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The Greatest Film Of All Time Now Available On Blu-ray: Citizen Kane

I had never heard of Citizen Kane until I took a filler course in college called "The History of the Movies." It was an enormous, lecture-style class where we would watch films, then break into smaller groups in the next class to discuss them. I figured that it would be an easy A (and I was right), but I didn't know that it would rip apart my opinion of films and open my eyes to an entire world of movies that I'd glossed over.

Chief amongst them was Orson Welle's seminal Citizen Kane. At that point, I only knew Welles as the chubby guy from a commercial for Milton Bradley's Dark Tower board game. I had no idea that he'd been a hugely influential writer/director/actor in both radio and film. So when we screened Kane, I was blown away. Welles was larger than life, vibrant, and a man of many faces as he plays titular antihero Charles Foster Kane throughout the film. I was lucky enough to see this first on a big screen, but it was on a jittery projector, with plenty of flaws. Finally, you can now watch this film in more pristine condition than when it first appeared on screens back in 1941.

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This unlikely, yet incredible mashup combines the thrashing guitar riffs of Metallica with the soulful funk rhythms of Stevie Wonder and it's the greatest thing you'll hear all month, maybe all year!

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Back to the Future is closer to our reality than ever! Nike revealed their commercial starring Kevin Durant, Bill Hader and Christopher Lloyd for their new Mag Shoes charity auction. Only 1,500 pairs will be available on eBay but there's no power lace feature. Sorry. Not until 2015.

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After years, the myth, the legend that is Full House Tournament Fighter finally surfaces.

Although, if you ask me, Comet the Dog is a bit overpowering considering that he can walk under fireballs and his leg hump attack deals way too much damage. I'm sure this is something "Schmapcom" will fix in Super FHTF: The New Challengers, which is rumored to feature characters from Perfect Strangers and Family Matters.

Farscape Coming To Blu-ray: Nerds Rejoice By Starbursting Into Flame

Farscape is finally making the long trek to Blu-ray, and it makes the nerd in me extremely happy. Full disclosure: I worked on Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars when I was at the Jim Henson Company, so I'm fairly biased. While this show was one of the ultimate science fiction experiences, it ultimate was cruelly canceled to make way for more Stargate. But hey, Star Trek came back eventually, so I'm still holding out hope.

The series will be available in both complete series and single season flavors, and includes 15 hours of bonus materials spread out over 20 Blu-ray discs, and will be available on November 15. For a full list of the features, head beyond the break and get your geek on. I hope Chiana and Jool are even hotter in HD.

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Well, we may have an idea what that viral video starring Back to the Future's Doc Brown was all about. It appears that Nike may actually release the Power Lace sneakers featured in Back to the Future II! Now that tech items from the Back to the Future film series are possibly being manufactured, can hoverboards be far behind?

The Empire Strikes Back: Deleted Scene Revealed

As the Blu-ray release of the Star Wars sextet on September 16 looms closer, alterations to the Holy Grail of geekdom have been the topic of discussion. (Angry discussion.) However, the set will also include a number of deleted scenes that will make light of day for the very first time, such as this one from The Empire Strikes Back where the love/hate relationship of Han Solo and Princess Leia takes center stage.

In a sneak peak exclusive to Entertainment Weekly, check out this alternate take of the emotionally-charged scene on the Hoth Rebel Base where Han and Leia argue about his leaving the Rebellion to pay off Jabba the Hutt.

This take is longer and ratchets the sexual tension and innuendo that we saw in the theatrical version to a level that's so comical, it could be more appropriate for a Skinemax feature. I think fans will remain grateful that we ultimately got the "just as soon kiss a Wookie" version, but this is still interesting stuff.

Check out the video and see if it "applies heat" for you.



Where has Pulp Fiction on Blu-ray been? Did anyone check Christopher Walken's posterior? At least it's finally coming to the HD format on October 4, and Lionsgate has put together this tiny teaser trailer that features a lot of NSFW words to get you in the mood.

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Pictures Of The AOTS Art Contest 2011 Fan Submissions

We've always said that our fans are immensely talented and they've once again proved it by sending in a whole slew of art, showing their skill in everything from oil paintings to sculpture. Honestly, we were totally blown away by their brilliance and innvation and after checking out the full gallery, featuring the submissions for the AOTS Art Contest 2011, you will too!

The Hobbit: Peter Jackson Discusses Bilbo Baggins

The Hobbit's Martin Freeman, who will play the perpetually-perturbed protagonist, Bilbo Baggins in the two-part epic, has apparently worked extremely well for the film according to director, Peter Jackson.

With the production currently on an extended hiatus as Freeman honors commitments with the BBC series, Sherlock, Jackson utilized that free time to make a surprise appearance at Comic Con last month. In an interview taken there with The LA Times, the director discusses his feelings on the performance of his film's star and how he was able to effectively carry that Hobbit sensibility with his performance.

As Jackson simply puts it, Freeman "is our Bilbo."

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