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Olivia Munn: Sexiest Moments »

The title says it all. Sit back, relax, and get ready for some of the sexiest moments from Ms. Munn.

AOTS Friday, July 31

Posted July 31, 2009 - By Eugene Morton
Admiral Adama...er, Edward James Olmos...reveals how Battlestar Galactica has influenced the United Nations to change their official language on race.
Exercise Machine Fail, Heckler Won't Quit, Anime Kiss, Yoga Farm. Girl Gets Answer Very Wrong.
Thank the Internet for ruining a favorite childhood pastime with this piggyback shoulder-riding fetish group inspired by sado-masochists. We'll never look at our childhood playtime videos the same way again.
women of the web
Take a trip around the world with the hottest international models found online, like Jessica Gomes from Australia and Yuri Ebihara from Japan. How do you say "can I get your number" in Australian?
Micro NES Controller
We followed up the World's Largest NES Controller with... the World's Smallest!


Olivia vs. Fake Olivia »

Celebrities often have to deal with doppelgangers. How does Olivia deal with hers? Let’s just say things get a bit catty around the studio.

AOTS Video Classic: Nerded Out

Posted July 29, 2009 - By Rob Vaughn


Nerded Out »

AOTS takes Chris Hardwick back to his roots in it's own try at a dating show. Who will our lovly suiter pick? Watch her narrow down the choices quickly to reach the man of her dreams.


LA Roller Derby »

Are you attracted to girls that could kick your ass? If so the LA Roller Derby is for you. Alison Haislip discovers exactly what this sport is all about when she visits the Roller Dolls.

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Kevin Monk Shots a Mannequin »


Paintball guns can take an eye out. Kevin takes that idea one step further and goes for the junk. What a bloody mess.


Batman's New Voice-Over Career »

Comic-Con is going all weekend. So in honor of that AOTS Video Classics will be presenting all super-hero/comic themed videos all week.

Batman is the defender in the shadows, the caped crusader, the dark knight. The mere sound of his voice is enough to instill fear in the criminal element of Gotham City. However, when Batman tries to use his voice to sell a few products, it’s utter disaster. Check it out in today’s AOTS Classic Video.



Dr. Manhattan Visits AOTS »

Comic-Con begins today. It is running through this weekend, so in honor of that AOTS Video Classics will be presenting all super-hero/comic themed videos all week.

AOTS has had many guests in the past. So what happens when the super powerful Dr. Manhattan comes to the set? Let's just say, understanding what he had to say about space and time was the least of our problems.


Girlverine Shaves Her Legs »

Comic-Con is this weekend, so in honor of that AOTS Video Classics will be presenting all super-hero/comic themed videos all week.

The best part about being wolverine is the cool mutant abilities. See how girlverine uses her healing abilities in everyday life.

Seth Green Interview »

In case you haven't heard all over our Twitter, Seth Green will be stopping by Attack of the Show today to talk about really important things, like garnering two Emmy nominations, Robot Chicken, Comic-Con, how to solve our health care crisis and why the sky is blue.

We've long been a fan of Seth Green so we expect you to feel the same...unless you've been living under a rock and have no idea who he is. Really? REALLY?

Luckily, we're here to save you from supreme embarrassment with this refresher video from 2008 on why we heart Seth so much. Kevin Pereira sits down with Seth to talk about Robot Chicken's Star Wars special.

Wow, look how crazy the world was back in '08! They had colour TV then? And Seth looks...exactly the same. Enjoy!

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