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Iron Man 3 Concept Art Reveals Plot Point?

Iron Man 3 is already kicking into high gear, as we've already seen from the first set photo last month. However, Entertainment Weekly, who has already provided new Hobbit photos today, have also unveiled a new piece of concept art for Robert Downey Jr.'s next tenure in his palladium-powered suit.

The picture appears to depict a surprised Tony Stark under attack as pieces of his armor seemingly fly onto his body, unbeknownst even to him. This, of course, plays into the widely-known bit of info that the film will adapt parts of the "Extremis" comic book storyline in which Stark becomes bonded with his suit, operated by his sheer will with the help of nanotechnology. (I guess he can toss the wrist remote control.)

If you happen to be at Comic-Con in San Diego next week, then you may want to know that Marvel Studios will apparently be giving out posters of this very picture.

Iron Man 3 directed by Shane Black hits theaters on May 3, 2013.


Fifty Shades Of Greyskull

Posted July 3, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Fifty Shades Of Grayskull

As under-achieving, cowardly Prince Adam, he could go nowhere with Teela. However, as He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe, he would have all the swagger he needs to shatter her misgivings, take her to his castle's mystical red dungeon, and ride his Battle-Ram up her Fright Zone.


Patriotic Avengers Battle High Prices

"Make no mistake, competitors of this Trader Joe's. There is no version of this where you come out on top.

Maybe Walmart will price-match, maybe Albertson's will do double coupons, but it's all on you. Because if we can't protect this supermarket, you can be damned well sure, we'll avenge it!"


Whenever we think about Anime Expo, our thoughts are filled with images of cosplayers dressed as characters from great anime series like Dragon Ball Z, thrilling movies like The Dark Knight Rises, cool video games like Team Fortress 2, and classic comics like Spider-Man and The Avengers. Anime Expo is one of the most fascinating, geek-oriented events in the world and we're super excited that it's back, and you should be too, because of Anime Expo cosplay pics! 

Wade through our vast sea of photos featuring costumed fanatics and scantily clad vixens and marvel as your happiness levels increase tenfold!

Anime Expo 2012 Anime Manga Cosplay PicturesAnime Expo 2012 Comic Book Cosplay PicturesAnime Expo 2012 Movies TV Cosplay PicturesAnime Expo 2012 Video Game Cosplay Pictures

Remember when Sara Underwood cosplayed at Anime Expo 2011 as the curvaceous emerald-locked Lum the Invader from the manga series, Urusei Yatsura? We do. You can too.

More? You need more cosplay? You're tough to satisfy. Ok, go check out our pics from the very recent AM2 Convention.

Those pesky advertising bugs always find creative ways to inject themselves in the middle of what you're watching.

This one, however, decided that an effective way to promote the upcoming release of The Amazing Spider-Man was to depict Spidey in the culmination of a miniature adventure as he swings out of pitcher, C.C. Sabathia's ass to safety.

He was looking for answers about the mysterious circumstances of his parents' disappearance. All he found instead was the remnants of a breakfast burrito and a hidden can of Vaseline.

Batman & Batman Live Behind The Scenes -- Now With Relationship Advice!

What happens when Batman and Batman co-host their own daytime talk show? Well, when you throw in a relationship expert into the mix, things don't always go so well. But hey, at least we got some behind the scenes photos for your enjoyment! Check it out.

This was a cool video in its own right, but do yourself a favor and wait for it...

He was climbing up this gigantic tower looking for glory and a view of the sublime. -- What he got instead was a chance meeting with "power and responsibility." (This time played by Andrew Garfield.)

How Bruce Banner Opens Pickle Jars

"That's my secret, Cap. I'm always hungry."

Other Hulk-worthy moments around the house include moving furniture, gardening, and loosening those tiny, annoying nuts on coaxial cable attachments.


He Saved Gotham Before It Was Gotham

While the Batman family lie here together peacefully, unfortunately, their rest is regularly disturbed by vandals who keep writing "na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na" above the family name.

In order for this to stop, some rogue groundskeeper with a lot of money for cool gadgets needs to take the law into his own hands and become the night.



Insane Clown Posse Take Over Fresh Ink Online! »

Legendary hard rockin’ Detroit hip hop duo Insane Clown Posse have kidnapped host Blair Butler and taken over Fresh Ink Online!!! Well, not really…but Blair is out this week and ICP stopped by to hijack the show, along with some select G4 staffers who pick their favorite comics of the week. So dig reviews of the new Batman, Spider-Men, the debut of The Massive, and Manga favorite Cain Saga. Make sure to check out Insane Clown Posse’s new album The Mighty Death Pop, out on August 14 on Psychopathic Records, or head over to their annual Gathering of The Juggalos August 8th –12th.

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