF, then Fantastic Fest will feature it. They also bring in the filmmakers and treat them to things like trips to fire shotguns, out of the way BBQ joints, swimming hole excursions, and more while festival attendees feast on things like a "Royal With Cheese" Burger and Real Ale Fireman's #4 from a nearby Texas brewery, both available on the extensive Drafthouse menu.

“Fantastic Fest is the high-point of my year. Every year old friends return and strangers become friends. Fantastic Fest is my extended dysfunctional family; each of us completely obsessed by the wildest and weirdest films on earth,” says festival creative director and co-founder Tim League.

And this is extremely true. You will most likely never attend another film festival that offers up this kind of fare, and celebrates it to the extreme. Fantastic Fest begins this September 22nd, and runs through the 29th. Head on after the break to see the first round of film announcements, which include titles like Invasion of Alien Bikini, and 2K restored versions of Lucio Fulci's classics like House By The Cemetery and Zombie. Try to be there.

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EXCLUSIVE Video of Mission Icefly ARG

Are you following Mission Icefly, the latest Alternate Reality Game from 42 Entertainment? You should be. Why? Well, if the fact that they produced I Love Bees for Halo 2, the Year Zero game for Nine Inch Nails and last year’s über-popular Flynn Lives ARG for Tron Legacy isn’t enough to convince you, maybe the mystery surrounding this latest production will. We’ve even got an exclusive video you won’t find anywhere else!

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The ARG launched a couple months back as Test Subjects Needed and The Human Preservation Proejct, where you could take an online “assessment test” but over the past few weeks has evolved to include something called Mission Icefly. They dropped tons of paper helicopters with glowing LED lights over Bonnaroo, there were sightings of it at E3 and most recently a real-world scavenger hunt was held, where winners found… well, it’s really cool, so you should watch the video to see it.

There have been lots of theories as to what The Human Preservation Project/Mission Icefly is about. We’ve heard rumors of everything from chewing gum, to a new movie to even Halo 4. 42 is being tight lipped about it (trust us, we point blank asked) which makes this all the more fun. Whatever this ARG turns out to be, 42 Entertainment has scored Terry “Locke” O’Quinn for this video, so in our minds, this has got to be something interesting. We can only imagine that something must be brewing for this at San Diego Comic-Con, but again, that’s just us theorizing, since the game's latest countdown clock is running until the Friday before Comic-Con. Check out the video and then tell us what you think Mission Icefly is about in the comments!


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We really are playing Mission Icefly. Talk with the author more about it on Twitter.

When Captain America and Harley-Davidson team up (and Bucky, we guess), nobody can stop them, not even the Red Skull!

Internet's Not Having It

Posted July 12, 2011 - By Joseph Baxter

Planning a productive day? How quaint.

Internet's Not Having It


The Hobbit director, Peter Jackson has released a new behind-the-scenes video blog to commemorate the end of the first of three blocks of its shooting and it is a must see!

This is actually the first of these vlogs that the director has released since last April at the start of the production. Besides the always-fascinating look at the overwhelming amount of work and organization that goes into the making of these two films, we're also treated to some brief sneak preview footage of sorts. In this case, a few seconds of (cast member AND second unit director,) Andy Serkis' performance as Gollum, as well as a scene with Martin Freeman's Bilbo Baggins and Hugo Weaving's Elrond.

Let's face it; the Hobbit news has been relentless as of late. But, they just find new ways to whet fan appetites like no other.

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Poor Product Placement?

Posted July 6, 2011 - By Joseph Baxter

Poor Product Placement?

A diagnostic tool positioned next to a possible solution? Or just an unfortunately tasteless coincidence?


Two New Thor Posters Hit The Web Harder Than Mjolnir

It appears that the Thor sequel is ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge towards production for a release on July 26, 2013. However, while the Norse God played by Chris Hemsworth is guaranteed back, don't expect the much-heralded director Kenneth Branagh to return, as he has officially bowed-out.

With its $437 million worldwide take, the Marvel film that fans least expected to receive critical praise now finds itself one of the hottest properties out there. The sequel talk obviously is not a big surprise, but the departure of Branagh, who, as a director displayed a good level of passion and attention to detail was indeed a bombshell.

Additionally, Don Payne, who worked on the screenplay for the first film, along with Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (uh-oh...) and episodes of The Simpsons, has already been tapped to pen the script.

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Finally, a product that lets men maintain that salt and pepper look while they gouge women's eyes out. Now you can look like you know what you're doing, but can still do it. ("It" meaning gouge women's eyes out.)

Hair Treatment -- For Eye-Gougers


Superman Motion Picture Anthology Blu-ray Review: More Than A Bird or a Plane

Film nerds and appreciators of movies on Blu-ray have had a lot to be thankful for recently. Last year unleashed a landslide of geek films onto the format, ranging from the newly remastered Alien Anthology to Back to the Future to The Goonies. With Blu-ray sales set to pass DVD sales in 2012, it's only getting better. This year sees films like Citizen Kane, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Extended Editons and Star Wars: The Complete Saga coming, and in a summer full of comic-book movie adaptations, is it any surprise that Superman is swooping onto Blu-ray as well?

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