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A psychology professor from Kansas State University found through his research that extreme body types in video games can negatively affect gamers about their own body type.

Um...it took an expert to tell us this?

I'm no expert, yet I can affirm that when I see images of overtly fit, buff humanoids on my video screen, and then I look at myself after -- to say that I feel a bit inadequate is an understatement -- and I'm 5'8" and weigh 130 lbs. -- there's nothing wrong with the way I look either. Yet, looking at gorgeous people all day can make you feel like a troll at times.

Professor Richard Harris had two study groups: the men played WWF WrestleMania 2000; and the women played a beach volleyball game.

Participants were questioned prior to playing the video game, then after playing for 15 minutes.

Both genders, of course, had negative notions of self-image after playing a complete cycle.

But what's the alternative? Do we really want gamers to grab a pair of overalls, yearning to go through life as a plump -- but Princess rescuing -- a plumber?


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Have you ever felt like taking a jog across the river from the city while your portly coach leads you on a bicyle yelling out inspirational phrases? Well, thanks to Japanese gamer apparel company King of Games you can do so while proving to everyone just how much nerd cred you have.

The Punch-Out hooide is a pullover with a cityscape, boxing gloves, and the original Nintendo game's logo on the front. On the back is the quote, "Dancin' like a fly, bit like a mosquito!" But the big surprise is the pair of knitted warm-up gloves in the front pouch. These fingerless palm-warmers are prefect for your waterside workout while you punch the air triumphantly.

The bad news; if you want to order one, you'll probably need someone who speaks Japanese.


Kicks, punches, jumps, explosions, blindfolded karate lessons, and thugs firing guns who could not hit the broad side of a barn door. Are we missing anything from the list? Oh right, a fireball!

Perhaps what is actually notable from this mostly generic Japanese trailer for the upcoming Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li are the glimpses of key characters from the SF series. Firstly, Neal McDonough as M. Bison, who is without the iconic red military suit with metal shins and Village People cap. This M. Bison instead chooses to walk around in style in tailored suits and a questionably bleached trimmed beard. Michael Clarke Duncan's Balrog seems to be really intense as he violates some unlucky thug with a giant pipe. Robin Shou (who was Liu Kang in the Mortal Kombat films) is shown as Chun-Li's master, Gen as he goes all "grasshopper" on her, instilling into her the lessons that will have her kicking ass in a ridiculously unrealistic way. Lastly, clips of actor Taboo's performance as Vega shows him flipping around, slicing and dicing, and posing for the camera.

...Well, it looks better than Van Damme's. (That's as far as I will go.)

Wired Releases Annual "Vaporware" List

Posted December 29, 2008 - By bleahy

Wired Magazine has released their 11th annual list of "Vaporware Awards", which honor the biggest "unfulfilled promises" in gaming and tech.

Hitting #10 is Sony's Home, which they claim fits because it's still in beta and isn't a final product yet. They also write:

"Home doesn't even succeed as a Second Life rip-off, owing to the fact that there simply isn't much to do. You can walk around in the mall and spend real money on virtual clothes branded with advertisements, or you can hang out at the bowling alley and play crappy video games. That's about it. Even the avatar creation system is incredibly scaled-down."

Number 9 is the Myka, a set-top box with a built-in BitTorrent client that would make pirating movies and TV shows a breeze... probably why it isn't out yet.

Skipping down to #4, we find Blizzard's StarCraft II, but I have to disagree with the game's inclusion. Blizzard never said the game was coming out in 2008 and therefore should not be considered an unfulfilled promise.

Hit the article for the full list and I'll give you one guess at good 'ol #1... it's a classic.

What were you looking forward to this year that just didn't get released?


Happy Holidays! Now, What'd You Get?!

Posted December 25, 2008 - By bleahy

Happy Holiday's ya'll! It's been a great year here at G4tv.com and all of us want to thank you for coming to our website day in and day out.

With that out of the way, it's time to tell everyone what you got for the Holidays!

Did you snag a new console? A bunch of games? Digital camera? A computer?! TELL US!

At CES 2009, Capcom will hold a "three-way community battle" between Capcom, Microsoft, and Sony. Each community's representatives will choose 20 members from the CES attendees to fight in a tournament using the final version of Street Fighter IV.

Street Fighter IV Gouken Debut Trailer


Street Fighter IV : Gouken Debut Trailer »


Major Nelson will lead the Xbox community. The PlayStation Blog community will be lead by Jeff Rubenstein. Capcom fans will be lead by Seth Killian.

The tournament will go down on Saturday, January 10th from 3pm to 6pm the Las Vegas Planet Hollywood, thankfully away from the busy convention center floor.

Who are you rooting for? Me? I'm just happy I'll get to play more Street Fighter IV.

While everyone we know is experiencing cut backs to the Nth dimension, it's payday for smartphone maker Palm.

California-based private equity firm, Elevation Partners, which previously invested a booming $325 million into Palm, is about to invest another thumping $100 million. Elevation Partners is the company that was founded by former Apple CFO Fred Anderson, Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello, U2's Bono, and others. In gaming, the company joined BioWare and Pandemic, later brokering a deal for EA to acquire the developers.

Why would anyone want to further invest in a company that recently reported a net loss of $506.2 million dollars just in its fiscal second quarter? Its sales have sharply been reduced by 13 percent -- if that's not the Hindenburg of phones sales, perhaps its the Titanic.

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This was a triumph. Again.

This year the ladies and gents at Valve have treated us to an Aperture Science Holiday once again. Warm yourself by the fire with your friends the Companion Cube, Cake, and Turret. Huge success.

Check out the comments by Zelahn for an awesome Easter Egg.


Wii Causes 10 Weekly Injuries..Really?

Posted December 22, 2008 - By kijibe

It's reported that 10 people weekly are hospitalized in Great Britain from playing the Wii.


Do they have a Wii remote in their hands while I dunno, they're slipping in the tub, or falling off the roof, or hitting their head on the mantle piece at the fireplace?

A rheumatologist says most of these patient come in after playing the tennis or running game which involve sudden movements and "violent tendon stretching."

They're calling it "Wii-itis."

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Are YOU Suffering From "Wii Knee?"

Posted December 22, 2008 - By Joseph Baxter

This year, it is apparent that the Nintendo Wii will once again reign as the most sought-after Christmas gift. Its intuitive system and simple games have allowed it to become a bridge between gamers and non-gamers. But at what cost? It is being reported that people who picked up the habit of playing Wii games, innocently thinking that they are just playing some silly little sports game, are finding themselves with the fractures and sprains, that typically occur in the sports that the very games they play imitate.

Researchers at a teaching hospital in Leeds, UK are calling the epidemic, "Wii Knee" (not to be confused with the similarly pronounced and possibly applicable derogatory term.) However, incidents are hardly limited to the knees. Osteopaths last year, reported an increase in patients with back injuries, suffered no less, just after Christmas. The victims blamed their new Wii systems, as they were merely trying to keep up with their children, ending up with painful injuries. The British Society for Surgery of the Hand (BSSH), are also implying an increase in the number of Wii-related injuries with which they are handling. According to Richard Milner of the BSSH:

"We treated a patient this week who had injured herself using a Wii. She was playing tennis with a partner and fractured one of the bones in her finger when he hit the back of her hand with the control."

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