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James L. VenableThe next time you're sitting in a theater watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster or sitting on your couch zoning out to your favorite TV show, try for a second to ignore the good looking actors, the well written dialogue and the expensive sets and zero in on the underlying element which completes the scene, yet so often goes ignored by the conscious mind, the musical score. Today, we're taking a moment to profile one of Hollywood's special songsmiths, master composer for film, television and video games, who has worked on projects such as Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the Scary Movie series, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Powerpuff Girls, Clerks: The Animated Series and Samurai Jack James L. Venable.

What inspired you to become a composer?

I originally started off on piano. My grandmother made me take lessons and I was sort of a reluctant student, but I did kind of enjoy messing around with the piano and just seeing what kind of melodies I could come up with on my own. When I got into high school, I saw the opportunity to get into rock bands and that sort of thing and I decided to switch over to the drum set. That was always kind of a cooler more fun thing, so I thought I could meet more girls that way anyway. So, what I did was (this was all in the 80s when synthesizers were really coming to forefront and electronic drums were kind of a big thing), I decided the best way to get into those was to get a sampler. So, I bought my Ensoniq Mirage, which was the first portable sampler. It had like, I don't know, half a meg of RAM or some ridiculous, low amount of memory, but you could kind of put your drums in there and I hooked up pads to it and I realized it could sample so much more than percussion and drums, so I bought a keyboard for it and that's when I kind of decided, "Well this would be kind of neat if I could use these tools to create my own music and I could drum to it.” Because I'm not really lyrically driven, I started looking into the world of instrumental music and I saw that it has a really great life in film and television. So, what lead me to film and TV music was just sort of messing around with my drums and the technology and doing instrumental music.

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AOTS Tuesday, September 8

Posted September 8, 2009 - By Eugene Morton
On set or on location, Attack Of The Show brings you the deets on your favorite things to watch when you're not watching us.
Imagine a future where an MMO game can control other humans. Blair Herter did, alongside the people behind 'Gamer,' including Michael C. Hall, director Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor.
On set or on location, Attack Of The Show brings you the deets on your favorite things to watch when you're not watching us.
Elijah Wood stops by the studio to talk to Olivia Munn about his new CG animated film, 9 and about fighting evil machines in a post-apocalyptic world.
Olivia Munn talks to film expert Chris Gore on the latest DVD releases for this week, like season 1 of Fringe, Dexter's Season 3 and more. Find out which ones you should pick up or just plain Netflix!
Alison Haislip brings a bright and friendly news feeding with stories on the iPod Camera upgrade delay, MMA fighter Gina Carano cast in Soderbergh's 'Knockout' film and more.
Special guests, hot movie coverage, on-location shoots and everything else that only a show like Attack of the Show can show.
Adam Sessler and Kevin Pereira take a walk down Abbey Road with the highly anticipated The Beatles: Rock Band. Find out if the songs, animation and gameplay lets this game live up to all the hype.
You kids don't know how good you've got it. Everything is so easy and convenient. Today, you can just hit a remote and enjoy ATN, not like in the medieval period where you had to fight a dragon and kill an evil wizard to get just a taste of videos featuring violent marionettes, messed up pop divas, raps about disease and a bucking bronco with great aim.
Attack Of The Show knows what you like, what makes you laugh, and has an exhaustive list of your private information that includes your PIN numbers.
Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn use a future box to see what lies in the distance for Attack of the Show and only found two words: swine flu.
Resident Evil...
Color up your gadget life with Colorware, a site that lets you design, mix and match different colors to paint your iPhone or other mobile devices.

Actual Great Moments in De-Evolution: What Is 230?

Living in the 21st century means you're subjected to weekly viral campaigns set off by creative marketing teams trying to capture your short attention span. Yeah, I'm talking about Nike's famous video of Kobe Bryant jumping over a car, Sunsilk's bridezilla who cut her hair off hours before her wedding and even District 9's anti-robot bus stop ads.

But what happens if a viral campaign is just so mysterious that it leaves the public completely confused? Today we're marking the creepy "What Is 230" campaign as this week's Actual Moments in De-Evolution, since the empty website, complete lack of information (despite all the Googling you can do) and annoying presence on Hulu, baseball games, Twitter and billboards everywhere goes to show that sometimes being a little too cutting edge in marketing can send you back to the Dark Ages.

Hey, 230 people. Slow down. Evolve on the same speed as the rest of us. Your viral campaign isn't working because we're only spreading the confusion rather than hype over a new product. And the lack of hints just makes us tired of trying to figure this thing out.

So what is 230? No idea. Some people are speculating a new hybrid vehicle debuting in August 2010 or August 11th, smart people believe it's connected to the American electric grid and others (like me) are predicting the zombie apocalypse via electrical outlets. Beware the electric undead! 

Who knows. I'm just waiting until some Internet geek figures it out and screams "FIRST!!!" on their blog.

Actual Great Moments in De-evolution: Wooden Computer DeskToday's Break Moments in De-Evolution shows when home improvement goes wrong. Not everyone is smart dumb enough to use a nail gun on their body, but what happens you combine a little home improvement with technology? Usually you'd get some really cool modded computer towers or something, or in this case, a clunky but sexy looking computer desk made out of flammable material.

So that's why we're featuring artist Marlies Romberg's wooden computer, "Dear Diary 1.0," despite its incredible artistry and craftsmanship, as an Actual Great Moment in De-evolution.

Romberg's inspiration to build the desk was to remind people of "the literal and the figurative manifestation of the worlds colliding. A physical reminder that increasingly, the real and the digital are becoming indistinguishable." Uh...I don't really know what that means, but it's true! We're rapidly moving into a digital world where almost every form of communication can be done online. How does this affect the tangible aspects of our culture? Will we one day be limited to purely living digitally? This is starting to sound like a futuristic thriller starring Bruce Willis.

On the other hand, was it necessary to cut down a tree to build a computer-embedded desk?? There's a reason why the aesthetics of computers have evolved to what they look like today: they're easy to use, adjustable, pretty, you can move the keyboard around when necessary, aren't too flammable and they don't use trees.

So while I agree with the artist's statement about how quickly our culture is evolving into a digital world, I think Romberg's idea of combining the real world with our digital lives would be more poignant if the desk was something we'd be excited to use. You know, use an apple or a taxidermied squirrel as a mouse, or something that makes us think about the natural world while using a digital machine.

Regardless, it's a cool desk. I'd like to order four, please.

I want to take the intern’s corner in a different direction this week. It’s time we all go back to our childhood and talk about the games we played religiously, but could never seam to beat. There are too many to describe in one blog post, but this list is going to cover the intern’s top five hardest games.

** To ensure variety, if a series of games punched our testes particularly hard we lumped them together.**

Intern’s Corner: Games That Make You Say, FML!
5. Devil May Cry Series

Devil May Cry fist came out on the Playstation 2. It introduced one of video game’s most memorable characters Dante. Dante was a foul mouthed, sword swinging, gun toting, magic casting, badass from hell who doesn’t care about anything. The DMC series is known for its notorious puzzles and teeth grinding boss battles.

No game of this series is more responsible for the destruction of gamer minds then Devil May Cry 3. DMC3 is the last game featuring Dante as the protagonist. It was launched on the Playstation 2 in 2005 to a symphonic harmony of nerd rage felt around the world. The primary antagonist for this game was Dante’s twin brother Virgil. He is one of the hardest bosses to defeat in video game history. Any player up to the challenge of DMC3 has to be prepared for the inevitable and self-inflicted blow to the head.

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Tags: Comedy, Geek Out

Mornings at the office are always more fun when you get to spend them inside a windowless room watching the funniest Internet videos. Today's topic of discussion? One of the most beloved states in our Union.

"I don't know if we can hit people in the face with chains."

"I'm not from New Jersey. F--- that." 

"Is it only good if we get two girls to beat the sh-- out of each other? Yes."

"Do we have an inhouse Guido?"

"We're afraid of injuring ANYONE, man or woman." 

Tags: Comedy

My name is Brian and I'm the third and final intern at G4 Interactive. I'm from a very small town the Toledo area of Northwest Ohio. Like most men, I have simple dreams, dreams such as having a fridge filled with ham sandwiches, golfing on roof-tops, and enjoying a nice summers day with none other than the man himself, Billy Dee Williams. G4's promise to make my dreams come true strongly compelled me to get on that airplane and venture to the West Coast.

On my first day I met my fellow interns Meg and Rob. If I could use one word to define them, that word would be "squirrelly". But none the less, they are enjoyable people. My boss is a swell guy. He took notice of my resume and wants to help me pursue my interests in show development. He wasted no time at all introducing me to people who could help me with my particular career choice.

I cant really call myself a hardcore gamer, but what attracted me to G4 was the way it stands out from other channels and networks. They keep it fun and lighthearted, and have diverse programming.

So far I've been assisting on the shoots for Sessler's Soapbox, The MMO Report, and Fresh Ink Online. Its been fun and hopefully there will be more shoots to come. When I'm not helping on the sets, then I'm usually updating G4TV.com with various content. Lately, I've been dealing with a lot of stuff that involves Kevin Pereira. Could this be foreshadowing things to come? Such as carrying Kevin Pereira to any destination of his choosing, on my shoulders, for the rest of my life? If so, unfortunate.

All in all, I enjoy it here at G4. We don't get paid, but I was promised this neat squid costume(below) if I do good work. I would continue this blog, but I must return to work before I'm pelted to death with Nerf ammo.




Brian: Billy Dee Williams (as you've probably guessed), Carl Weathers, Wilford Brimley (with cowboy hat and horse)

Rob: Chris Farley,Jackie Chan, George Carlin

Meg: Kevin Smith, Steve Irwin, Heidi Klum

Tags: Comedy

Mega-Bonga-Tron »

With the 1,000th episode of Attack of the Show coming up, Dana Vinson (our longtime G4 web girl) likes to reminisce the good times with the Mega-Bonga-Tron from 2006.

There aren’t many people who come to work and get to don a bright pink helmet and drink beer out of a giant bong along side 25 of their co-workers. It is for this reason that Mega-Bonga-Tron is my favorite AOTS moment and why I love working here.

Can you think of any other workplace that builds the world's biggest beer bong? AND lets you drink from it? Probably not.

Yes, we know it's been a while since we told your fortune by using the alignment of the stars and planets, but we've been busy. However, we're back now, so, even though May is halfway over, you can still use this sage advice to guide you through.


AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 19) - French people live in France for a reason, broguette. You live in Iowa. The mime clothes have got to go. - DV

PISCES (February 20 - March 20) - Oh, man. - MD

ARIES (March 21 - April 19) - Something horrible will befall you this month, because of something I forgot to include in the horoscope last month. - EM

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'AOTS' Monday, April 27

Posted April 27, 2009 - By Eugene Morton
Would you like to access your files from anywhere in the world, at any time? Well, the My Book World hard drive can do that for you, and Chris Hardwick is here to let you know what he thinks of it.
Animoto is an application that will allow you to input pictures and music, and create a custom slideshow from the result. So, you can show your friends and family all of those vacation pictures you've been sitting on.
Dancing Chihuahua, 'GI Joe' Cartoon, Hamster Car Race, Moms on the Net, Lucy Song.
Kevin Pereira and Adam Sessler break down the new PlayStation 3 game, 'Fat Princess,' and tell us if it's worth a play.
Alison Haislip is here to deliver your Monday Feed, and she's got stories about a possible Verizon iPhone, a computer that takes on ?Jeopardy,' GE's massive new disc, and more.
Weston Scott, our military expert, goes behind the scenes at ?Heroes,' to take a look at the weaponry in the show, and gives a preview of tonight's season finale.
Our newest superhero, Girlverine, shows the world what a hassle it can be for a lady with adamantium claws to maintain her personal hygene.
We've found a beautiful easter egg on the internet, in the form of the ESPN website and a gaggle of unicorns.
With people increasingly getting their news online and from other sources, the newspaper industry has been facing sharp decline for years. Are the print and paper days over? Kevin Pereira talks with Nicholas Carlson of 'Business Insider' to find out.
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