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Playboy's Hot Movie Poster Replicas

Posted February 25, 2011 - By Mike D'Alonzo

Once again, we are ever-so-thankful that the universe has a publication like Playboy in it. Since the Oscars are only scant days away, they've decided to re-do some "classic" movie posters with the first ever Japanese-born Playmate, Ms. Hiromi Oshima, the first of which you see printed above. Sadly, the other one is NSFW, but you should get over to their website and check it out. You'll never think of Kung Fu movies the same way again.

Hit the link to see the Black Belt Hiromi poster, and get to Playboy's website to see the other one. You won't be sorry!

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Pics Of Kevin Pereira, Candace Bailey & Sara Underwood Presenting The Oscars In A Minute

The Oscars are but a few days away and Tinseltown is abuzz with anticipation. The rest of the country (including you) is much better off forgetting about the actual ceremony and skimming through these pics of Kevin Pereira, Candace Bailey, and Sara Underwood presenting their version of the Academy Awards (in under sixty seconds, no less).

It's hard to believe they pulled it off in just a minute, but here's video proof of Kevin Pereira, Candace Bailey, and Sara Underwood doing what the rest of Hollywood somehow hasn't been able to do, abbreviate the Oscars.

Shameless Star Emmy Rossum Pictures

Posted February 24, 2011 - By Eugene Morton

Shameless Star Emmy Rossum Pictures

It sucks that you can't watch Shameless at your place of work or higher learning, but at least you can click through our Emmy Rossum pictures while you're pretending to do your job or jot down notes. They're just as fascinating as Shameless, but you can see them anytime, anywhere, just like you can look at Kevin Pereira's video interview with Emmy Rossum whenever you desire. Hot damn, your life is filled with convenience!

Sara Underwood As Wonder Woman Pics

Posted February 17, 2011 - By Eugene Morton

Sara Underwood as Wonder Woman

Your good karma is finally being rewarded and your prize for being a good person is Sara Underwood pics, but not just any photos, pictures of Sara Underwood cosplaying as DC Comics' hottest super heroine, Wonder Woman. All of you bad people ignore these hot Sara Underwood as Wonder Woman pics. They're not for you and neither is this video of Sara Underwood doing the classic Wonder Woman spin on The Feed.

I Am Number Four's Teresa Palmer Pictures

We've ditched the candy and roses in favor of a far superior post-Valentine's Day gift, Teresa Palmer pictures! The photos of I Am Number Four's butt-kicking hottie are sweeter than any chocolate and will last longer than flowers in a vase. The same holds true for this video of Teresa Palmer being interviewed by the suave Kevin Pereira.

Wouldn't it be great to date a comic book hottie, to finally be able to go out with a flesh and blood version of the ink and paper super babes you've been pining over since your adolescent years? Sure it would, unless you picked the wrong one. Not every babe in a cape and cowl would make a good girlfriend. Quite the contrary. Some of them would make outright rotten love interests. In honor of Valentine's Day, a day dedicated to true love and romantic union, we've come up with a list of the top five female comic book characters you should never date (presuming you got the chance through some miracle of science or more likely, the bestowal of a magical ring or other mystical artifact).
Crack The Spine: The Top 5 Female Comic Book Characters You Should Never Date
Power Girl
This buxom super heroine is every nerd's dream, but for all practical purposes she'll have to remain just that. Being Superman's cousin, Power Girl's essentially the busty, female equivalent of the Man of Steel. So, unless you've got the stamina of The Flash and the muscle mass of a juiced up Bane (or a bed sprinkled with flakes of Kryptonite), there's no hope of satisfying her in the sack or even surviving a sexual encounter without ending up in a hospital bed. It really makes you wonder how Lois Lane continues to have nuptials with Clark Kent.


Crack The Spine: The Top 5 Female Comic Book Characters You Should Never DateEmma Frost
The last thing you want in a healthy relationship is a controlling partner. As such, the one time White Queen of the Hellfire Club turned X-Man, Emma Frost is high up on the no-date list. The sultry telepath has a lengthy track record of using her mutant powers to manipulate or literally control her enemies, allies and even lovers. Furthermore, if you're the jealous type, you'd eventually tire of seeing Ms. Frost parade around in attire that would make a fem dom blush.



Crack The Spine: The Top 5 Female Comic Book Characters You Should Never DateBomb Queen
She's great for a one night stand, but this libidinous magister of the explosive arts has a very fragile psyche and an incredible temper. What she lacks in clothing she makes up for in pure, psychotic rage. The moment you made her unhappy, she'd blow you to pieces, and not in a way you're hoping.

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Host Of G4's AEE Special, Kayden Kross Pictures

It is with a proud heart that we commend the bulk of our viewing audience who have pledged to watch our AEE special, hosted by adult film star Kayden Kross, the way it was intended to be viewed, as a sociological exercise, a survey of a thriving subculture! By the same token, we must wag our finger at the small contingent of viewers that don't care about the anthropological value of G4's AEE special at all, the kind of people who would look at these Kayden Kross pictures, for example, and see just a sexual object. To you we say, tsk! Shame on you for sensually objectifying Kayden Kross in our behind-the-scenes pics and more shame for drooling over Kayden Kross in this video interview with Kevin Pereira!

AEE's Kayden Kross Live in Studio on AOTS Tonight

Tonight on Attack of the Show, Kayden Kross stops by to talk about her upcoming Adult Entertainment Expo special on G4 with stories about her adventures in Las Vegas and winning Best Actress at the XBIZ Awards. Chris Hardwick also has a hands-on review of the Google Chrome OS Notebook with his thoughts on the future of cloud computing, Google's pilot program and more for Gadget Pr0n. Tune in tonight at 7PM!

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In Your Pantaloons Returns!

Posted February 8, 2011 - By Eugene Morton

In Your Pantaloons Returns!Sexual immorality has run amok and the time has come yet again for the moral standard to be raised in the war for chastity, a war that shan't be found on any battlefield,  but is one that rages on, as ever, in your pantaloons!

I'm head over heals for my girlfriend, but during the semester break, I may have kind of cheated on her and I may have perhaps caught something you can't get rid of. I don't want our relationship to end, but if she finds out the truth, it's over. Should I come clean and face the consequences?

Perhaps in thy formative years ye were misinformed. Honesty is but the second best policy, the actual best policy being, "Do not make thy genitals as available as a money lender would silver, nor yield forth thy privates as the vine does its grapes." Having failed to adhere to either, the only advice that will profit ye now is to take after the great baptizers of the past and anoint thy head with ointment, preferably one prescribed thee by yon local apothecary.

I was taught that sex before marriage is wrong and I still believe it, but I've fallen in love with my new boyfriend and he's really pressuring me to give it up. If  I don't have sex with him, he might leave me. What should I do?

Young lady, keep thy purity and do not spread like fig paste on wheat bread!

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Sexy World of Warcraft Cosplay For Blizzard's 20th Birthday

Today's Blizzard Cosplay Gallery belongs to the lovely and talented Ayabi. As you can see, she's rockin' leather armor and wielding a wicked-looking bow. Why, she's dressed all the world like an Amazon from the Diablo series!

Check out the rest of Ayabi's sexy cosplay with our photo gallery.

If you missed it, yesterday's cosplay girl, Hikarikaze was amazing too, but keep in mind: Cosplay is an exhibition, not a competition. Please, no wagering.

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