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Great Moments In De-Evolution

Actual Great Moments in De-Evolution: Chanel Surfboards

Surf's up, dude. And not like down at the beach but at your local Chanel boutique. Now you can ride those waves with the comfort of knowing that you are better than your fellow bros thanks to a simple, overpriced label on your board.

Hey, we thought surfing was all about riding the waves in the wide open sea but apparently surfers also like to do so with high fashion. Would you spend $4,000 on a surfboard?

Actual Great Moments in De-Evolution: iPhone Mittens

The holidays may be over but winter is here to stay. So if you're an avid iPhone user who spends a lot of times out in the cold, then check out the special Etre Touchy gloves being featured as today's Actual Great Moments in De-Evolution product. The whole purpose of wearing mittens is to keep your fingers warm, but now you can stay cozy with these index and thumb-less gloves! Wait, how does this work?

Etre Touchy gloves give you the best of both worlds: They give you the warmth and dryness of a normal pair of gloves combined with the touch-screen/electronic device compatibility of fingerless gloves.

But if they're still fingerless, how would they keep your thumb and index fingers warm and dry? Make a fist whenever you're not texting something? Use pockets? Wear extra gloves over these gloves? Sounds like a lose-lose situation.


Actual Great Moments in De-Evolution: Haute Couture CamcorderWe've done plenty of Gadget Pr0n reviews on handheld camcorders, but how come we've never taken a look at the DXG-Riviera HD Camcorder with its "haute couture" inspired design?

This amazing Chanel-esque camera features more than just 720p video recording but also a whopping 8 mega pixel digital camera, "vibrant & colorful" videos and a large 2.5" display.

But that's not all! The camera even comes with beautiful rhinestone embezzling and gold details!

See, this is what gadgets should be all about--not advancing technology to achieve the highest quality video, but advancing the use of fake plastic diamonds to achieve the most fashionable and chic look possible.

For only $150, we call this a BUY. 

Actual Great Moments in De-Evolution: Victoria's Secret & Liu WenCongratulations to Liu Wen who made fashion history as the first Asian model to walk down the annual Victoria's Secret show! It's nice to finally see a beautiful Chinese girl make their way down the runway of what is probably the most male-viewed catwalk of the year.

And congratulations, Victoria's Secret, for finally adding an Asian minority to your line-up of models. It's about time you acknowledged a good portion of the fashion industry. Sure, your fashion show isn't really an actual and respected "collection" of intimate wear that women can buy in your stores for daily use, but just another excuse to see how many creative ways you can stuff a hot girl into two tiny pieces of fabric. . . Who cares. We'll take it.

Maybe 2010 will see more than one Asian model on the runway.


Yesterday, Mashable presented an actual wedding ceremony where the groom both updated his newlywed status on both Facebook and Twitter. It was probably pretty hilarious to the wedding guests but the fact that this guy took a moment to devote attention to his social network profiles during a religious ceremony about the sanctity of marriage...well, Dana Hanna, it looks like you weren't really listening when the minister said of your newfound marriage,  "let no one separate". I see a lot of Facebooking and Twittering getting in the way. Congratulations! 

Actual Great Moments in De-Evolution: RFD TV

We here at G4 are so immersed in videogames and technology that sometimes we forget about the real things in life. No, not actual relationships, love or weird things like books, but the real American way of life. Farms. Tractors. People who live between Los Angeles and New York. Those places where our food comes from. That stuff.

So this week's Actual Great Moments in De-Evolution is dedicated to RFD TV, a cable network dedicated to rural America with specialty programming about horses, antique tractor shows, livestock auctions and agricultural news--everything that rural Americans probably deal with every single day in their life. Yeah, that's right. That popular rural lifestyle is now available with your regular cable programming between MTV's Real World and Mad Men on AMC. Actually, more like ESPN Deportes and that random channel that always plays weird Chinese dramas.

How can you miss out on specials like HEE HAW, a country variety show, Ms. Lucy's Classic Cajun Cooking or The Marty Stuart Show featuring the one and only country music icon himself?

As they say themselves, it's about time someone paid attention to rural America and by golly, we're watching (from the comfort of our Pottery Barn sofa and our 59" flat screen plasma TV)!

Alright. I've had it with Reebok's marketing campaign for their new EasyTone sneakers. I'm probably the only one who's not enjoying these commercials where the camera basically allows viewers to ogle a woman's chest and rear end. But we get it. These sneakers are built to help tone legs and butts when worn. If anything, they're genius because most women hate working out, so why not exercise more while walking.

But why is Reebok gearing their ads towards men with all of these butt shots? They're not the ones who have to wear the shoes.

Perhaps the mentality is that women seek approval from the opposite sex, which (according to Reebok) is a goal best achieved by wearing these shoes because men enjoy watching these commercials and therefore, shoe sales go up. So essentially, Reebok is marketing their new shoes to women through men. Right? Now I'm confused.

Who am I kidding? You guys just like watching the commercials. I'm surprised you even read this far. Check out the other one after the jump.

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Actual Great Moments in De-Evolution: DeLorean Time Machine

How awesome is this?? An almost exact replica of Doc Brown's DeLorean from Back to the Future is available to purchase over eBay. It's not the actual model used in the totally awesome trilogy, but according to the seller, it's even better!

This car is what you want, a car that looks exactly like what you saw in the film, with all the cool lights, sounds and buttons you thought the car in the film had (but never really did). People are often really disappointed when they see a prop up close. Movie props are designed to be filmed from a distance, but this car truly looks and feels "real" even up close.

Holy crap!! This is mindblowing! There's a bunch of cool stuff about the car that I'd tell you about, but my eyes started to glaze over when I saw all the text.

The seller is hoping someone wants to buy this replica for almost $130,000. Here's where the De-evolution part comes in: some people are dumb enough to spend that much money on a time machine car that doesn't even work.

....Or does it? BRB.

Actual Great Moments in De-Evolution: Handerpants

Sometimes things just don't really need any explaining. Sometimes you just take them for what they're worth, like handerpants. We're not sure what evolutionary purpose these 95% cotton undies provide for your hands, but we still love them.

[Via Random Good Stuff]

Actual Great Moments in De-Evolution: Dyson Bladeless Fan

When you want something from the future to work now, look no further than Dyson. Yeah, that vacuum company that somehow built a bag-less and suction-less hoover or something like that.

The other day, Dyson announced their latest invention, the Air Multiplier Fan that somehow through magic (or Air Multiplier technology and physics), generates a strong breeze without any visible blades.

As high tech and futuristic as this new weird fan can be, here's where it takes a step back in evolution. This thing costs over $300. THREE HUNDRED BUCKS! Plus shipping and handling!

Dyson, when will you learn? Technological development is supposed to help humanity move forward with cool lifestyle changes, not break the bank! If you're offering innovative uses of science for domestic purposes, then try to think with a more logical brain (or wallet). Try to create something that can help the mass population. Build something accessible to all. We're in the middle of a recession right now. The last thing people need right now is an overpriced fan.

Speaking of which, does anyone have $300 I can borrow? I really want one of these.

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