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Apple iPhone Tethering To Cost $10?

Posted January 11, 2009 - By r_pad

Last week, Sinden wrote about the strong possibility that AT&T will allow tethering on the Apple iPhone. For those of you unfamiliar with tethering, it allows you to use your mobile phone as a modem. For users with 3G phones, this can be an extremely convenient way to connect to the Internet. The latest rumor on tethering is that AT&T will allow this functionality for only $10. This is much lower than what its competitors charge, as well as lower than what most experts were expecting ($30). According to MacBlogz:

"The biggest piece of information we learned was that AT&T is playing around with a $10 price-point. This made my eyes light up and I asked them how they could get away with charging a third of what was initially reported, here’s the response I got. 'iPhone tethering is primarily an AT&T offering, but it involves Apple at least wanting or allowing the service, which they do. If it doesn’t function as expected, I know of a few people who may lose their jobs,' my colleague explained. 'While you may think it’s as easy as streamlining our Blackberry tethering service over to the iPhone, it’s not. Connection may be tied into iTunes, and Apple is incredibly controlling when it comes to this space.'"

The news is kind of mixed. On one hand, the pricing would be awesome. On the other hand, tethering wouldn't be that useful if AT&T and Apple imposed strict limits. If iPhone tethering is easy to use and the bandwidth cap is generous then this could end up being an attractive feature for iPhone users on the go.

Would you pay $10 for iPhone tethering? If so, what kind of bandwidth cap is acceptable to you for that price? Would you pay $30 for tethering?


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Do you have an HDTV? Do you have it mounted on your wall? Are you sick of all the cluttered wires hanging out of the back of your wall-mounted TV? Are you riculously wealthy? Well then do we have a product for you. The Belkin Flywire turns all your HDMI output devices into one box that wirelessly sends the picture signal to your TV. Awesome!

Kevin and Dave also check out a new Audiovox Remote that has a color touchscreen and can control up to 18 devices at once! Sounds like the ultimate set up to me. Check it out.

CES '09: The Belkin Flywire & Audiovox Remote


CES '09: The Belkin Flywire & Audiovox Remote »

Check out all the other expensive things that you want but can't afford in the CES video page


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Palm's Pre mobile phone has been getting a ton of buzz, despite its stupid name. Its sleek looks and novel OS have made it one of the biggest hits of 2009's Consumer Electronics Show. It's been a day since Palm's big announcement and the initial euphoria is wearing off, which has people thinking in more practical terms. How much is the Pre going to cost? Well, according to All Things Digital, it'll be more than $199. The site's Peter Kafka wrote:

"The biggest unknown is price, which went unmentioned during the demo. My assumption is that Palm (PALM) would try to take market share by coming in significantly lower than the $200 or so Apple wants for its iPhone. But when I ran that theory by Palm CEO Ed Colligan , he looked at me liked I’d peed on his rug. 'Why would we do that when we have a significantly better product,' he asked, then walked away."

There's even a rumor floating around that the phone will go for $399 -- subsidized!

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Palm unveiled the Palm Pre handheld during its press conference at CES 2009. Featuring the company's new Web OS, the Pre is a sexy slider that will be available exclusively through Sprint in the first half of 2009. A UMTS version will follow after Sprint's exclusivity expires.

On the hardware side, the Pre features a 3.1-inch touchscreen, a slide-out keyboard, a three-megapixel camera, an LED flash, a GPS, Bluetooth 2.1 support (including EDR and A2DP), 8GB of internal storage, WiFi support, and a MicroSD slot. The device will run on Sprint's zippy EVDO Revision A network. It features smooth lines and a reflective back (perfect for making sure my beauty marks are properly accentuated). This is, by far, the best-looking handheld Palm has released in a very long time.

The software side is arguably even more interesting. Web OS has a feature called Synergy, which synchronizes contacts and calendars from multiple sources. Contacts can be synced from services and software like Facebook , Gmail, AIM, and Outlook, while calendars can be matched up from Google Calendar, Outlook, and others. Early reports indicate that Web OS is pretty slick and intuitive. I definitely want to see more of the browser and some real-world interaction before getting too excited about it.

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Mad Catz's CES Product Extravaganza

Posted January 7, 2009 - By kijibe

Mad Catz has announced some new toys at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

First, you now have even more choices when it comes to plugging up your ears when you need free hands and you gotta talk to mom on your drive home.

Mad Catz has released its AirDrives FIT Interactive Earphones and AirDrives FIT Interactive Earphones for iPhone.

It uses a patent pendidng InAir Technology which allows you to listen to the tunes but still be aware when someone is creeping up behind you. There are no frames in their earphones. Instead there's a wire loop that fits around the ears that's adjustable. Great for when you have your Blublockers or bike helmet on.

The AirDrives FIT earphones also has an integrated microphone that let's your pause your music to take those important calls, too.

They're priced at $59.99 -- yeah, a bit steep just for a pair of darn earphones, but let's see if the sonic quality makes it worth the price.

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Live Blog: LG Press Conference

Posted January 7, 2009 - By bleahy

UPDATE: Our video of LG's entire press conference is now live!

Our live blog coverage of CES 2009 kicks off with LG Electronics and their press conference. The press is filing in and as expected, the products being shown off are mostly TVs and computer monitors. I've also spotted some speakers, some portable devices, and what looks like a hard-drive enclosure for network storage.

I'll be bringing you the product lists when the presentation begins. More recent updates are found lower in the story. Chronologically and such.

8:00AM PST - Michael Ahn, CEO of LG Electronics North America, takes the stage. "Last year was a very important year for LG Electonics." He points to America's perception of LG as a stylish brand with smart technology. Sales increased to 13 billion in 2008, 16 percent increase over 2007 above goals. This growth was based on focus on consumers with products that are stylish and "fit into consumer's everyday lives".

LG will not reduce marketing spending or R&D despite the economic recession. It will maintain LG as a premier brand with industry leading products.

It will continue to add LED backlighting to its HDTVs and move to 240Hz refresh rates, as well as incorporate Blu-Ray into future products. Wireless TVs are also part of the company's future.

LG will partner with Yahoo!, YouTube, Netflix to deliver content directly to consumers.

It hopes to provide the best customer service in North America and notes that its call-center response-time is already under 30 seconds per call. Even with the recession, LG is positive about the future.

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Best Buy, the first big retailer to stock the iPhone, is offering its customers another service: The opportunity to purchase a refurbished iPhone at a discount price. The phones, all of which were returned less than 30 days after they were originally purchased, will cost $50 less than new iPhones. That's $149 for an 8 gig iPhone and $249 for the 16 gig version.

As you might expect from Apple, a two year, AT&T service contract is required, just like it is with new iPhones.

Ever buy anything refurbed? I have, and I've had mixed results. The refurbed stereo receiver works perfectly, but the used fireworks were less than spectacular. So if I do get a used iPhone, you'd better believe I'm jacking it from some lady's purse, amiright? High Five!


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Capping off Apple's 2009 MacWorld keynote was a trio of iTunes announcements. The company announced that starting this April, iTunes will be offering tiered pricing for songs. Individual tracks will cost $.69, $.99, or $1.29. The new prices will apply to new songs only (though this could change in the future). Apple senior vice president Phil Schiller was quick to point out that more songs would be available at $.69 than $1.29.

While the new iTunes pricing scheme might make some people unhappy, nobody can argue with the awesomeness that starting today, eight-million songs will be availble on iTunes in the DRM-free iTunes Plus format. By the end of March, an additional two-million songs will be available without all that DRM crap. This means by the beginning of April, all iTunes songs will be free of DRM. That's just excellent!

Last, but not least, is news that will make iPhone 3G users giggle with delight. Starting today, owners of the latest iPhone will be able to preview and download songs via 3G. Previously, iPhone owners were restricted to WiFi if they wanted to make any mobile iTunes purchases.

So how about it iTunes and iPhone fans? Do these announcements have you psyched? As I was typing this, I updated 22 songs in my iTunes library to iTunes Plus. Any of you doing the same? Any iPhone owners try downloading a song over 3G yet? Let me know!


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To make sure that people don't think of Apple as all play and no work, the company unveiled new features to its iWork productivity suite. Yeah, I know that office suites are kind of boring, but there are actually some pretty interesting features here. The one that will get executives all hot and bothered is the "Keynote Remote" feature of iWork '09's presentation program. This feature allows users to control Keynote presentations with their iPhone or iPod Touch.

Starting today, Mac users can snag iWork '09 for $79. The Keynote Remote application for iPhone and iPod Touch will be availble for $.99 through the App Store.

Controlling presentations with an iPhone sounds cool, but it also creates the potential for the most obnoxious presentations the world has ever seen. I'm scared.


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AT&T May Allow Tethering on iPhones

Posted January 5, 2009 - By kijibe

There's a chance that AT&T may provide its customers with an iPhone tethering plan.

Tethering takes a wireless phone's high speed data connection and allows it to connect with a non-mobile device like a desktop computer laptop.

For iPhone customers, that means using AT&T's zippy 3G network for Internet access. But you know it's not going to be free. It will probably cost an additional $30 to what you already pay for the 3G data access. So those of you who are thinking, "hey! I'm going to do away with my home DSL bill!"

The rumors are that AT&T will reveal the plan and pricing this week.


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