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The Human Centipede II's Ashlynn Yennie Pictures

The Human Centipede II may be filled with horrible abominations the likes of which mankind has never seen, but at least Ashlynn Yennie is in the movie to pretty things up a little. In like fashion, The Human Centipede II star also did a good job of beautifying the AOTS set as you can see in our cool Ashlynn Yennie photos. We're sure those of you with weak stomachs appreciate the non-centipede glimpse at the lovely actor.

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Bustice & Power Girl Save A Nuclear Power Plant, Pics

At long last, Bustice (Sara Underwood), and the hottest do-gooder in DC Comics, Power Girl (Carrie Keagan) have teamed up to save the world from destruction, and what's more, there are throngs of Bustice pics and Power Girl photos to commemorate their sexy stand against doom and villainy! Truly, this is a glorious day for all lovers of justice and for tomorrow's heroes who will look to AOTB's Bustice and Power Girl cosplay photo gallery for inspiration… busty, heaving inspiration.




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The Thing's Mary Elizabeth Winstead Pics

We know that you nerds loved Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona in Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and will love her more as a flamethrower wielding badass in The Thing, so it was a safe bet that you'd want to see Mary Elizabeth Winstead pictures on AOTB and sure as sunshine, we got 'em for you. See how much you're loved?

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The UFC's Chuck Liddell Behind-the-Scenes Interview »

Legendary UFC champion and current UFC Executive Vice President of Business Development, Chuck Liddell discusses his early days as a UFC fighter, talks about the growing pains MMA has endured as a sport, recounts the UFC's evolution, and makes big reveals about the UFC's future with Fox and more! UFC fans and MMA enthusiasts, you have to see this!

Also, follow Chuck Liddell on Twitter @ChuckLiddell and on Facebook.

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Pictures Of Candace Bailey Carving Pumpkins, Herself

It's nearly pumpkin carving time and in the spirit of the season Candace Bailey had plans to teach you how to properly carve yourself a prize, orange gourd, but things sadly went awry, resulting in a severed finger, a bloody chopping board and horrific Candace Bailey pumpkin carving photos. Now, we won't blame you if you're too afraid to look at them, but we'll definitely lose some respect for you if you don't, so there's that.


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Slow Motion Destruction With Jessica Chobot, Pics

There's an immutable law of filmmaking which dictates that slow motion makes everyone look cooler, especially people like Jessica Chobot who are already pretty cool. That's why the slow motion Phantom Camera footage of Jessica Chobot's destructive rampage looked so awesome on today's AOTS and also why our freeze-frame Jessica Chobot pictures from said rampage will blow your mind! Check 'em out, if you're not afraid of losing bits of grey matter in a cool-splosion!

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The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus Visits & Jessica Chobot's Phantom Camera Fun On AOTS Tonight

Tonight on Attack of the Show, Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey kick off EPICTOBER with Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead. He'll be in studio to talk about the hit show's second season and what it's like fighting zombies. Jessica Chobot also checks in with the Phantom Camera, the coolest and most flexible HD digital cinema camera. She'll be smashing everything in sight, all in slow motion! Oh, and a new Epic Giveaway, tonight at 7PM.

Idris Elba of Luthor & Thor Behind-the-Scenes Interview »


The charming and witty Idris Elba talks to AOTB about the dark turns he'd like the crime drama Luther to take in future seasons, discusses his time spent working on Thor with such greats as Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Kenneth Branagh and raves about his other upcoming comic book adaptation, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. If you love Luther or Marvel Comics, this will thrill you and when you're done being thrilled, follow Idris Elba on Twitter @idriselba.

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Andrew Dice Clay, Max Silverstein BTS Interview »

The legendary standup comedian Andrew Dice Clay, joined by his son and fellow comedian Max Silverstein, talk about Andrew Dice Clay's career resurgence thanks to the show Entourage, his upcoming book and possible documentaries, reveal what inspires Andrew Dice Clay's comedy today, and discuss what it's like being father and son in the comedy business. You standup comedy fans, and we know you're out there, will want to see this.

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Alphas' Azita Ghanizada Photos

Posted September 26, 2011 - By Eugene Morton

Alpha's Azita Ghanizada Photos 

Azita Ghanizada plays one of the most interesting characters on Alphas, and being fans, we were excited to have her on AOTS and, of course, take some Azita Ghanizada pictures for you. The Alphas star was great and the Azita Ghanizada pics we captured are equally as great. So, check out the Azita Ghanizada stills, re-watch Azita Ghanizada's interview with Kevin Pereira and lose yourself in a storm of Alphas-based, science fiction fantasy.

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