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Blizzard Tops Sales By Breaking Own Record

Posted November 20, 2008 - By kijibe

The fastest selling PC game of all time is Blizzard Entertainment's World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.

It sold over 2.8 million units in its first 24 hours upon availability.

The previous record was held by World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade when it came out back in January 2007 and sold 2.4 million copies on day one.

It's an impressive feat not only to break record sales, but to do so by topping their own record.

Congrats to Blizzard.


'World of Warcraft' Keeps Making Expansions

Posted November 18, 2008 - By kijibe

Less than a week after the release of World of Warcraft's second expansion, there is already talk of future ones.

Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime says that they are thinking about what should go into the next expansion pack.

"We do want each expansion to be considered a big value for players."

He also recognizes fans could experience burnout with frequent releases, "I think putting too many expansions out too frequently, you probably get to the point where people do need to start taking a little break," he said.

Blizzard will keep the monthly subscriber fee at the current $15 as Morhaime believes the price is "right to us and our players," and furthered by saying, "there really isn't a better value you can get in entertainment."

They must be doing something right, they recently eclipsed the 11 million subscribers mark.


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It has been announced that Ridley Scott will be assuming the director's chair for an upcoming film version of the famous board game Monopoly. Scott apparently plans to give the film a futuristic-type feel similar to his 1982 masterpiece Blade Runner.

If this sounds surreal, it is also worth noting that Universal has already lined up a number of similar projects for a long-term development deal. Ouija Board, Battleship, and Trivial Pursuit are all set to be developed similarly into feature films. (This in NOT a joke.)

So Hollywood, in the spirit of the new trend, here are my suggestions for new projects:

Hungry Hungry Hippos - In Africa, scientists lose control of genetically altered Hippopotamuses as they run rampant with an insatiable hunger, destroying everything. Inexplicably, they end up in a huge showdown in New York where effects display tons of buildings and cars getting destroyed. Then there's one "good" Hippo that comes out who's "Earth's last hope," and a generic, young, good-looking hero must make a choice amid gratuitous CGI carnage. Michael Bay to direct.

Operation - A struggling Med School student is inexplicably kidnapped and taken by Malaysian Pirates where he is forced into a deadly underground tournament circuit where the goal of the game is to remove a randomly inserted foreign object from kidnapped American tourists. While the winner becomes Emperor of Asia, the loser gets violated with a pole wrapped in barb-wire.

Connect Four - In the year 2579, Colonel Rogers Picard-Buck must lead his fighter squadron in a hopeless attack on the seemingly invincible factories of evil aliens from the planet "Sneaky, Sis." However, a new weapon has been developed to break their defenses in the form of an innovative new explosive technology that fits perfectly into the cells of their lairs. The catch? In order for them to activate, FOUR of them must be dropped in a row, vertically, horizontally, or diagonally!


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iPhone App Rundown

Posted August 16, 2008 - By TylerColfax

They say you can tell a lot about a man by his apps.

Apple has opened up a wonderful can of worms by welcoming the development of anyone with time, skill, and innovation enough to program new applications for their iPhone and iPod touch. And just as they did with iTunes, they're acting as a gatekeeper between the producer and the user, and taking their share of every transaction (30%) while watching their hardware sales skyrocket.

It's an ingenious way to sell hardware: Make software, or in this case supervise the transfer of open development to the consumer, and everyone and their brother will want the manufactured device that it runs on.

The best part of this whole personal computing revolution is the idea of customization. Every user is different, and Apple has made it possible for everyone to enjoy their iPhone in their own way. Check out the list below and see where you fit in.

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Pokemon Crushes Japan

Posted August 13, 2008 - By Frank Meyer

How huge is the Pokemon franchise in Japan?

Well, according to Variety, the 11 movies based on the über-cute Nintendo videogame have raced past $455 million (50 billion yen) at Japanese box office, breaking local records for feature cartoons.

Variety reports that the most recent film, Giratina and the Sky's Bouquet: Shaymin, has raked in $32 million since its release on July 19.

Pokemon started as a Game Boy RPG in the ‘90s, and has since branched out to manga, a trading card game, an animated series and other merchandise.

The first Pokemon movie stormed the U.S. in 1999, generating $86 million, a record has yet to be broken for a Japanese film. (Well, until Kung-Pow 2 comes out, I’m bettin’…)

Edge-online.com: Pokemon Films Break Japanese Box Office Records

Let's pretend you're not in the group that has storage issues with your Wii,  well here's all the upcoming and most recent Virtual Console and Wii Ware content to help bring you into the fold of Wii-storage-tapped folks: 

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A new Resident Evil movie was announced at Comic-Con today. Resident Evil: Degeneration is making its theatrical debut this fall in Japan and coming to DVD and Blu-ray in North America later in 2008.  It's an all-CGI animated feature "takes the zombie action to a whole new level with its ground-breaking visual effects and thrilling new storyline."

Here's how IGN described the flick's plot:

The "Umbrella Incident" that took place in Raccoon City ended with a missile attack ordered by the government intended to wipe out the deadly zombie virus. Following this catastrophe, the Umbrella Corporation's stock plummeted. This serious blow to the business giant resulted in its complete dissolution. Seven years later, at an airport somewhere in the United States, on an ordinary autumn afternoon, a zombie is unleashed. Now, in an airport beginning to fill with the undead, the horrific disaster is about to repeat itself... Claire Redfield, now a member of an NGO supporting victims of bioterrorism and medical disasters, happens to be in the airport while Leon S. Kennedy comes to the site on a mission to take care of the incident.

IGN: SDCC 08: Resident Evil: Degeneration Unveiled

Resident Evil: Degeneration Screenshot Gallery

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Two New 'Flock' Videos

Posted July 17, 2008 - By bleahy

Check out two new videos from Capcom's new puzzle game, Flock, which was recently announced for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Here's the game's trailer:


Flock Trailer »



Hit the break for some extra gameplay footage.

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