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Batman: The Man Of Steel Rises

Posted June 25, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Batman: The Man Of Steel Rises

This is what happens when the 9 year-olds that assemble your superhero backpacks in a Chinese factory lean more towards Marvel.

Somewhere in this shipment, there has to be a pack with a picture of Batman that says "Wonder Woman."


Nailed It!: Lady Gaga Fan Art

Posted June 22, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Nailed It!: Lady Gaga Fan Art

On the left is a photo of Lady Gaga. On the right is a drawing of some kind of bizarre, snarling creature that, upon encountering it in the wild, makes you want to "po-po-po-poke her face" with a stick to get her the hell away from you.

That "little monster" looks like it eats baby brains for breakfast.


The Avengers: The Mediocre Versions

While The Avengers generally knocked everyone's sock off, it's fun to imagine how the mega-film would have fared if director Joss Whedon opted to go with some of the mediocre version of the characters from over the years.

From "Gold Skirt Iron Man" to "Belly Shirt Thor" to even David Hasselhoff's version of Nick Fury from the infamous 1998 TV movie, we can all breathe a sigh of relief that we got what we ended up getting. (With the exception of the Germans, who are still bitter over the Sam Jackson casting decision.)


As Gary Oldman gets ready to wow us again as Jim Gordon in The Dark Knight Rises next month, he's also taken the time for this bit on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about a serious issue plaguing the entertainment industry: Acting Athletes.

The film resume of Shaquille O'Neal alone is enough evidence to support Mr. Oldman's point here. Let's keep athletes out of acting.

Do it for the children so that, unlike us, they won't have to sit through another comic book movie debacle like Steel.

Have you ever wondered what The Avengers would be like if it were a beloved cult TV series? -- Well, it kind of was.

Okay, how about if it was one that was ignominiously canceled in its first season by short-sighted network suits who didn't understand it? Well wonder no longer.

Witness the amalgam of director Joss Whedon's favorite martyred pet project with his recent one and a half-billion dollar box-office-dominating monolith.

Prince Adam's Boudoir

Posted June 19, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Prince Adam's Boudoir

As he gets ready for another day of defending Eternia as his alter-ego, He-Man from that big 'ole meanie, Skeletor, Prince Adam just can't figure out why everyone keeps trying to hook him up Fisto.

Besides, a good hero can't be seen anywhere this side of Castle Grayskull with his nails looking all plain and stuff.


With just a month to go before the big launch, a new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises has hit, showing us just a bit more of the epic finale to director Christopher Nolan's Batman films.

In moment that hearkens back to the famous "Knightfall" comic book storyline, Bane, well aware of Batman's true identity as Bruce Wayne, pays a little visit to Wayne Manor and makes himself at home in the Batcave. Judging by this, and the other trailers we've seen (so, it's not a spoiler,) it doesn't look like this an encounter that will go too well for 'ole Bruce.

However, just like with Rocky Balboa in his third movie, Batman's also going to need to find the Eye of the Tiger and face his fears to overcome this jacked-up challenger who knocked his block off, all with the fate of Gotham City at stake.

Predictions? Pain...and Bane.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters on July 20.

As we gear up for the release of The Amazing Spider-Man on July 3, fans are still wondering what to make of the sudden franchise reboot with its seemingly-edgier nature and layered mythos.

While the film may have come about as a way for Sony Pictures to anchor the film rights to the Wall-Crawler, once again leaving Spidey out of the growing Marvel movieverse of The Avengers, I guess we can take some solace that the studio decided to put some money into the film, rather than giving us something like....this.

Fringe Hits Comic-Con On Sunday July 15

On Sunday, July 15, Fringe hits Comic-Con 2012 with what will be its last panel.

The sci-fi epic series has survived several near-cancellations and schedule changes to emerge for its fifth and final season. Now, you can help celebrate with stars, Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, Lance Reddick, Blair Brown, Jasika Nicole, and John Noble, who will all be on hand along with the show's exec producers to present a sneak peak at the new season, answer your questions, and settle the issue of whether sensory-deprivation unlocks psychic powers. (Well, maybe the other stuff, anyway.)

How will Olivia, Peter, and Walter fight the impending invasion from the time-traveling race of Observers who want to subject mankind to slavery, shaved heads, and sensible suits?

Find out at the San Diego Convention Center in Hall H on July 15!

Fringe Hits Comic-Con Sunday July 15

The Haircut Your Head Deserves

Posted June 15, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

The Haircut Your Head Deserves

Now, (well, at least for next few weeks,) you can turn your back to anything without fear of being attacked, due to the presence of a Dark Knight residing on your cranium.

When you have Batman on your hair, it says that you chose to become all your fears...like dandruff and split ends to make them pay with the vengeance of the night!


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