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When Sauron Takes A Day Off

Posted March 22, 2012 - By Moye Ishimoto

When Sauron Takes A Day Off

If you've ever wondered what the Barad-dûr looks like when Sauron's on vacation, here's an idea.

Blair Butler Talks Comic Books, MMA & More With Nerdist News

When the comic conventions come rolling around, Fresh Ink's Blair Butler is one busy girl. In between updating us on the latest movie news from WonderCon and shooting a new episode of Fresh Ink, she also sat down with Nerdist News to talk about everything from the MMA, her own comic Heart, and what it's like working for Attack of the Show. (She says it's amazing!)

Read the full interview here!

Tonight On AOTS: Ugly American's Natasha Leggero Returns & Fresh Ink At WonderCon 2012

Tonight 7PM, Natasha Leggero returns to Attack of the Show for her new animated series, Ugly Americans while Blair Butler reports on the latest comic book news from WonderCon 2012, including an interview with Locke & Key's Joe Hill on his latest project. We also review the Beats By Dre Beatbox on Gadget Pr0n and Sara Underwood covers today's news on The Feed. See you tonight!

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No one quite tells a story like Taiwan's Next Media Animation. In this case, the tale of John Carter; a film which seemed to have a lot of promise, that ended up being one of the biggest box-office flops ever.

Could there be a more effective way to tell such a tale than with crashing Imperial Star Destroyers, deadly Lorax fatality moves, and Disney studio head, Rich Ross meekly skating on literal thin ice? Nope.

The Hunger Games Game

Posted March 21, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Satirical as this may be, it could be the case that the Twilight phenomenon has already successfully mixed the concepts of deadly battles and random decapitations with the issues of High-School-aged low self-esteem.

Will The Hunger Games and its sequels serve as the next evolutionary step?

WonderCon 2012 Blair Butler Pics

Posted March 20, 2012 - By Eugene Morton

WonderCon 2012 Blair Butler Pics

At WonderCon 2012, Blair Butler was treated like royalty. Unfortunately, her highness couldn't spend as much time with you, her adoring fans, as she wanted, so we put together a gallery of Blair Butler WonderCon photos for you to enjoy in lieu of personal contact. Have at them, you wonderful, con-dwelling nerds!

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Jonnie Vs. Voldemort

Posted March 20, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Warning: Bad Language

It's always annoying when you're hiking in a creepy forest at night and run into Lord Voldemort and his Death Eater cohorts. He usually just ends up molesting you while whispering "Draco."

This video might have ended up being a Trojan-horsed ad for someone's book, but it nevertheless yielded some pretty hilarious results.

WonderCon 2012 Cosplay Pictures

Posted March 19, 2012 - By Eugene Morton

WonderCon 2012 Cosplay Pictures

If you didn't attend WonderCon 2012 this past weekend, you have our deepest sympathies, because you missed out on a ton of comics, anime, manga, video games and scantily clad cosplayers (including one Adrianne Curry). However, you can get a taste of the geek extravaganza if you check out G4's exclusive WonderCon 2012 pics! The nerds that have already seen them tell us that looking at our WonderCon 2012 photos is just like being at WonderCon, only you don't have to fight a crowd of nerds for con-exclusive Avengers swag. Other than that, the experience is exactly the same.

This lady may be related to Harper Lee, one of America's great writers, but right now, we're calling her the real life Dalek.

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Warning: Bad Language

The students of Hogwarts used to only worry about basilisks, giant spiders, and hidden horcruxes. -- That was, until a new student arrived from the "wrong side of the tracks" of platform 93/4 and the house of Gryffindor would never be the same.

This destructive delinquent could send Harry Potter and the gang on the wrong path of smoking, drinking, and recreational polyjuice abuse.

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