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AOTS - December 3rd 2008

Posted December 3, 2008 - By Mike D'Alonzo
In a special all-'Punisher' edition of Fresh Ink, Blaire Butler takes us through her love of Garth Ennis' masterwork via the new 'Omnibus' collection from Marvel Knight, as well as a smaller 'Punisher' collection in the new 'First to Last' novel.
Kevin and Chris take each other on in an all-out Aussie Rules Baby Swinging battle that ends in terror.
In case you've got thousands of dollars sitting around and an itch to buy expensive movie memorabilia, Chris Hardwick will help you with a few items you should seek out, such as Luke Skywalker's original lightsaber, or a working Gizmo from 'Gremlins 2.'
In this hump-day edition of Around the Net, we find it enlightening to bring you men behaving stupidly. We know how much you treasure your daily schadenfreude.
It's time for your hump-day edition of the Feed, and do not fret for Layla is here to dish it upon you. She'll cover the new MySpace mobile video model, the free Amazon iPhone app that makes non-stop shopping possible, and much much more.
Today's WTF is a rudimentary look at one of the web's weirder fascinations. Tricophilia, or an intense love for the brushing, shampooing, and pulling of human hair, is all over the nets, and really make us perk up and say, "What the BOOP?"
This week's entrant for Break Moments in De-Evolution is centered around dumb jocks doing dumb things. We'll see a failed dunk, a football to the head, and what happens when an emo kid tries to be a jock. Here's a clue: FAILURE.
We're joined live via satellite by the Netflix Vice President of Corporate Communication, Steve Swasey, who talks with Kevin about Netflix's new on-demand business model and how they're pulling off all this fancy streaming.
This week's look at great gifts for under $100 takes us to today's EasyShare point and click digital camera from Kodak, which has a whopping 9.2 megapixels, a steal at just $99.

AOTS - December 2nd, 2008

Posted December 2, 2008 - By Mike D'Alonzo
If you're looking for a one-stop free online shop for all of your visual media needs, onetruemedia.com just might be it, especially if you're talking about photo slideshows, facebook app support, and on-demand DVD printing of your original productions.
Kevin's running for re-election and its important that the public know about his affinity for boobs and humping, hence this political ad where he rubs and humps things.
Ray Stevenson drops by the studio to talk to Kevin about last night's big Hollywood premiere of 'The Punisher: War Zone,' his take on comics, and what's up next for the guy who also starred in 'Rome,' the HBO series.
Should you find you need a small music player, for you or a special someone, with 8GB of storage, an FM tuner, and access to Rhapsody, all for under $99, you should check out our Gadget Pr0n review of the SanDisk 8GB Clip.
It's Tuesday,and that can only mean it's time to hear from our resident film expert, Chris Gore, who's going to give us his take on new releases 'Wanted,''Metalocalypse,' and 'Step Brothers.'
David Ewalt joins us from New York to talk about the recent court ruling against Lori Drew and the whole imbroglio involving the MySpace suicide of earlier this year. How will the ruling effect our ability to freely enjoy the internet, i.e. lie on it?
Layla returns to the Feed to deliver all the news you need to know, including info on a new Nokia smartphone due out in 2009, Yahoo's top searches for 2008, Battlestar Galactica's spinoff, and a rediscovered 3000 year-old stash of marijuana.
This edition of Around the Net gives us an exercise program gone wrong, some fiery tennis, bad times at work, computer lessons for seniors, and some Georgian groping.
Attack of the Show has all the tips you need when looking to slim down that gigantic bulge in your pants you call a wallet, starting with losing the discount cards but still being able to use them.

AOTS Monday December 1

Posted December 1, 2008 - By Mike D'Alonzo
It's time to get the scoop from Kevin and Olivia once again on all things robots. This time, they'll look at the new Japanese AR (Assistant Robot) from Japan destined to someday be your robo-maid of choice, among many other exciting robot tidbits.
If you're looking for a good solid phone to stuff into someone's stocking, you might want to check out the 3rd edition of the fancy LG Chocolate flip phone, which can be yours for $99 and a contract.
We take another visit to the wikipediatrician who's got a few enlightening nuggets of fake wisdom to dish out on us, in classic UNeducated guess style.
Alison Haislip got the chance to sit down with Bam Margera to talk about his new holiday film, in which he directs and stars, where he traipses across the Earth in search of the elusive Santa Claus.
Madame Olivia Munn lists some of the better technology hacks we should all aspire to achieve. She'll let us in on Trumpet Hero, a TV-B-Gone hoodie, and an emergency party button.
Sometimes life gets tough and there is no sunshine to be found. However, there is a place you can always go for a smile. It's Around the Net.
Kristin Adams is back to tell you the most important Feed news you'll hear all day, including the fallout from Black Friday, a Linux iPhone hack, and a ruling on the MySpace suicide case.
An estimated 80 tweets happen every 5 seconds in the world of Twitter, most of which are for entertainment, but how can Twitter be used in times of great emergencies and who's to say that the information you're getting is always accurate?

Fresh Ink Online: Thanksgiving Graphic Novel Special »

In this very special Thanksgiving edition of Fresh Ink, host Blair Butler makes a rare departure from the paperback comic route and reviews four of the hottest new graphic novels on the scene. 

Mesmo Delivery, La Muse, Screamland and Queen and Country Special Edition all get the once over. Can ya guess which one will make Pick of the Week? If you can, help yourself to some extra turkey and stuffin’. If not, then prepare to be banished to a far off land. Kidding. Kinda. 


(…and make sure to hit us up on Facebook and MySpace or be deemed unhip on Turkey Day!)



AOTS Wednesday, November 26

Posted November 26, 2008 - By Eugene Morton
Human Basketball, Turkey Pardon, Korean Popeyes Ad, Alien Squid, Cat Spank.
Chris Hardwick heads down to San Diego to field test the new 15.1 megapixel Canon EOS 50D Camera by taking shots of the San Diego Chargers during pre-game training. How does the flashy, high priced DSLR stack up? Find out in Gadget Pr0n.
in your pants
Anna David provides relationship saving advice for a gentleman who wants to get his new gal pal the perfect, non-committal gift for her birthday and another guy who is curious about having some fun with a dominatrix.
It's time for your pre-Thanksgiving news with the lovely Ms. Layla Kayleigh who's here to tell us about the potential for The Beatles on iTunes, a Tivo Mobile app that lets you set recordings on the go, and the shutdown of our favorite Viagra game.
The Blu-ray 'Hancock' DVD is now available and Alison Haislip got a chance to sit and chat with the heralded director of the film, Peter Berg.
Ms. Olivia Munn takes us through some more Black Friday deals that might come in handy if you're looking for a deal on a Rock Band 2 bundle, a cheap Blu-ray player, and a nice big ole HDTV for just $1,100.
In today's edition of What's Up With Japan, we take a look at the socially encouraged practices of drunken businessmen, a cat that's a train mascot, and the winner of this year's Wanko Soba noodle eating contest.
Kevin interviews David Sarno, staff writer at the Los Angeles Times and their technology blog, about the specifics of Abraham Briggs' suicide, which was broadcast live via webcam on Justin.tv.
Get exclusive access to the cast and crew and see firsthand what it takes to put on the daily hour-long braingasm that is Attack Of The Show.
Kevin Pereira was kind enough to shoot some behind the scenes video from yesterday's show using the iPhone Qik application that streams live video directly from your Jesus Phone.

AOTS Tuesday, November 25

Posted November 25, 2008 - By Eugene Morton
Resident Evil...
Reports are that Verizon stores have had some scuffles over today's gadget in its limited release, but we've got one and we'd like to tell you all about the new BlackBerry Storm with its 3G, GPS, web browsing, 3.2 megapixel camera, and MS Office support.
Chris Gore, our resident film expert, is here to let us in on what to buy from today's DVD release class. He'll keep us in the loop on Will Smith's superhero film, 'Hancock,' the Collector's Edition for '300,' and the new'Dr. Who 4th Season' DVD.
We'll take a look at what makes the dumber of our peoples tick, in this week's edition of Break Moments in De-Evolution. Today, we observe the drunken antics of college losers. Think darts, table slams, and escalators. What could be better?
On set or on location, Attack Of The Show brings you the deets on your favorite things to watch when you're not watching us.
If you never tire of watching Jason Statham crack heads and deal goods, you'll love our look at his next flick, 'Transporter 3.' We'll hear from stars Jason Statham and Robert Knepper, interview style, as well as Olivier Megaton, the film's director.
Olivia Munn takes time out of her busy hosting schedule to run down some of the best deals for you and yours regarding computer tech, should you be so bold as to leave the house the day after Thanksgiving.
Bottle Explosion, Dog vs. Branch, Brick Balancing, Redneck Rocket, Bad Beatbox.
Layla is here to give you all the news you need to know, so listen up. She's got the deets on YouTube's transition to a widescreen player, Facebook's $873 million lawsuit, and how astronauts are turning pee and sweat into fresh drinking water.
It's time to take another look at %#&*in' science with today's super easy do-it-yourself audio experiment. See what happens when you place rice over top a sheet of foil over top a loud speaker. Here's a hint, it's %#&*in' science!
Olivia Munn peddles her fantastic beatboxing compilation set of CDs. If you thought Munn could beatbox before, just wait until you learn different. What?

Freestyle 101: Large Professor

Posted November 25, 2008 - By Frank Meyer

Freestyle 101: Large Professor »

New York hip hop vet Large Professor is considered one of the greatest producer/MCs in the game. Behind the mic he has helmed tracks off A Tribe Called Quest’s Midnight Marauders, Eric B. & Rakim's Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em, Kool G Rap's Wanted: Dead or Alive, and cuts by Nas, Busta Rhymes, Masta Ace, Big Daddy Kane, Mobb Deep, and many others. As an MC, his group Main Source recorded the classic Breakin’ Atoms album, where he discovered a young, unknown MC named Nas, who debuted on the track “Live at the BBQ.” After years of producing for others though, P returned to the mic for his critically acclaimed 2002 solo effort 1st Class and this year’s stellar Main Source.

So Freestyle 101 was beyond honored when this multi-talented maestro stopped by The Engine Room in Hollywood to drop science over a Messiaz beat and knowledge during the interview. Xtra P gives us a genuine off the top freestyle and schools us in hip hop with a history lesson in mic skills. He even brought along fiery up and comer Killa Sha, but you’ll have to wait a few weeks for his episode. 

Read More »

Fresh Ink Online: Invincible, JSA Magog and Pax Romana »

Hi comic lovers!

In this kick ass edition of Fresh Ink Online host Blair Butler dives head first into Invincible #55, Ex Machina #39, Fantastic 4 #561, and the debut of Justice Society of America Kingdom Come Special Magog

Yet it’s the fourth installment of the elegant Pax Romana that really tickles her fancy. Though, for the record, Blair is not ticklish, so keep yer hands to yourself, buster!

Plus, listen carefully…there’s zombies afoot! 


(...and make to check us out on Facebook and Myspace!)

You've met the Pumphrey Brothers, haven't you? Craig and Paul Pumphrey, the recognized champions of destruction and the stars of the new G4 show Human Wrecking Balls? Well, if you have, then you know how cool it is to watch them break stuff using only their body mass to do so. If not, you're really missing out.

Luckily, there's an all-new episode of Human Wrecking Balls tonight at 10:30PM ET, so you can catch up.

Paul and Craig take on a rock star's fantasy when they lay waste to a four-star hotel room, without the pesky groupies or paparazzi around to worry about. It's good, clean, old-fashion destruction. In the meantime, check out these videos of the Pumphreys doing their thing.


Human Wrecking Balls: Breaking Car Windshield »


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Freestyle 101: YTCracker

Posted November 18, 2008 - By Frank Meyer

Freestyle 101: YTCracker »

YTCracker (a.k.a. Bryce Case, Jr.) is a dope rapper, a hacker, a playa, and the undisputed king of Nerdcore Hip Hop. Just ask him.

The man who put the Colorado Springs rap scene on the map is also a huge G4 fan and has been down with us for years. He recorded TheFeed theme song way back when, he starred in our first Nerdcore TV promo earlier this year, and he has been featured on Attack of the Show several times.

As a rapper, YTCracker has been making indie hip hop on his own label, Digital Gangster Enterprises, since 1998, where he’s been releasing albums like Nerd Life and Dirty Nerdy. He tours constantly and has performed alongside such musical acts as Xzibit, Cypress Hill, Digital Underground and George Clinton. He even co-wrote Too Short’s “Pimpandho.com” from 2003’s Married to the Game. His next effort is a collaboration album with fellow nerd rapper/producer MC Lars, The Digital Gangster LP.

As a hacker, YT was exposed to computers by his folks at a young age and was soon programming, designing and terrorizing. In 1999, he made headlines when he defaced NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center website, as well as a few other government sites. This landed him into the media spotlight, making him a go-to talking head on internet mischievousness and teen hacking.

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