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Everyone rejoiced over the news that the Arrested Development cast was reuniting to film a new miniseries and movie. So with Executive Producer (and narrator) Ron Howard in studio today, we had to ask him about it! He tells us what the new series will be about, how they plan to reintroduce the characters and the idea for the movie.

Ron Howard on the Revival of 'Arrested Development' »

Tune in this Thursday 10/6 at 7PM to watch the full interview with Ron Howard.

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Idris Elba of Luthor & Thor Behind-the-Scenes Interview »


The charming and witty Idris Elba talks to AOTB about the dark turns he'd like the crime drama Luther to take in future seasons, discusses his time spent working on Thor with such greats as Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Kenneth Branagh and raves about his other upcoming comic book adaptation, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. If you love Luther or Marvel Comics, this will thrill you and when you're done being thrilled, follow Idris Elba on Twitter @idriselba.

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Andrew Dice Clay, Max Silverstein BTS Interview »

The legendary standup comedian Andrew Dice Clay, joined by his son and fellow comedian Max Silverstein, talk about Andrew Dice Clay's career resurgence thanks to the show Entourage, his upcoming book and possible documentaries, reveal what inspires Andrew Dice Clay's comedy today, and discuss what it's like being father and son in the comedy business. You standup comedy fans, and we know you're out there, will want to see this.

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Alphas' Azita Ghanizada Photos

Posted September 26, 2011 - By Eugene Morton

Alpha's Azita Ghanizada Photos 

Azita Ghanizada plays one of the most interesting characters on Alphas, and being fans, we were excited to have her on AOTS and, of course, take some Azita Ghanizada pictures for you. The Alphas star was great and the Azita Ghanizada pics we captured are equally as great. So, check out the Azita Ghanizada stills, re-watch Azita Ghanizada's interview with Kevin Pereira and lose yourself in a storm of Alphas-based, science fiction fantasy.

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Comic-Con 2011: Captain America In His Avengers Suit

It seems that fans eagerly awaiting the sequel to this summer's patriotic box-office blockbuster, Captain America: The First Avenger may have to bide their time until 2014.

In an interview with indieWIRE, star, Chris Evans discussed the terms of his three-film contract with Marvel, in which next summer's The Avengers will count as the second film. Thus, the studio will need to use the character sparingly, not having him make Samuel L. Jackson-like cameos in the growing number of Avengers-related films.

The actor also gives a candid response to some of the Internet feedback over his look in leaked Avengers set photos.

Is the actor taking it well?

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The holodecks from Star Trek might soon be a reality thanks to scientists from Keio University who have developed a kind of 3D hologram that one can interact with and experience a tactile simulation that's like touching. How long do you think it will be until the adult film industry harnesses this technology?

Chris Jericho as Thor Behind-the-Scenes Interview »

In honor of the release of Thor on DVD and Blu-ray, we proudly re-present you AOTB's exclusive interview with the god of thunder and founding member of The Avengers, Thor (or as he's known on earth, WWE star Chris Jericho)!

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Excused's Iliza Shlesinger Pictures

Posted September 12, 2011 - By Eugene Morton

Excused's Iliza Shlesinger Pictures

We've been aware for a while that there's been a deficit of Iliza Shlesinger pics on AOTB. Sure, you could always see the pictures from back when Iliza Shlesinger was the reigning MySpace Girl of the Week, but we knew those weren't enough. Now, we're more secure about the number of Iliza Shlesinger photos on the site and can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Whether or not you look at our titillating, behind-the-scenes Iliza Shlesinger pictures is inconsequential to us.


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300 Prequel Could Have Gerard Butler & Lena Headey

It's possible that upcoming prequel, 300: Battle of Artemisia could see the return of two of the original film's stars, Gerard Butler as King Leonidas and Lena Headey as Queen Gorgo.

In an interview with Movies.com, producer, Bernie Goldmann dropped some details on the film, which at one time had been said to focus on Persian overloard, Xerxes. Based on what Goldmann is saying, we may actually be looking at film that shifts focus to a new group of protagonists during a time period not too long before the fateful events of 300 in which the Spartan army brandished their swords and oiled, defined abs towards a vastly outnumbered battle with the Persian Army.

What should we expect?

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Deadpool Movie: Status Update

Posted September 8, 2011 - By Joseph Baxter

Deadpool Movie: Ryan Reynolds Gives An Update

Fans who may be wondering what happened with the Deadpool solo movie project may be encouraged to know that it's still a go. -- Maybe.

Producer (and Queen of Superhero films at Fox,) Lauren Shuler Donner recently spoke of the project, which is still prospectively set with Tim Miller in the director's chair and Ryan Reynolds reprising his X-Men Origins: Wolverine role as the crimson-clad Merc with a Mouth.

While handling interviews to promote the September 9 release of X-Men: First Class to DVD/Blu-ray, Donner found herself fielding questions about the long-teased film project that would bring super-powered, disfigured mercenary, Wade Wilson back to the big screen.

While the project is still not a 100% certainty, there does seem to be enthusiasm among the higher-ups at Fox studio to get it made.

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