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The Muppets are making a huge comeback this year and their resurgence has led to a few interesting projects, like the new Muppet Movie, and The Green Album, which features covers of The Muppets' greatest hits by some of today's hottest musical acts, like Weezer, Alkaline Trio, My Morning Jacket, and OK Go, and speaking of OK Go, the music video maestros have teamed up with Kermit and the gang to create yet another mind-blowing music video for their interpretation of "The Muppet Show Theme Song."

It's killer and is guaranteed to delight music fans and Muppet fans alike! Everyone falls into one of those two categories, so that means you, and everyone you know, should absolutely watch the OK Go, Muppet music video right now!

Lucha VaVOOM Pics

Posted August 19, 2011 - By Eugene Morton

Lucha VaVOOM Pics

If you're going to pay to see anything, it should either be Mexican Masked Wrestling (Lucha libres) or saucy, sexy burlesque dancing, and had you attended Lucha VaVOOM last night, you would have been able to see both for the price of one. Don't be sad if you missed it, because we've got two Lucha VaVOOM photo galleries, one featuring pictures of the high flying, death defying luchadores that make Lucha VaVOOM a must see, and another featuring hot burlesque pics, the likes of which your eyes have never beheld! Don't wait. Now is the time to see all of the great wrestling and sultry dancing a true lucha show has to offer!

Japanese Kpop Music Video Parody

Posted August 17, 2011 - By Moye Ishimoto

This video is a parody of a song done by a Kpop group called Girl's Generation. This video also features my new favorite boy band.

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Before They Were Famous

Posted August 15, 2011 - By Moye Ishimoto

Celebrities, they're just like us! As in, a long time ago, no one would recognize them when they had small roles in movies or TV shows you barely remember. This compilation features 25 well known actors in unknown cameos.

Guillermo Del Toro Will Co-Create New Hulk TV Show

It may have been a while since any substantive news dropped, but Guillermo Del Toro's upcoming ABC television series update on The Hulk is still happening, and the Don't Be Afraid of the Dark writer/producer wants you to know that things are still moving along.

With co-creator, David Eick (Exec-Producer of Battlestar Galactica), Del Toro has been quietly working on the project, which, first came to light last year. Since then, he's had the task of reinventing the iconic green goliath, while at the same time, walking a fine line as another version of the character (played by Mark Ruffalo) will be running rampant in the 2012 film crossover extravaganza, The Avengers.

Oddly enough, Del Toro finds himself in a situation with both free reign and restrictions.

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It's been a while since there's been a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, and even longer since there's been a good Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, but due to the efforts of film maker and hardcore TMNT fan, Polaris Banks, that may have just changed… sort of. It seems Banks has put together an entire movie about the Turtles' longtime ally, Casey Jones and we've got the trailer for the Casey Jones movie, which features both the Ninja Turtles and the deadly ninjas of the Foot Clan. It's totally radical, dudes! Cowabunga!


We love 5-Second Films and their latest feature stars the one and only comedian, Patton Oswalt.

Gulp is a short film that features the world's largest stop motion animation set and all shot on a Nokia N8 phone. It's also super adorable and makes me want to go outside...which is rare.

Tom Felton from Rise of the Planet of the Apes on AOTS Tonight

Tonight on Attack of the Show, Tom Felton will be in studio for his new film, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, where we'll learn firsthand how to live with our new primate overlords and what life is like after Harry Potter. Blair Herter tells us about the new features in the Diablo 3 and Candace Bailey rides a tank at the Oklahoma Full Auto and Trade Show, all tonight at 7PM!

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Francis Ford Coppola is set to release his first horror film since 1992's Dracula and we've got the official Twixt trailer, which features a haunted and distraught Val Kilmer. Can the auteur succeed in the modern horror arena the same way he has with gritty films like The Godfather trilogy? Find out when Twixt comes to theaters during its thirty city tour later this year.

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