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A Helpful Chainsaw Tip

Posted April 19, 2011 - By Joseph Baxter

A Helpful Chainsaw Tip

The irresistible urge to touch the "pretty shiny teeth" on this household tool makes this warning a necessity.


Trailer For Cowboys & Aliens Moseys Its Way In

Cowboys & Aliens has a new trailer and it is intense.

Okay, so it doesn't exactly tell us anything that we don't already know. The upcoming Jon Favreau-directed 1870's-set genre mashup follows an amnesiac (Daniel Craig) who winds up defending a small western town from an alien invasion with the help of its bellicose overseer (Harrison Ford), a soiled dove (Olivia Wilde) and his mysterious glowing mechanical gauntlet that shoots frickin laserbeams for some reason.

Yet, it does highlight more of the action-packed excitement enough to amp-up even the most obstinate of naysayers towards catching this film when it hits theaters on July 29. (As if James Bond and Han Solo/Indiana Jones being in the film wasn't enough.)

Catch the new trailer just below.

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Dogs In Battle Armor

Posted April 15, 2011 - By Joseph Baxter

Dogs In Battle Armor

Gondor must indeed be shorthanded in repelling Mordor's invading forces.

Source: Imgur

Two New Thor Posters Hit The Web Harder Than Mjolnir

Another new clip from Thor has arrived. While we've already seen numerous footage from the film, this one has something special going: It contains the first footage of Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye. (Albeit in the dark, for all of a second.)

We're just under a month away from the official kick-off of Marvel's lead-up extravaganza, starting with Thor on May 6, continuing with Captain America: The First Avenger on July 22, and culminating with The Avengers on May 4, 2012. Besides Mark Ruffalo's new version of The Hulk, one of the new primary characters set to take the spotlight in the 2012 mega-movie is Clint Barton, aka master archer Hawkeye.

Check out the vid and a screengrab of the cameo just below.

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The Typescreen for Old School iPad Typing

If your'e one of those smelly old people who prefer to use the classic typewriter and hate newfangled gadgets like touch screens and table PCs, buy the Typescreen. Alright, we know this is an April Fools joke but a little tiny part of me wishes this was real. I miss the clickety-clack sounds of an old typewriter.


Nerds, rejoice, the advent of Thor, the thunderer is nearly upon us and to keep your hearts aflame with anticipation, here are two new TV spots for Kenneth Branagh's Norse, comic book epic. Take a look!

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ThinkGeek's April Fool's Products - Vote For Your Favorite!

When it comes to great April Fools' Day jokes, ThinkGeek always wins with their creative and hilarious fake products which they later turn into actual items you can buy. Remember their famous Tauntaun sleeping bag? This year, ThinkGeek is ready to bring you a whole slew of new "products" to order--and the best part is, you can vote on your favorite to determine which one they'll make!

Check out what they've got for April Fools' this year:

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Most Epic Legend of Zelda Painting...Ever

We just stumbled across one of the most amazing Legend of Zelda art...ever. The painting is from Japanese artist AG+ to celebrate the game's 25th anniversary. Has it already been 25 years? Feels like yesterday. Check out the full painting after the cut.

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Candace Says Monkey Penis

Posted February 15, 2011 - By Moye Ishimoto

Yesterday, Candace Bailey made a mistake with "monkey penis" and we couldn't get enough of it. So we made a soundboard of it, of course.

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NOOKColor Review & V's Laura Vandervoort Visits AOTS Tonight

Tonight, Attack of the Show returns with special guest Laura Vandervoort from the sci-fi series, V where she'll talk about the show's second season and working closely with Morena Baccarin. Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey also review the NOOKColor from Barnes & Noble, with its color screen, Android 2.1 OS, web surfing and other cool features. Will the latest Nook finally bridge the gap between eReader and tablet? Tune in tonight at 7PM to find out.

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